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									                               General Anthroposophical
                            Society Anthroposophy Worldwide                                                                      5/09

                                         ■ Anthroposophical Society

                                         Basic Themes of Anthroposophy

                                         A Dynamic Relationship
                                         Rudolf Steiner described the basis for the goals and the work in the Anthroposophi-
                                         cal Society in the first two issues of the newsletter that appeared after the 1923/24
                                         Christmas conference. Cornelius Pietzner finds far-reaching implications here for our
     June 2009                           relationship to the archangel Michael.
     No. 5

     Anthroposophical Society
     Basic Themes of Anthroposophy :
                                         I  n      the

                                         January 1924, Rudolf
                                                                                                                     This inner side can
                                                                                                                 lead us to a personal
                                                                                                                 relationship with the
        A Dynamic Relationship           Steiner described a                                                     being of anthroposo-
2    General Anthroposophical Society    dynamic and intimate                                                    phy; the being of an-
        and Camphill Movement:           relationship between                                                    throposophy mirrors
        Michaelmas Conference            the human being and                                                     what we are, accom-

                                                                                                          Photo: Axel Mannigel
        “Community Building in the       his spiritual needs, be-                                                panies us as friend and
        Light of Michael                 tween the being of an-                                                  advisor. And anthro-
                                         throposophy and the                                                     posophy is there to be
     School for Spiritual Science        Anthroposophical So-                                                    found for all who seek
2    Youth Section: connect—The          ciety: “Anthroposophy                                                   it; at the same time,
        Conference for 12th Graders      is meant to be there for                                                anthroposophy is as in-
     Anthroposophy in the World          human beings seeking                                                    dividual as the human
4    Karl König Archive: English-        paths to spiritual ex-                                                  being himself. These
         German Karl König Edition       perience in their souls.                                                aspects allow us to ex-
5    Karl König: Founder of the          And if the Anthropo-                                                    perience anthroposo-
         Camphill Movement               sophical Society is to                                                  phy as both diverse
                                                                     A positive relationship to the world:
6    Philippines: Asia-Pacific Anthro-   fulfill its tasks, it must Michael, Sculpture by Raoul Ratnowsky        and objective!
         posophical Conference and       be in a position to serve                                                   To the extent we
         Asian Waldorf Teachers Con-     these seeking souls. As a Society, it must           are incarnated human beings, we are
         ference                         also find the right relationship to anthro-          connected with the development of the
7    Brazil: Anthroposophical Social     posophy.”                                            world. The questions of our age are not
         Forum                              Earlier (on January 13, 1924) Rudolf              the questions of previous ages; they are
8    Cuba: Curative Eurythmy             Steiner stated: “The intention of the                our own questions.
8    Japan: Biodynamics                  Christmas conference just ended…was to                  We find a connection with the spirit
9    Taiwan: Biodynamics                 give the Anthroposophical Society a form             who is the regent of our age: Michael.
10   Canada: “Encircling Light”          appropriate to the cultivation of the an-            He has a positive relationship to himself
         Conference                      throposophical movement.”                            when he has a positive relationship to
                                                                                              the world—and it is our wish to find our
     Forum                               Diverse, Yet Objective                               way to this positive stream. Developing
11   Goetheanum: Rudolf Steiner’s           Here we have a context for the four               our own destiny within an active rela-
        Mystery Dramas                   areas we would like to develop as a fo-              tionship to the development of the world
                                         cus for the Anthroposophical Society. As             sets the stage for a most important test:
                                         the “starting point,” the human being                the perception of the “I am” experience
12   Goetheanum Tours: Coordinator
                                         outwardly pursues a life course with an              in a communal relationship to others.
        Esther Gerster
                                         inner, dimension influenced by the I. The            That means we have a chance to prac-
                                         inner and outer circumstances, their in-             tice a practical Christianity and to ex-
                                         terpenetration, create earthly and spiri-            perience how a profession of belief can
                                         tual destiny and karma. These aspects are            become knowledge. | Cornelius Pietzner,
                                         complementary: two halves of a whole.                Goetheanum
2   | Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09

    ■ School for Spiritual Science                                                                 ■ Anthroposophical Society

    Youth Section: connect— Conference for 12th Graders                                            Michaela Spaar: Why this unusual joint
                                                                                                   effort by the Goetheanum Executive
    A Catalyst for Seekers                                                                         Council and the Camphill movement?
    About 500 12th-grade students attended the “connect” youth conference held on                  Cornelius Pietzner: Shortly after I joined
    April 20–23 at the Goetheanum. They came to find out about themselves, their rela-             the Executive Council we began hold-
    tionship to others, and their relationship to the world. The conference addressed the          ing yearly meetings with one of the in-
    need for spiritual orientation among young people.                                             ternational leadership groups for the
                                                                                                   Camphill movement; we discussed inner

