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Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                                     November 2005

From the Editor…                                             From the President
Nicole Carfora                                               Charles Zuganelis

It is hard to believe that the howliday season is upon       It is sad to say that my president’s report is a bit bleak.
us! Wow, it has been a busy year. I want to thank            We lost three members this year: Frank Sousa, Hiram
everyone for the support of our newsletter. Without          Burrows, and Robert Tannahuser. Isn’t it funny how
your support the KerryNotes wouldn’t exist. Next year        these things happen in threes? We miss them all.
will be a very busy year hosting our National Specialty.     However, I think that we honor them with our wonderful
Please stay tuned for upcoming events and volunteer          Specialty and club events. I can only say that I hope
in any way you can. Don’t forget to send me your             that as we go forward things start to brighten. Let’s
stories, brags, questions, or anything concerning our        look forward to a terrific 2006 and make our dual
favorite dogs! Have a wonderful Howliday Season!             Specialty one to remember!!!

                                                              My Quivering Black
                                                              Mary Ferguson
                                                              As some of you may or may not know, I’ve had some
                                                              problems getting my Kerry Oliver in hand. I’ve had him
                                                              pull me down seven times since he came to live with us
                                                              at 13 weeks. This has caused me tremendous physical
                                                              injuries, including a fractured skull. Being an
                                                              experienced terrier owner, I was prepared for the
                                                              quivering little black mass of energy that came into my
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                             life. I wasn’t prepared for my health to head south, and
                                                              the subsequent weakness I fight daily.
2     Sheep Anyone?
                                                              I was getting desperate. It had come down to him or me.
3     Pets for Vets                                           As much as I love him, and no matter how sweet and
                                                              loving he is, my thoughts were starting to lean toward,
       USKBTCC Handbook Information                           perhaps I can’t keep him.

4     Keeley                                                  Through the groomer that baths him, (I can’t do that
                                                              either), I was led to Abe Mashal a professional trainer.
      Behaviorist Seminar                                     He trained search and rescue, and CIA dogs for the
                                                              Marine Corps.
5     Brags
                                                              Abe and I have been working with Oliver since
       Calendar of Events                                     September. The changes are dramatic. He now walks
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                                                     KerryNotes 1
Sheep Anyone?
                                                                                                    Continued from page 1

Nicole Carfora                                                     by my side like a gentleman, waits to go out the door,
                                                                   and listens. When he’s not in his “Zone,” as Abe
                                                                   calls It. But even that is getting better. Encountering
One of our Kerries original farm jobs was herding. Ever            other people, and especially other dogs produces this
since I acquired my first Kerry I have been eager to try it.       zone. There is not an aggressive bone in his body, he
However, living in the city we don’t see many sheep so I           just wants to meet and greet everybody! We have the
waited. In other training venues I have made friends with          people portion under control, and the other dogs, is
some Border Collie owners. Lucky for me they were                  getting better. I arrange doggy “playdates,” (how
starting their dogs out to herd. So, on the most windy day I       neurotic is that), with Abe’s supervision. It’s
have every seen my Kerry Darwin, a Collie pup, and 2               amazing, we practice meet and greet other dogs.
Boarder Collies got to be up close and personal with some          Once he gets to sniff, he’s over it. Not interested
sheep!                                                             anymore. So, all the months of acting like a crazy
                                                                   man, were just so you could get a whiff of the other
The instructor/sheep herder had 3 sheep in a small pen. He         4-legged friend? Not worth a broken hand!
had a broom in his hand which he used as an extension of
his arm. The broom was used to push the dog off the sheep          We now go on field trips. We’ve been to Art shows,
when they got to close and as a direction. Darwin and I            Craft fairs, the bank several times, and the health
walked in on leash. The minute he saw the sheep he got             club. Not to mention our regular outings to PetSmart
very excited, but it wasn’t his typical reaction I am use too.     where Ollie now walks by my side as I push the cart
It was more intense, but not crazy! I was instructed to move       with one hand ,and Ollie in the other. Amazing!
closer with him to the sheep, naturally the sheep moved and
D began too nip at their heels. Well, I became a little            To all of you who are having a tuff time with the
concerned, I didn’t want him to hurt the sheep. The                intelligence and energy that makes up you Kerry:
instructor told me to relax, that he wasn’t doing anything         Don’t give up and let them rule! Consistency, love,
wrong. I was then told to dorp his leash and see what he           and patience will win. When all else fails, and it’s
does.                                                              not you just the nature of our breed, don’t hesitate.
                                                                   Hire someone who knows how to help!!
With that D began to “move” the sheep. It was probably
more like chase the sheep, but it wasn’t in a chaotic way.         I feel safe now and proud to take my beautiful Kerry
That was the cool part, I watched his focus. I train a lot with    out into the world, and let him strut his stuff!!
D and know his nuances. This was different and so
incredible to watch.

