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AP United States Government and Politics Hardball FRQ


									AP United States Government and Politics

Summer Reading Assignment supplement: practicing answering an FRQ…

Hardball by Chris Matthews

For this assignment you will need to practice answering free response questions in the format in which
they will be presented to you in the AP US Government and Politics Exam in May. Remember what
you’ve learned about answering these, use the guide you received in class if that will help you, and use
all resources if needed. Right now we’re focusing on practicing. Your responses to this FRQ will
constitute the first 50 points of your summer assignment test grade, the other 50 points will be from the
work you did after reading the book.

Though this question is set up in a 10 point format, it will be translated mathematically into a 50 point

    1)    Chris Matthews discusses politics using a number of political maxims. He uses examples from
         his past experiences with politicians to illustrate his points, and quotes from famous politicians
         to further exemplify his maxims.
             a. Identify 2 political maxims used by Matthews (1 point each)
             b. For each maxim chosen, identify a political leader who exemplifies that maxim, and
                  explain why that leader exemplifies the maxim (4 points)
             c. Choose two of the following modern examples to identify and explain how Matthews’
                  political maxims are still relevant today. (2 points each)
                          The debt ceiling debate in Washington this summer
                          The opening and discussed closure of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay
                          The ending of the war in Iraq
                          The Republican Presidential Primary contest

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