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                                                               Media Release
25 January 2011
                                                               ALDI Australia turns 10

Today marks an important milestone in Australian grocery retail history – the tenth
anniversary of ALDI’s entry into the Australian marketplace.

ALDI opened its first Australian stores in Marrickville and Bankstown Airport, New
South Wales, on 25 January 2001.

With over 250 stores now operating on the east coast of Australia, Tom Daunt, ALDI
Group Managing Director, says it has been a busy ten years for ALDI.

“We were faced with the initial challenges of gaining access to sites and getting
suppliers on board, but since then we have constantly focused on our offering and
bringing Australians the benefits of what we call Smarter Shopping – our philosophy
of high quality exclusive brands at permanently low prices,” he says.

“We have provided Australian shoppers with a genuine alternative to the major
supermarket chains by offering exceptional quality products at previously unheard
of prices.

“When we first opened in Australia, for example, the cheapest loaf of bread sold by
our national competitors was $2.00; ten years later we still sell our 650 gram loaf of
bread for $1.09. This, with a Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase of 31 per cent in
the same period!

“Our exclusive branded products today are often 25 to 40 per cent cheaper than the
branded products they compete against. When it comes to top quality products at
incredibly low prices, consumers will struggle to find a better alternative.

“The ACCC’s Grocery Inquiry 1 in 2008 confirmed ALDI’s presence in the market has
positively influenced grocery pricing in Australia, as major supermarket chains have
reduced their prices in localities where ALDI is present. Further, the 2009 Choice
Supermarket Survey found we were 25 per cent cheaper than the two largest
Australian supermarket chains for a comparable basket of goods.

 “We’ve also led the grocery retail sector with a number of initiatives to bring trust
and transparency to the marketplace, and in doing so we have delivered a number
of key wins for consumers,” says Mr Daunt.

   • ALDI removed artificial food colours from all exclusive branded products.
   • ALDI was the first Australian company to join Planet Ark’s Carbon Reduction
     Label program.
     31/07/08 ACCC Grocery Inquiry  
    • ALDI reduced the price of 1 in 3 of its everyday range of products.

   • ALDI launched the first MSC certified canned tuna product in Australia.

   • ALDI was the first major supermarket in Australia to introduce a national
     pricing policy, so customers pay the same price for the same core range item,
     regardless of where they live.
   • ALDI was the first supermarket to list all its prices online.

   • ALDI was the first supermarket to introduce unit pricing in all stores so
     customers can easily compare the value between products and pack sizes.

All ALDI’s Australian profits are reinvested in the Australian business to continue to
grow the store network and keep prices low. The majority of ALDI’s products are
Australian made. 100 per cent of meat, 97 per cent of dairy and 97 per cent of fruit
and vegetables is sourced from Australian producers and suppliers.

“ALDI has contributed to the Australian economy by directly and indirectly creating
thousands of jobs since it first opened ten years ago,” says Mr Daunt.

“Our dedicated employees embrace our vision, they are passionate about retail and
they have been instrumental to our success.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the passion of our people, the loyalty
of our customers, the support provided by our suppliers, and more broadly by
Government. We thank you all for your contribution to ALDI’s success in Australia.”

For further information, please contact:
Libby Hay
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