We each had a second turn with the sheep. This time the
instructor had his leash and was giving him commands. The
idea was to get him to listen while still being intent on the
sheep . The words he used are those I use constantly, to my
amazement D listened. Despite being very interested in the
sheep he was still able to obey commands, and it was a total
stranger giving those commands. This helped show me that
all my hard work and training had paid off. Plus, his
instincts are very good.

The instructor was incredibly honest and said he enjoyed
working with a breed he has never really seen, but he
doesn’t know how they heard. Each breed has a different
type of style. But, he said he seemed to be having way too
much fun. He wasn’t necessarily working but playing,
which isn’t bad. I tried to explain to him that this is a Kerry
thing. Why not make-work play!! Maybe I should follow
that lead. The group I went with is hoping to continue, we
all had a lot of fun and learned a lot. One day I hope the
option will be open for you and your Kerry, it is one heck of               Darwin moving the sheep and
a good time! A small warning, although D thankfully didn’t                  checking out the ground along the
seem to care, sheep poop is a dog deliquesce and sometimes                  way!
more interesting then the sheep themselves!

                                                        KerryNotes 2
       Mary Ferguson
       This is an idea I have been thinking of since a friend brought it to my attention. I would like to put together a
       contingent of Kerry’s to participate in the Pets for Vets Program at Hines Veterans Hospital. They are desperate for
       dogs to participate. I have been in contact with them. The first step is the animal must have its CGC certificate, and
       pass a test with the DaVita organization. Abe Mashal and I have been working closely together to pull the
       information. What we are proposing is a voluntary training class perhaps every two weeks or so. Those that wish to
       participate can come and pay a small fee, and our Kerry’s will learn to be together as a unit, and what they need to
       go into the hospital. I understand that they have to be able to withstand ruff petting, being around wheel chairs, and
       other mechanical devices and electronic sounds. They must obey voice commands perfectly and sit and be patient
       until spoke too. Now all of this sound like a tall command for a Kerry, but this can be achieved! In fact, Oliver is
       just about ready, threw mine and Abe’s work with him.

       The reason I am so up on this idea is two fold. First, I am a patriot threw and threw. There are many men and
       women who because of war injuries will never live anywhere else then the VA hospitals. The need is great! Plus,
       many of us have beautiful Kerry’s, some retired from the show ring even, that would like to share themselves with
       others. Abe had pointed out that with the nature of the Kerry, they are so intelligent that they need a job to do.
       What better job then doing what a Kerry loves best, being with people! Most of our Kerry’s are used to the show
       ring and being around other Kerry’s, there is no reason that those that choose to participate can not learn to be
       together as a team. After all that’s what they do at shows when the call goes out, “It’s time for the Kerry’s.”

       Everyone I have spoken to feels this would be a great club event. Perhaps give the KBTCC a special difference,
       who knows maybe even the USKBTC will take note. It will add a slightly different twist to our club, and Kerry’s in
       general. There are other dogs out there would can give to our society besides Labs!

