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					                                Write a descriptive title less than 12 words.
Introduction: Do you remember when you were an alien investigating the earth? Well you have gone home to
your alien planet (Strange-world) and you have brought some samples back with you. Your task is to use the
scientific method to determine if any of your samples are living or non-living. Remember these are samples
from an alien (to you) world do not make any assumptions as to what they might be.

In your Introduction please include your scientific method question and hypothesis for each sample. A good
hypothesis includes reasons why you made it.

Scientific Method: 1.Question, 2.Hypothesize, 3.Test with Experiment,
        4.Analyze,Conclude, Discuss

Materials: Please list every object used in this lab.
Method: Please write “Method followed from Life lab, Mr. Heathcote, ECA, 2011.”

Results (data)
        1. Make 3 TITLED tables in the section of observations for samples A, B, and C. List as many
        observations as you can.

        2. In 3 labeled test tubes weigh out approximately 0.3 g and record the exact amount with uncertainty
        for each sample.

        3. Add 5.0 ml of 5% sucrose (sugar) water, 50 centigrade and record the exact amount you added with
        uncertainty for each sample.

        3. Record any changes in the observations you recorded in step 1 for samples A,B,C.
        4. Clean Up.

Discussion: (use complete sentences & # each question)
1) Restate your 3 hypothesis and explain why they were or were not supported by the data.
2) Why was 5% sucrose (sugar) water added to all the samples?
3) What property of life did you test for in this experiment?
4) List the other 6 characteristics of life and explain a test/experiment you could perform to test the samples for
each of them.

Grade 9 Lab Rubric: Is It Alive
ECA standard                                                     Aspects                                                            Level
Standard 10 –    Collecting & Recording Data                Organizing & Presenting Raw Data                                   CC     7 or 6
                                                                                                                               CP    6 or 5 or 4
                 __ raw data related to problem             __ raw quantitative data is presented in table format with ruled   CN       5 or 4
Collects and     __ all correct units are included             columns & rows                                                  PP        4 or 3
processes data   __ uncertainties are included (margin of   __ observations neat and in order                                  PN       3 or 2
                    error)                                  __ has meaningful title                                            NN        1 or 0
                 __ all data collected is included          __ table is complete and understandable
C= complete                     C P N                                                    C P N
P= partial
N= none
Standard 11 –           Drawing Valid Conclusions         Evaluating procedure & Results                   CC      7 or 6
Draws             __ correct interpretation/conclusion   __ comparison of hypothesis &                     CP     6 or 5 or 4
                  __ conclusion is in agreement w/           conclusion included                           CN        5 or 4
conclusions and      accepted ideals or literature                                                         PP         4 or 3
evaluates         __ explanation of how the conclusion               C P N                                 PN        3 or 2
experiments          was reached (based upon results)                                                      NN         1 or 0

                                 C P N
Standard 12-      Follows Instructions                   Carries out techniques correctly   Works safely   CCC         7 or 6
                                                                                                           CCP         6 or 5
                                                                                                           CCN         5 or 4
Manipulates                                                                                                CPP            4
equipment                                                                                                  PPP         4 or 3
                                                                                                           CPN            3
                                                                                                           PPN         3 or 2
                                                                                                           CNN            2
                                                                                                           PNN , NNN   1 or 0

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