    I   magine 143 morning workshops, 44
        afternoon conversation groups, 8
    talks on the big stage, 7 classes present-
                                                   ship to anthroposophy. When I compare
                                                   that to the obvious interest shown by the
                                                   12th-graders at “connect,” I can under-
                                                                                                   developments and goals for the Anthro-
                                                                                                   posophical Society and the Camphill
                                                                                                   movement. After seven years it became
    ing on the big stage, more than 10 coun-       stand why they must often seek anthro-          apparent that a new cooperative step
    tries performing in night café, 450 free/      posophy for a long time before they en-         was required. This step was the joint or-
    alcohol-free cocktails, 500 liters of milk,    counter it. Thus it was all the more heart-     ganization of a conference. It will not be
    350 kilos of potatoes, 300 kilos of car-       ening to see that many of the teachers at       a professional Camphill conference, but
    rots, 450 people peeling potatoes, 180         “connect” had such a deep interest in the       one meant to address those interested
    sponsored tram tickets, 1,620 tram rides,      place and in their students. Who else can       in a future form of community building.
    1 complaint. That was “connect.” Was it        meet this seeking? Not with dogma, not          Spaar: What will be the special features
    just a nice festival for young people? Or      with facts, but with the tools to forge         of the conference?
    is there something more behind the out-        the necessary armor to meet the mod-
    wardly peaceful chaos?                         ern world. “connect” is a kind of catalyst      Bringing an Experience of Community
        A number of practical steps were de-       for many to see the world with new eyes.        Pietzner: Efforts have been made for 70
    veloped by the three organizers to main-                                                       years to build community in the sense of
    tain a lively, interesting event. The daily    Conscious Inner Preparation                     Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental social law.
    events began with morning singing and             Before the conference started, I took        There will be various forms of encounter
    a 15-minute inspirational talk, and ended      some students from South Africa and             against this backdrop: small conversa-
    with a thought-provoking half-hour talk        Argentina on a tour of the Goetheanum.          tion groups with moderators; readings
    in the evenings. It was important to en-       As we entered the Great Hall, a hush fell       of Karl König’s Michaelmas play with
    gage all the participants as co-creators       on the group. After some minutes, one of        (lay) actors taking roles along with the
    of the conference, especially through          the young men whispered to his teacher,         participants; and the Camphill bible eve-
    the presentation of 12th-grade projects,       “We can’t bounce a soccer ball in here…”        ning, a conversation in a festive context.
    whether as workshops, performances or          as they would have to do during their           We don’t just want to talk about commu-
    presentations. Those who felt the need         performance.                                    nity; we also enter into the experience,
    of activity could go to the Craftvillage          A little while later, one of the young       into social activity and formation; we
    to participate in forging iron, stone- and     Argentinean women came to me over-              want to offer a way to be together.
    woodwork, etc., complemented by an ar-         come with her experience of the The Rep-        The conference will focus less on Karl
    ray of sport activities.                       resentative of Humanity, and expressed          König as an individual and more on his
                                                   her joy at the beauty. She said she had         spiritual creativity and his work for social
    Forging Armor                                  waited to see it and could not have imag-       renewal, work that has always included
       Tasks were handed out to the teachers       ined its size from the small photo they         weaker members of society.
    and parents who came along—serving at          had of it in their school.                      Spaar: What distinguishes the qualities
    meal times, door duty at performances,            Many had experiences like this during        of community building in the Camphill
    and toilet cleaning—to bring them into         the conference. They speak of a growing         movement—and at the Goetheanum?
    closer contact with the event.                 interest in and inner relationship to the       Pietzner: The Camphill movement seeks
       I sometimes find that Waldorf school        principles of a conscious inner prepara-        to unite practical, truly social forms with
    representatives have a distant relation-       tion. | Guy Collins, Goetheanum                 spiritual-social training. A part of this is
                                                                                                   development and activity with and for
    Anthroposophy Worldwide appears ten times a year. It is distributed by the national            one another.
    Anthroposophical Societies and appears as a supplement to the weekly publication Das           The Goetheanum or the Anthroposophi-
    Goetheanum. • Publisher: General Anthroposophical Society, represented by Paul Mackay          cal Society seeks to find an “open-heart-
    • Editors: Douglas Miller (responsible for this English edition), Sebastian Jüngel (con-
    tent and production), Axel Mannigel, Ursula Remund Fink, Michaela Spaar and Hans-              edness” (as Rudolf Steiner called it) that
    Christian Zehnter • Correspondents: News Network Anthroposophy (NNA). We expressly             is complementary in its presuppositions
    seek active support and collaboration. To receive Anthroposophy Worldwide, apply to the        and goals. Community does not have to
    Anthroposophical Society in your country. Alternatively, subscriptions are available for CHF   be society, and vice versa.
    30.– (EUR/US$ 20.–) per year from the address below. An e-mail version is available to
    members of the Anthroposophical Society only at:              One point of contact is a soul-spiritual
    Please send address changes to the address on the envelope! To contact the editors: Wochen-    awakening through another; a second
    schrift Das Goetheanum, Postfach, CH–4143 Dornach 1, Switzerland; fax +41 (0)61 706 44 65;     is attention to the relationship between
                                                                                                   freedom and community.
                                                                                                        Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09 |     3