       I will be coordinating this new adventure. For those interested please call me 630-759-7730 or

                                      2005 USKBTC HANDBOOK
According to the USKBTC, this is a comprehensive handbook on the Kerry Blue Terrier. It has over 312 pages of informative
articles, statistics, pictures, kennel listings, and historical references of our breed. This is an excellent resource for both new and
long-time Kerry owners!

Our club will be selling the handbook to help support our fund-raising efforts for the 2006 Traveling Specialty. PLEASE support
the KBTCC and purchase your handbook directly from us! It will cost $3 less if purchased through us!

                                The handbooks will be available at all upcoming KBTCC events.

                                                     Cost of the Handbook is $15

If you can’t wait until the next meeting, the Handbook can be mailed directly to you. The price is $15 + $2.75 for shipping.
Please send a check for $17.75, Payable to KBTCC, to:
                                                    USKBTC 2005 Handbook
                                                        C/o Ellen Burrows
                                                        1010 Holly Circle
                                                   Lake Zurich, IL 60047-1218

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen at 847-540-6445 or

                                                 THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

                                                            KerryNotes 3
Keeley                                                           Behaviorist Seminar
Cheryl Caron                                                     Mary Ferguson
          I have a 4-year-old female Kerry named Keeley. I       Abe Mashal, owner of Leader of the Pack Dog Training,
flew from Chicago to New York to get her. Of course the          spoke at the November meeting of the KBTCC at the
intention was to get the very best I could afford and that was   Schaumburg Public library.
available. I arrived in New York and I had no idea what she
would be like since she would be my first Kerry. I trusted       Abe advocates Leadership Based Training Techniques,
my instinct and the good opinion of the breeder to pick her      particularly suited to the Kerry Blues. He trained Search
out of a litter of eight. Actually 7 by the time I arrived.      and Rescue, Bomb Detecting, and CIA Dogs for the U.S.
This 12-week-old little girl caught my eye immediately and       Marine Corps for 5 years.
I must have caught hers because it was love at first sight.
The breeder and I took her to the vet for her check up for the   Several club members have hired him to help get some bad
flight home and then to another breeder to have her ears set.    behaviors under control. All have been more then pleased
By then is was time for me to leave this one day trip. I         with his expertise.
arrived at the airport with my new precious cargo in a
Sherpa bag. She was so good, she never even whimpered.           He also has a doggy boot camp. He is available for when
She was nothing like what I was told to expect from other        you need to travel or leave your Kerry. Your little fur balls
breeders I had talked to. She was quiet and calm. Well, I        stay with him in his home, with his wife, son, and puppy,
finally made it home. I carried her in the Sherpa bag into       Achilles. Abe works with your dog everyday, in addition to
the house where my husband and friends were waiting for          giving them lots of love and praise. His rate is negotiated
us. We have three couches in the family room, a coffee           with him. He is very reasonable for the amount of attention
table, and a hassock. I opened the bag and set this new calm     that your dog receives.
quiet puppy on the floor. She took one look at her
surroundings and cam alive! She ran from the floor into          Contact Abe at 630-639-3407 or
the family room, hit the first couch, slurped my husband,
jumped over the coffee table, jumped onto the next couch,        Members found his talk very interesting and useful, and
On the third couch with all of us trying to catch her. Two of    were very pleased with his question and answer session.
us finally cornered her. What a riot! She made herself quite     Even some of the most experienced among us found
at home!                                                         information they could use
          Then about one week later I had to leave on an 8-
day trip that was planned a long time before she arrived. I
left written instructions with my husband and children on
how to care and feed our new family member. By this time
she was named Keeley, Irish for beautiful and graceful.
When I got back I got an earful from my daughter.
Apparently while Dad was in charge, he would take a little
nap on the couch. When he woke up the Tasmanian Terrier
had visited the family room. Every piece of paper was
shredded into pieces. The entire family room was covered
at least an inch deep. Also, three days before I arrived home                TROPHY DONATIONS
the Devil Dog had chewed up a black ink pen. My husband             The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Chicago will
was horrified to find a perfectly round black dime sized spot       host its annual Specialty Show and Sweepstakes
in the middle of Keeley’s tongue. He thought I was gong to          on Saturday, June 17th, 2006. In addition, we
kill him. My new show dog was ruined because she had a              are also hosting the US Traveling National
black ink spot on her tongue and it wouldn’t go away!               Specialty Show and Sweepstakes on Sunday,
Needless to say I had called her breeder and every other            June 18th, 2006. Once again we are asking for
Kerry person I knew and was told not to worry about it.             your help in providing trophies that are as
That sometimes they do have black spots on their tongues.           unique as the Kerry Blues that will be
Since then she has developed several other “spots” on her           competing. Any donation will be greatly
tongue and they are not from ink!                                   appreciated! Please fill out the attached Trophy
          Happy Holidays to everyone!                               Sponsorship From and SEND IT IN BY:
                                                                     SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4TH!!!!

