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 Ann Marie McCarthy, PhD, RN, PNP, FAAN
 IPN Board President
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2012 Pediatric Nursing Invitational Forum
          November 1-2, 2012

Embassy Suites Hotel
900 10th Street NW
Washington, DC
2011 3rd Annual
 Institute of Pediatric Nursing
 Invitational Forum
       2009 - Sponsored by the PNCB
       2010 - Sponsored by the Institute of Pediatric Nursing
              with support from the PNCB
  2011 – Supported by the PNCB and
         IPN Founding Sponsors
26 organizations/hospitals represented
     15 Organizations
     11 Hospitals
 PNCB Board of Directors recognized a need
  to bring together organizations focused on
  the healthcare of children and the role of
  pediatric nurses to:
    Share common concerns

    Discuss collaborations
Child Healthcare Issues & Peds Nursing
  More than 25% of the total population are 0-21
   (Approx 77 million)
   1 in 10 children uninsured
  ~20% Obese or overweight
  ~20% Chronic Illness
   7.3% of 2.4 million RNs are peds
   8.1% of APRNs focus on peds
   ~ 175,000 pediatric nurses caring for 76 million
   children ages 0-17 in the US
        2009 Forum Outcomes
Determined 5 critical areas to address:
  • Access to Care

  • Advocacy for Children's Health including Access to Care

  • Care Coordination

  • Pediatric Nursing Education

  • Quality, Safe, Evidence-based Nursing Practice
         Activities 2009-2010
Develop Mission and Vision statements

Transition of the Leadership Advisory Team (LAT)
 to a formal Board of Directors

Re-Named the Pediatric Nursing Alliance to the
 Institute of Pediatric Nursing (IPN)

Development of By-Laws And Filing for
 incorporation as a 501(c)3
  IPN Mission and Vision Statement
MISSION: Create a healthy future for our nation through a
  unified network of pediatric nursing organizations working
  through education, research, and practice to secure child
  and youth well-being.

VISION: Maximize pediatric nursing contributions to child and
  youth health through unified leadership, knowledge and
  expertise, influencing nursing education, health care access,
  child and youth advocacy, care coordination and safe,
  quality evidence based care.
Characteristics of the IPN Vision
   An organization of organizations

   Create a unified voice

   Facilitate collaborations

   Provide support
               2010 IPN Forum
 Each organization presented an achievement and a challenge
  within the IPN priority areas

 Publication of the IOM’s Future of Nursing report and Key
  note addresses from Judith Palfrey MD and Karen Cox PhD, RN
  emphasized the important role of pediatric nurses in meeting
  the needs the health care needs of children across settings

 Forum participants identified pediatric nursing content in
  undergrad education & pediatric nurse residency programs as
  issues for future exploration
        IPN Activities 2010-2011
Infrastructure established 2010-2011:
• Created governance structure and expanded the IPN Board to
  7 positions
• Developed IPN Board Policy Manual
• Created IPN Board Task Force Groups to facilitate work of the
• Launched Web site
• Initiated business plan and development of a sustainment
       • Founding Sponsors

       • Corporate Sponsorship sought
IPN Board – Representative Members
IPN Board members selected to represent:
  •   Education (vacant)
  •   Research
  •   Credentialing
  •   Specialty Pediatric Nursing
  •   Hospital/Health Care Institution
  •   Community/Primary Care (2):
        School Nursing
        APRN in Pediatrics (vacant)
                  IPN Board
   Education: (vacant)
   Research: Ann Marie McCarthy, AAN Expert Panel
   Credentialing: Arlene M. Sperhac, PNCB
   Specialty: Deborah Echtenkamp, APHON
   Hospital: Janis B. Smith, Children’s, Kansas City
   Community, School Nursing: Sandi Delack, NASN
   APRN in Pediatrics: (vacant)
   Executive Director: Jan Wyatt (ex officio)
                  IPN Board
•   President: Ann Marie McCarthy, PhD, RN, PNP, FAAN
•   Vice-President: Janis B. Smith, DNP, RN
•   Secretary/Treasurer: Arlene M. Sperhac, PhD, RN, CPNP,
•   Deborah Echtenkamp, MSN, RN, CPON
•   Sandi Delack, RN, M ED, NCSN
•   Education – VACANT
•   APRN in Pediatrics - VACANT
•   Executive Director: Jan Wyatt, PhD, RN, CRNP, FAANP
  2010 Forum Outcomes & Exemplars
Advocacy and Access
  IPN Participants impact CMS communications to reinforce
    quality care for children.

  Problem: medical supply needs of children
  A position statement was prepared for nurse leaders at the Centers
    for Medicaid and Medicare. Conference calls with nurse leaders
    at the CMS Workgroup on EPSDT, resulted in immediate guidance
    through the Medicaid Information Bulletin to remind states that
    they need to be especially alert for health and medical supply
    issues for children managing asthma, diabetes, ostomy care, and
    other chronic illnesses.

2010 Forum Outcomes & Exemplars
Advocacy and Access
  Collaboration between the National Association of school
    nurses and the Pediatric Endocrine Nurses Society

  Problem: California Dept of Ed. Proposal to allow non-
    nurses to administer insulin to school children
  NASN and PENS discussion facilitated through the IPN
    Forum helped improve understanding for NASN’s legal
    opposition to actions by the California DoE to allow non-
    licensed personnel to administer insulin to school

 2010 Forum Outcomes & Exemplars
Care Coordination
  Problem: transition from hospital to community

  A Model for Care Collaboration in communities where
    children's hospitals co-exist with larger community-based
    school populations. Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics ,
    Kansas City and the National Association of School Nurses
    (NASN) combined their efforts, leading to dramatic increases
    in the coordination of services and quality of care for children
    in the Kansas City area schools.

         2010-2011 IPN Activities
White paper & national press release
Development of IPN web site:
2010 Guest Editorial in Pediatric Nursing (Jan/Feb ‘10)
2010 Testimony at RWJ/IOM Future of Nursing in
 Houston (Feb ’10) and invited participant December
 IOM Launch
         2010-2011 IPN Activities
2010/2011 -Editorials – JPHC, Journal of Pediatric
2011 IPN Newsletter and National Exemplars
2011 editorial Clinician Review
October 2011 IPN appointment to the Commission of
 Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) national
 Nursing Steering Committee
  2010 Forum – Initiatives for 2011
Quality, safe, evidence based care
     Create a repository of pediatric evidence based practices both
      published and unpublished
            2010 – 2011 Activity
Issues , concerns and barriers in the delivery of
 pediatric nursing content in undergraduate
 education AND explore nurse residency programs
 for pediatric nurses

      2011 Activities included
  1.    Discussion and Collaboration with AACN in the
        development of a national survey of pediatric
        content in undergraduate education
  2.    Discussion with NACHRI and CHCA leadership
        regarding issues related to pediatric nurse
        residency programs
   Purpose of our 2011 IPN Forum
 Focus on IOM Recommendations: Explore Pediatric Nursing
 Content in Undergraduate Nursing Education

 Initiate exploration of the content and structure of Pediatric
  Residency Education for RNs

 Develop strategies to strengthen competencies in pediatric
 nursing practice.

 Create synergies and Facilitate collaborations
2011 IPN Forum Format
• Presentation of data
• Panel of pediatric nurse experts
• Q&A Time
• Round Table Discussions
• Networking
• Next Steps

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