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- Why it was thought necessary

- How it was carried out
- Sample findings
- Communication with Management

- Communication with Implementation team
Why it was thought necessary
Why it was thought

 a. Opportunity to review way we work

 b. Commitment to external funding agencies

 c. Desire/requirement to be inclusive
    How it was carried out
     How was it carried out?

•   PISO: ‘Process Innovation for Strategic Objectives’
•   Methodology:
        i. Identify problem area
        ii. Identify and clarify objectives
        iii.Analysis of existing processes
        iv. Logicalising to meet strategic objectives
•   Benefits:
        i. Links stakeholders to strategic objectives and institutional
        ii. Involves staff at all levels utilising local expertise on an
            institutionalised basis.
                 Sample findings
                     Sample findings

Research Students:     Stopped counting at 20+ filing cabinets

Conference Booking:    Authorisation form with 26 signatures

Accommodation:         Paper-based system

Schools:               Pass low level queries to St. Mary’s (SAS Services)

Student Academic       Store low level queries

Recruitment:           Write names on envelopes

Reports:               People write reports/people receive reports
    Communication with
   Communication with
-Formal structure of BPR activity
       Plus 2 staff
       BPR sub-group
       BPR steering group
       Plus 2 steering group
       Institutional line management responsibilities

-Informal structure of BPR activity
       communication by involvement

       (Schools/Service involved in process)
       Communication with
         Communication with
         implementation team
       Implementation team
Two levels:

 Informal, some of the implementation team involved in:
 -the actual process, interviews/fact finding etc
 -BPR sub and steering group
 -Plus 2 steering group

-approved findings taken to the implementation team meetings for
consideration in system consultancy and training sessions

a. Was it a success?
•   Assisted in the implementation of the new systems

•   Got people engaged and thinking about what they do

b. What lessons have been learnt?
•   Need to have a senior manager champion

•   Inclusive processes are positive in themselves

•   Methodology that emphasises strategic objectives is positive

•   Need to have evaluation process in place

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