DeBrito Resume by nAnN0r


									                       MICHAEL DE BRITO
                                    2005    Allied Artists of America
Born:   1980, New Jersey                   92nd Annual Exhibition

Education: 1999-2003 Parsons               Eleanor Ettinger Gallery
       School of Design –                     New York, New York
       BFA                                 International Autumn Salon
       2003-2004 New York Academy
       of Art                              Eleanor Ettinger Gallery
       2004 Salmagundi Artist                 New York, New York
       Club                                International Winter Salon
                                    SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (CONT’D)
2008 Museu da Presidência da        2004 Eleanor Ettinger Gallery
República                                New York, New York
     Viana do Castelo, Portugal          Eighth Annual “The Figure in
     “Immagration”                       American Art”

    Eleanor Ettinger Gallery               Salmagundi Club
    New York, New York                     New York, New York
    One-Man Exhibition                     Audubon Artists Annual
    Eleanor Ettinger Gallery
    New York, New York                     Greenhouse Gallery
    Eleventh Annual “The Figure            San Antonio, Texas
in American Art”                           Salon Exhibition 2004

2007 Eleanor Ettinger Gallery       2003 Society of Illustrators
     New York, New York                  New York, New York
     Tenth Annual International          Annual Scholarship Exhibition
Summer Salon
                                           Society of Illustrators
    Eleanor Ettinger Gallery               New York, New York
    New York, New York                     Annual Scholarship Exhibition
    Tenth Annual, “The Figure in
American Art”                            Arnold & Sheila Aronson
2006 Eleanor Ettinger Gallery            New York, New York
     New York, New York                  Winter Exhibition
     Ninth Annual International
Summer Salon                        AWARDS
    National Portrait Gallery       2007 Art Renewal Center
    London, England                      Finalist in Figurative
    “BP Portrait Award 2006              Category
                                    2006     Pollack-Krasner Foundation,
    Eleanor Ettinger Gallery        Inc.
    New York, New York                   Recipient of Pollack-Krasner
    Ninth Annual “The Figure in     Grant
American Art”
    National Portrait Gallery            Review, “The Triumphant
    BP Portrait Award 2006               Return of the Figure”
    Finalist                         2006 Selections from the John and
                                     Mary Lou
2005 Allied Artists of America            Paxton Collection
     92nd Annual Exhibition                Nevada Museum of Art
            Gold Medal of Honor
                                     2005 International Artist Book:
    A.A.L.P. Grand National          Volume I
    Frank C. Wright Memorial               One Hundred Ways to Paint
    Award                                 Favorite Subjects

2004 Audubon Artists Annual          2004 International Artist Book
     Exhibition                           One Hundred Ways to Paint
     Best of Show                         People and Figures

    Society of Illustrators              International Artist Magazine
    Annual Scholarship                   Favorite Subject
    Best of Show                         SIC
                                         Interview for Portuguese TV

AWARDS (CONT’D)                      2003 Luso Americano
                                          Up and Coming Artists
2004 Society of Illustrators
     Annual Scholarship                  Mundo Portuguese
     Competition                         Biographical Article
     Scholarship to the
     Illustrators Studio School      2002 Luso Americano
                                          Biographical Article
    Greenhouse Gallery
    Salon Exhibition
    Overall Excellence in Art

2003 Society of Illustrators
     Annual Scholarship
     Best of Show

2006 Nevada Museum of Art
      John and Mary Lou Paxton

2008 American Art Collector
     “Kitchen Classics”

2007 International Artist Magazine
     Connecting Theory with

    American Art Collector

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