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									                           Riverdale Softball Donations

If you would like to help a softball player with their clothing or training expenses, use this
form. Fill out the top portion of this form and return to any officer. This money will be
applied to the softball player listed and the information on the donation will remain
private. The second part of this form is for your records and/or to file taxes.

We greatly appreciate you supporting our softball players and families!

Booster Club Records - Please Print Information

Player Name for Donation:_________________________________________

Donation Amount:__________________ Check#________Date:__________

Name/Company Contributor:_______________________________________

Address of Contributor:___________________________________________

Print Officer Name:______________________________________________

Signature of Officer Receiving: ____________________________________


Riverdale Softball Donations

Contributor Records - Please Print:

Riverdale Softball Booster Club received your donation. Thank You! This money will
go to the designated Riverdale softball player to help with her cloth or training fees.

Donation Amount: _____________________________                              Date:____________

Name of Officer Receiving: ________________________________________

Riverdale Softball Boosters, 802 Warrior Dr. Murfreesboro, TN 37128,
EIN# 62-1784868

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