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					                                                                Ali Mosbah Tajouri

Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering Dept.
Faculty of Engineering. University of Tripoli
e-mail : Tajouri _ am @
Cell: + 812 –488489289
Home: 819 622931
Fax: 218-21- 4625559
P.O Box: 13292, University of Tripoli
Tripoli – Libya


Seeking a position in Education and Project management where more than 30 years of
professional experience and leadership can serve.

     Mining & Metallurgical Eng .University of Idaho, USA 1987.
     Mining & Metallurgical Eng. University of Idaho, USA, 01982.
     Metallurgical Eng. University of Tripoli - Libya, 1977

                                 Summary of Skills
       Excellent communication skills.
       Good command of English language.
       Good management and leadership.
       Good interpersonal relation building.
       Experience with community services and volunteer work.
       Familiar with education systems in North America, Europe and Libya.

   Professor at Material Science & Metallurgical Eng. Dept. Faculty of Eng.
    University of Tripoli-Libya (1992 to Present).
   Research Assistant, Libyan Atomic Commission, Tripoli-Libya (1977-1978).
   Research and Teaching assistant, University of Idaho, USA (1980-1988).
   Researcher, Material Science dept., Tajoura Research Center, Triopoli-Libya
   Part time teaching, College of Art, University of Tripoli (1989-1992).
   Part time teaching, Material Science Dept., Faculty of Engineering University of
    Tripoli (1989- 1991).
   Part time Teaching ,higher center of industrial technology, Tripoli-Libya ( 1990-
   Part time Teaching, Technical advanced center, Gharian-Libya (1990-1996)
   Consultant Committee Member, Arab Engineering Company, Tripoli - Libya
   Committee Head (Industrial Research Center), Recycle of Some Libyan Steel
    Plant Solid Waste Material Project (1998-2000).
    Committee Member (Industrial Research Center), Recycle of Used Car Batteries
    Project (1998-2000(.
                                                                  Ali Mosbah Tajouri

   Inspection and follow up project of Soq- Elkhames cement plant pre-heaters
    exchanger, Arabian Cement Company & Almanara Inspection Company (2002-
   Consultant, Libyan Truck &Buses company-(IVECO) (2004-present)
   Consultant, Tripoli Engineering Research center(2002- 2006)

                                   Training Courses
   Participating in applied course of TGA/DTA with Elucidation of corresponding
    Software, selb -West Germany (1992).
   Offered a course in Material & Energy Balance, Libyan iron and steel company
    (LISCO), Misurata-Libya (2Weeks course), (1995).
   Offered a course in Manufacturing of Scientific Laboratory Glasses, Libyan Laser
    center, Tripoli-Libya(1997)
   Participating in Lead auditor Training course(12-16, march 2006,Soussa
    Libya)supported by( LNCSM ) & (BSI)&Lead auditor certificate#26753-

                                    Courses Taught

       Introduction to Material Science            Thermodynamics
       Extractive Metallurgy                       Plant Design
       Transport Phenomena                         Material & Energy Balance
       Kinetics                                    Industrial Eng. Management
       Introduction to pyrometallurgy              Workshop technology
       Glass Technology                            Hydrometallurgy
       Non ferrous Material processing             Electrometallurgy
       Steel Making process                        High temperature Reactions
       Properties of Materials                     General chemistry

                           Teaching & Research Interests
Iron &steel making, Processing & manufacturing of Materials, Ores treatment, ores
evaluation, concentration& preparation, Waste Treatment& Recycling Processes,
Materials Analysis, Testing, inspection and selection, Industrial consultation,
Environmental protection and Related Area.


   "Lime enhanced hydrogen reduction of hematite " Paper presented at TMS-AIME
        11th annual meeting, Atlanta- Gorgia, USA,1983
    "Direct Reduction of Prefluxed iron ore pellets " Paper presented at AIME 116th
    Annual meeting, Phoenix-Arizona,1422.
   "Effect of lead Glassing Material for Ceramics " Journal of industrial Research
    Center, Tripoli-Libya,1995.
   "Application of moss Bauer on corroded samples from boilers " Paper presented
    at Arab third conference for safety use of Nuclear Power, Damascus-Syria 1996.
                                                                 Ali Mosbah Tajouri

   Mossbauer studies of electrical arc furnace dust samples Presented at 5th Arab
    conference for safety use of Nuclear Power‫ و‬Beruite-Lebonan, 2000.
 Leach of (EAF)Zinc Flue Dust" ,The 3rd Arab conference on materials science
    (ACMS-III), Cairo-Hurghada, Egypt, October 5-9/2003,
 "Recovery of zinc from Libyan iron complex flue dust",Symp.of research &
    Development in field of Metals in Arab World (AIDMO),Rebbat,Morocco,13-
 The possibility of re-use of sludge, dust & scales of Libyan steel plant, The third
    international conference for Development Environmental in the Arab
    World,Assiut-Egypt,21-23 march 2006.
 Treatment of Gharain Phosphate Rocks with Citric Acids, the 10th Arab
    conference for Mineral resources,Jeddah-KSA,28 Oct.-1 Nov.,2006.
 Re-use of Libyan steel plant wastes in building materials, Symposium of material
    & industrial rocks in the Arab countries,(AIDMO),Damascus,Syria,14-16/4/2008
 Economics of re-use of some Libyan steel plant wastes,10th Arab
    conference of natural metallic resources,(AIDMO) Amman-Jordon 23-
 Bending of Libyan made steel plates during cutting for Truck Chassis
    Manufacturing, Third international conference on Geo-Resources of Middle East
    &North Africa (GRMENA-3), Cairo-Egypt 21-24 Feb.2009.
 Investigation of Alwenat Quartzite gold Rocks in Libya, 41th
   international October conference on Mining &Metallurgy, Kladovo, Serbia
   ,4th-6th October 2009.
       Review of high Libyan phosphorus iron ores & the possibility of future
investment, symposium of mining investment chances in Arab countries,
sponsored by (AIDMO), Rebate-kingdom of Morroco14-16/12/2009.
   Economic& Environmental impacts Of LISCO Solid Wastes,42th
  international October Conference on Mining &Metallurgical ,Kladovo-
 LISCO skimmed slag& civil constructions, "Addressing the impacts of
    mining exploration on Environment in Arab states ,AIDMO ,Rebate-
    Kingdom of Morroco,22-24/2/2012


                               Available upon Request

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