                                                         KerryNotes 4
                                                                Calendar of Events

                                                            CHRISTMAS PARTY
Raza, Ch. Kerrisel’s Guinness by Design                                             TH
                                                            SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4 , 2055
O: Russ & Deb Bednarek & Reita Nicholson                    SORRENTO’S RESTAURANT
B: Craig, Reita, & Shane Nicholson
Raza finished at the Northern Ohio Specialty in
Canfield going BOW for a 5 point major. He won              JANUARY MEETING
his first 5 point major at the same show in 2004.
                                                                                              For the latest
In his first Montgomery show as special, Raza
made the cut on Sunday. 2005 was a rewarding
                                                                                             club news and
year with our first show dog and we are looking                                                  events
forward to the 2006-show season!                            ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARTY
                                                            MARCH TBA
Fagan, Ch. Morwin’s Rogue of Rathangan                                                       Please visit
O:Bonnie Jean Whelehan                                                            
B: Bill & Rose Morris                                       GROOMING CLINIC
Fagan finished at the Sunday show of our
Specialty weekend. On July 16th he was awarded              USUALLY HELD IN MAY
a Group 3 at the Kishwaukee Kennel Club Show!

Deuce, Ch. Adelphian Wild Card                              SPECIALTY & NATIONAL SPECIALTY SHOW
O: Charles Zuganelis & Anastasia Martinez                   RAFFLE & DINNER
B: Charles Zuganelis & Anastasia Martinez
                                                                               TH                      TH
On the Friday of the St. Louis weekend, Deuce               SATURDAY JUNE 17        & SUNDAY JUNE 18
went BOB over specials for a 5 point major and              LOOK FOR MORE INFO TO FOLLOW
then a Group 2! The following day he went WD
for a 5 point major. On the first day of the
Montgomery weekend at Morris & Essex
(Philadelphia Specialty) he went WD for a 4 pint
major and was given AOM to finish!

New Arrival…                                                Congrats
Peter & Judy Lamken welcome a new puppy                     Tom Rogers was elected as President of the United States
born 6/23/05 Nuala (Paxon’s Celtic Woman at                 Kerry Blue Terrier Club (USKBTC)
                                                            Peter Lamken for his reelection as President of the Great
                                                            Lakes All Terrier Association (GLATA)

                                            KBTCC STORE
        The KBTCC Store is being opened in 2005 to help raise funds for the US Traveling Specialty that we
        are hosting. This will be the place to purchase our standard KBTCC merchandise such as the dark blue
        KBTCC polo shirts, mugs, and pins. We are in the process of identifying more unique Kerry items to
        sell here, on eBay, and our Club events.

                                                    Please visit

                                                      KerryNotes 5
KerryNotes 6

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