   Completed OPT Request and Recommendation form. The request for post-completion
       OPT will not be processed by the ISSC until a student is within thirty (30) days of date of
       completion of degree or within the sixty (60) days grace period after the degree

      Check or money order made payable to the US Department of Homeland Security.
       The fee is $380 and is subject to change. Be sure to verify the amount at prior to filing.
       Be sure that your I-94 number is written on the bottom left side of the check
       also make sure your name is written on the check preferably at the top left.

      A completed I-765. When completing the I-765 you must use the ISSC’s address if
       applying for post-completion. We have labels with the center’s address for your use. The
       form is located at http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis and the directions for the form
       are located at: http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis.

               Use the following codes for Question Number #16:
                     If applying for Pre-completion OPT, indicate the appropriate code by
                          writing “(c) (3) (A) Pre-completion Optional Practical Training”
                     If applying for Post-completion OPT, indicate the appropriate code by
                          writing “(c) (3) (B) Post-completion Optional Practical Training
               There is a fill-able form available under e-filing. You can use this process to
                CREATE the form and then print a copy. However, we do not recommend using
                the e-filing process at this time. Currently, it actually takes more time to process
                the application if you e-file.

      Two (2) passport style photos. Specifications for the size of the photo and other details
       can be found on page 6 of the instructions.

    A photocopy of the SEVIS I-20 with OPT application request. This will be created at an
       appointment with the PDSO/DSO in the ISSC. The PDSO/DSO and student will sign the
       originals and the copy will be sent with the application.

      Photocopy of all and prior SEVIS I-20s (and any pre-SEVIS I-20s, pages 3 &4).

      Photocopy of biographical pages of current passport.

      Photocopy of current visa.

      Photocopy of your current I-94 (front and back). A copy will be made to accompany
       your application packet.

Some students may have the following requirements:

      Copies of any previous Employment Authorization Documents (EAD cards).

NSEERS Registrants must provide proof of registration (copies of front and back of I-94 card
should indicate registration and an FIN#) and a letter from student stating date and location of
the registration.


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