September 22, 2005

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					                                                                                         September 23, 2005

To: All Iowa LPG licensees

           eFile & Pay will be available to file Iowa LPG fuel taxes beginning early in 2006.
eFile & Pay is the department’s new system for filing Iowa business taxes electronically. An increasing
number of taxpayers have been requesting new and more efficient ways to do business with state
government. eFile & Pay is our response to those requests. eFile & Pay began in January 2005 for Iowa
employee withholding tax. Sales and use taxes were added to the eFile & Pay system in the second half of
For tax periods beginning either in January or February 2006, businesses that are registered to collect and
remit Iowa Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tax will use eFile & Pay to file their return information online.
Paper returns will no longer be provided. Payment of the tax due can also be made electronically through
eFile & Pay, although payment by check will be an option for most taxpayers.

We recognize this is a change. Over the coming months, we will use every means at our disposal to keep
you informed. The department will continue to send information such as this letter to each license holder
about the process. That information will include:
    The implementation date for filing LPG using eFile & Pay
    Examples of online screens and how to complete them
    How to use the online demonstration feature, which allows you to practice using the system without
        actually submitting the return
    Answers to frequently-asked questions
    The unique 8-digit Business eFile Number (BEN) assigned to your business
The BEN is necessary to access the eFile & Pay system. If your business is already using eFile & Pay for
Iowa withholding, sales, or use tax, please note that the same BEN will be used for all tax types, including
motor fuel. Therefore, if other persons in your company are responsible for these various taxes, you will
need to coordinate the use of the BEN and passwords with them once motor fuel tax is added to the eFile
& Pay system. You should also be aware that the motor fuel tax eFile & Pay system will only have online
capabilities. The touchtone telephone system that is available for sales and withholding taxes will not be
an option for filing motor fuel tax.
Stay informed!
We will use our free “eList” service to send updates on eFile & Pay by e-mail. We encourage you and all
business owners to stay informed by subscribing to this eList service. To do so, please go to our Web site
at and click on the e-list graphic.
For more information about eFile & Pay…
Please visit our Web site at
Motor Fuel Refund Permits
The conversion to eFile & Pay will not affect the process used to request motor fuel tax refunds. eFile &
Pay is only for those who collect, owe, and remit motor fuel tax. Refund permit holders will continue to file
claims exactly as they have in the past by using the automated refund call-in system, or in rare instances,
on paper.
If you have questions, please contact 515-281-6447 or 515-242-6033.

                         MAIL ADDRESS: PO BOX 10456      DES MOINES, IOWA 50306-0456

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