Job Description : Filing Personnel by jgdQQ5M7


									Job Reference No: BA/016/12

Job Description       
Job Title             :         Filing Person (part-time)

Date                  :         September 2012

Department            :         Finance

Responsible to        :         Head Cashier

Job Purpose
To accurately file all cashroom/finance related documents in accordance with Law Society requirements to
ensure quick and easy access to files.

Collect all cashroom/finance filing on a daily basis and accurately file bank statements; other funds
statements; paid cheques; invoices (firm and client); entries; daybooks; reports; tax certificates etc.

Organise the retrieval of items for the cashroom as and when required.

Sort and maintain the filing area in the basement at Reform Street.

Retrieval and filing of passbooks for fee earner as advised by cashroom.

Assist with general cashroom administration duties i.e. photocopying and email.

Other Duties
There may be the requirement to perform duties other than those given in the job description for the post.
The particular duties and responsibilities attached to posts may vary from time to time without changing the
general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed.      Such variations would not of
themselves justify the re-evaluation of a post. In cases, however, where a permanent and substantial
change in the nature of the duties and responsibilities of a post occurs consistent with a higher level of
responsibility, then the post would be eligible for re-evaluation.

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