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					                                  Tuscaloosa Warriors Basketball Club
Welcome to the Tuscaloosa Warriors Basketball Club (TWBC), a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit tax exempt organization. The
TWBC is a newly formed collaboration of local youth, junior high and high school level coaches who share a common
goal, which is to provide the youth of Tuscaloosa and the surrounding areas the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game
of basketball at a highly competitive level. The TWBC will demand a high degree of moral and ethical conduct from
everyone involved, from players and coaches, to parents and volunteers. Parents, please keep in mind that the coaches are
volunteers and are not paid to coach; therefore, we ask that all coaches & volunteers be treated with respect. Teams will
be selected according to school grade, age, individual ability and attitude. Coaches have the final word on who is on their
roster. When a player is chosen, there are things that a player must do to stay on the team and practices are mandatory.
There will be no refunds if a player quits or is dismissed from a team for circumstances within their control.

In this our 3RD year in existence, we plan to fill as many teams as possible. The AAU/YBOA season will run from March
thru May for most teams. If a team qualifies for the Nationals, then their season could continue up until July if they
decide to participate. All teams must meet AHSAA requirements. The proposed teams for this season are as follows and
based on a combination of grade as of 10/1/10 and age as of August 31, 2012:

Girls – 4th/11U     5th /12U 6th/13U 7th /14U 8th/15U 9th/16U 10th/17U 11th/18U 12th/19U
Boys – 4 /11U
                    5th/12U     6th/13U     7th/14U 8th/15U        9th/16U 10th/17U 11th/18U 12th/19U
The total cost to participate with TWBC will vary depending age/grade level and gender. This cost does not
include the uniform cost projected at $70.00 per player, hotel costs, meals and transportation to tournaments.
$150.00 – 5th grade level and below for girls and boys.
$250.00 – 6th-8th grade level boys and 6th-11th grade level girls.
$300.00 – 9th grade level boys and above.

An initial deposit of $100 is due by February 1, 2012. Half of the remaining balance will be due by March 1st, and the
other half balance due by April 1st. Make checks or money orders payable to TWBC. If your child is selected to play
on a TWBC team, all fees are non-refundable. The fees will cover registration costs, organizational expenses, gym rentals
and at least 6 tournaments. Additional fees may result if a team decides to participate in more tournaments, but this will
be at the discretion of the individual coaches/teams. If you are interested in your child participating with the TWBC,
please contact one of the coaches listed below:

Fred Wade               299-4881         Girls-5th & 6th Grade                    F.wade10@yahoo.com
Charlette Pruitt        292-3036         Girls-7th Grade                          Charlettepruitt@yahoo.com
Mr. Leslie Bass         292-7256         Girls-7th Grade                          llbass2004@yahoo.com
Walter Filer            826-1611         Girls-8th & 9th Grade (Head)             waltfiler@gmail.com
Bobby Hamilton          765-2661         Girls-8th & 9th Grade (Assistant)        bhamilton198668@yahoo.com
Calvin Ledet            310-5324         Girls-10th Grade                         tmcpocse@bellsouth.net
William King            394-9832         Girls-10th & 11th Grades                 bigwilliestyle03@yahoo.com
Timothy Sherfield       292-3040         Boys-6th Grade (Head)                    Sherfield442@aol.com
Steven Watkins          242-5313         Boys-6th Grade (Assistant)
Eric Perry              454-8577         Boys-7th Grade                           ericlperry@yahoo.com
Peter Johnson           801-367-4367     Boys-7th Grade                           pjohnson@cba.ua.edu
Jeff McDowell           205-467-4831     Boys-7th Grade                           jeffmacdee@gmail.com
                                                                                  Jeff macdee@comcast.net
Vincent Dooley          792-4711         Boys-8th Grade                           vincedoo@bellsouth.net
Marcus Garth            394-1237         Boys-8th Grade
Joshua Warren           706-536-7478     Boys-8th Grade (Assistant)               mr.joshuawarren@gmail.com
Stan Sullivan           826-7759         Boys-9th Grade                           greglyn3@bellsouth.net
Darron Gross            552-5867         Boys-10th & 11th Grade (Head)            slavender2006@hotmail.com
Allen Gross             792-5842         Boys-10th & 11th Grade (Assistant)       Allen.Gross@adph.state.al.us
Dan Johnson             792-8580         Boys-11th Grade                          balln4god@att.net

The TWBC                                                                                          (Revised 2/10/12)

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