Tuberculosis Advocacy in Action 4th Corporate Africa Business by mYFc9Yck


									Tuberculosis Advocacy for
  Innovative Financing
4th Corporate Africa Business Coaltion
     Partnerships for Prevention
   Addis Ababa Feb 7 to 9 Feb 2011
        Therese Lethu
   Advocacy for innovative financing
       mechanisms for health
• New solutions to fight the main diseases of poverty
   – HIV/AIDS: new WHO recommendations, early treatments could
     reduce death by 68%
   – TB new diagnostic Xpert/ Vaccine /new drugs in R&D pipeline
   – Malaria: new rapid diagnostic available /Act treatment/ new
     vector control methods/ effective prevention bednets
• There international political momentum is unique
   – Leading group work
   – High level event innovative Financing & MDGs, NY, Sept 2010
   – IFM on the agenda for the G20
• There is an urgent financial gaps
   – Global Fund: Pledges 2011 2013: $11.7 billiions (20 needed)
                       - UNITAID : $170 million financing gap
                       - Health System (staff/facilities etc)
   –                    - Non Communicable Diseases
          The ATL to Unitaid
• Disbursed US$ 1 billion
• No impact on the airline
   – No impact on Airlines' business
   – No impact for the tourists
• Make a huge difference in term of lives saved
   – Funded treatments for more than 21 million people in 94
      countries (HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria)
   – The world’s largest funder for pediatric HIV/AIDS drugs
   – Fund by end of 2011, 750 000 treatments for TB for children
      under 15
   – Fund 20 millions long lasting insecticide treated bednets for
• Japan leading role in installing ATL in Asia
               FIT is needed
• Financial Instrument Tax is simple
   – No need for a unanimity among countries
   – Use registry system already in place (central registries for
      legal ownership of securities stocks, bonds)
   – Easy and cost efficient collect through domestic financial
      property registers and central counterparties clearinghouses
   – No way to escape (no impact of relocation)
• A great potential
   – US$ 200/300 billion could be raised per year worldwide for
      all the categories of financial transactions:
   – Shares/ Bonds US$ 120 billions each
   – CTL 0,005% tax could raise US$40 billions
   – Derivative contracts US$60 billions
           WITH NO IMPACT ON THE MARKET (as the tax rate is so low)
                     Why FIT now?
• Who will pay?
   – Speculators
   – Not the usual investors
• Who could benefit from FIT?
   – The Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria
   – The World Environment Facility (the Green Fund set up in
     Cancun last week?)
   – The World Food Program
   – The Fast track Initiative for Education (or a Global Fund on
• How?
   – Treaty signed by FTT pioneer countries (no exhaustive list :
     France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, South
     Korea, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Ecuador
   – Proceeds of the tax paid directly to the designated
     international funds .
•   “At a time when all the developed countries are running deficits, I also
    want to express my conviction that we must find new sources of
    financing to fight against poverty, on behalf of education, and to
    resolve the major health problems in Africa. We can decide here to
    implement innovative financing, the taxation of financial
    transactions. Why wait? Finance has been globalized. Why shouldn’t
    we demand that finance contribute to stabilizing the world through a
    minuscule tax on each financial transaction?”

•   President Nicolas Sarkozy during his speech to the United Nations
    Millennium Development Goals Summit, 20 September 2010

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