Application Form Bibliodrama Training Course 2013 by jgdQQ5M7


									          CENTRO AD GENTES
                    MISSIONARI VERBITI-Via dei Laghi bis,52 – 00040 Nemi(Roma) ITALIA
                 <>   Phone: (+39) 0 6 9 3 6 5 0 0 0 1 <> e-mail:

                                   APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS
                             Training Course for Bibliodrama Facilitators
                                       05 April to 17 May 2013

I. For application please submit the following items:
        1. Application form and Personal Data to be filled up.

       2. Letter of recommendation from your Provincial Superior or for the Diocesan Priests or Lay
       Persons from the Bishop of the Diocese where you are engaged.

       3. Two recent photos – same size as used in the passport.

       4. Xerox copy of your valid passport – only the page where personal data are given. Your
       passport must be valid at least six months after the day of your return flight to your country of

       5. A Medical Certificate declaring that your health is fit for international travel, climate
       adaptation and course activities.

The above mentioned documents are to be submitted to:
      Fr. Rudi Poehl, SVD
      St. Karl Borromaeus
      Genfer Platz 4
      81476 Muenchen

The deadline of submission of Application is 30 November 2012

II. Documents
Participants need to have a valid passport. Countries belonging to the European Union, holders of
US, Australia, New Zealand and some Latin American countries do not need Visa and are entitled to
90 days stay in the Schengen Countries. Participants coming from non EU countries need to apply for
a Schengen Visa in the Italian Embassy. The Centro Ad Gentes through our Office of the General
Procurator in Rome will issue an Invitation Letter necessary for the application of the Schengen Visa
Type C. For other documents needed for the application of the Visa one has to inquire from the Italian
Embassy of your country of residence.

For further information of Visa you may ask Centro Ad Gentes, Nemi-Rome, Italy:
c/o Fr. Tony Bon Pates, SVD –
                  MISSIONARI VERBITI-Via dei Laghi bis,52 – 00040 Nemi(Roma) ITALIA
              <>   Phone: (+39) 0 6 9 3 6 5 0 0 0 1 <> e-mail:

                   APPLICATION FORM
                                     05 April to 17 May 2013
We would want very much that this Training Course would meet your expectations and objectives.
Please fill up the following form and send it back by email and by post.

                  [Please fill up according to your personal data in the passport.]

Family name: ____________________________________________

Given names: ____________________________________________

Date of Birth: ____________________________________________

Place of birth: ______________________________________________

Nationality: ________________________________________________

Passport Number: _____________________________________________

Date of issue: __________________________________________

Date of expiry: _________________________________________

Place of issue : _________________________________________

Address to where original documents will be sent:

Your E-mail address:
                                     PERSONAL DATA
1. What do you personally expect from this program?

2. Have you been involved in some biblical ministry? What are some of your experiences in this

3. Have you done any Bibliodrama seminar or training course? How long? Where?

4.    Do you have some specific questions about Bibliodrama or perhaps some preferences of contents
     concerning Bibliodrama training?

5. Do you have some suggestions for the Training Course?

Date:                                                 Signature

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