Michaelmas Conference: Community Building in the Light of Michael                             Pietzner: I was born in Camphill Glen-
                                                                                              craig in Northern Ireland and grew up
A Consciously Applied Social Art                                                              in Camphill Beaver Run in Pennsylvania
The Michaelmas conference (September 24–27) represents the first time an event at             (USA). I was one of his many godchildren,
the Goetheanum has been organized jointly by the Goetheanum and the Camphill                  although I was quite young when he died
movement. Cornelius Pietzner speaks about the special quality of this conference; he          in 1966. He was a spiritually creative
came from the Camphill movement to his position as the Society’s treasurer.                   pioneer who had made anthroposophy
                                                                                              deeply inward. He bore the world situa-
                                                                                              tion with all its troubles, suffered under
                                                                                              it, also suffered in himself, but was cou-
                                                                                              rageous in seeking a counter-pole, un-
                                                                                              compromising and determined in plant-
                                                                                              ing a seed for social renewal.
                                                                                              His relationship to the Anthroposophi-
                                                                                              cal Society was marked by deep clashes:
                                                                                              with Ita Wegman, he was excluded from
                                                                                              the Anthroposophical Society in 1935. He
                                                                                              felt the Society had failed in the first de-
                                                                                              cades after Rudolf Steiner’ death. In the
                                                                                              1960’s, Karl König took steps to approach
                                                                                              the Anthroposophical Society. High spiri-
                                                                                              tual and social standards, expectations,
                                                                                              and convictions based on a deep and in-
                                                                                              tensive relationship with anthroposophy
                                                                                              led to great disappointment and despair
                                                                                              for Karl König. The development of the
                                                                                              Camphill movement is a part of the An-
                                                                                              throposophical Society’s destiny.

Community building underway: Camphill web page (Screenshot)
                                                                                              “Freed” from the Camphill Movement
                                                                                              Thanks to initiatives taken by Karl König
Spaar: What is meant by “Community               Spaar: Why the joint reading of Karl         and several of his friends in the Anthro-
Building in the Light of Michael?”               König’s Michaelmas play during the con-      posophical Society and Camphill, the
Pietzner: Rudolf Steiner’s leading thought       ference? What does this work stand for?      Anthroposophical Society and Camphill
of November 16, 1924, indicates the ne-          Pietzner: Karl König wrote it in 1942 as a   have grown closer over the past 40 to
cessity of making the world’s themes             contribution to our understanding of the     50 years. In my opinion, Karl König was
and needs our own; i.e., what lives in the       course of the year. It is no simple work     “freed” from his total identification with
world also lives in my soul. In striving, I      and not well known, even in the Camphill     the Camphill movement over that time,
unite myself with what is growing and            movement. The festive character of the       and now he can be seen on his own as
needed in the world. Michael says “Yes!”         work is emphasized in the rhyming verse      a significant figure for anthroposophy
to the world, not “No.” That is one aspect.      and setting (the place before the temple     (page 4f.)
                                                 as in the ancient Mystery plays). Confer-    To a remarkable extent, friends from the
Respect for the Individual                       ence participants will work together to      Camphill movement have played a lead-
The other is that community needs a              create something artistic that also bears    ing role in the anthroposophical move-
certain discipline and common orienta-           the stamp of the season.                     ment, Society, and School, and have sup-
tion to guarantee and support individual                                                      ported various anthroposophical initia-
freedom; harmony between I and the               Karl König, Spiritually Creative Pioneer     tives. Thus we are glad that the Goethea-
world, a commonality and community               Spaar: Your own biography is closely         num can organize this conference with
in which the needs of the other are per-         connected with the Camphill move-            the Camphill movement. ■
ceived and the will of the other can be          ment Your father (with Karl König) was
expressed in a communal context, but             a co-founder of early Camphill institu-      Conference: Community Building in the Light
without forgetting the individual and            tions, and you were active as founder of     of Michael, September 24–27, Goetheanum.
                                                                                              Exhibition: “Images of the Inner Year” with
his development—that is the dimension            a Camphill community and president of
                                                                                              52 originals by Karl König for the Calendar of
I mean.                                          the Camphill Association in the United       the Soul (September 11–Oktober 11).
Putting oneself into service for the life        States. You knew Karl König. What role       Contact: Goetheanum, Empfang, Postfach,
and work of others who may seem to be            did he play for you? Do his impulses con-    CH–4143 Dornach 1, Tel. +41/(0)61 706 44 44,
                                                                                              Fax +41/(0)61 706 44 46
strangers requires a consciously applied         tinue today? And what are the experi-
social art—community building.                   ences that bring you to this stream?
4   | Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09

    ■ Anthroposophy in the World

    Karl König Archive: English-German Karl König Edition                                        and socially suc-
                                                                                                 cessful anthrop-
    Intended for the Public                                                                      osophists of the
    The Friends of the Karl König Archive was founded on May 8. Its goal is to support the       20th century.
    publication of Karl König’s legacy. Responsible for the dual-language edition are cura-      Spaar:      Along
    tive educator Richard Steel of the Karl König Archive (Great Britain/Germany) and Dr.        with this involve-
    Peter Selg, director of the Ita Wegman Institute for Basic Anthroposophical Research         ment with vari-
    (Switzerland). Here they describe the ambitious edition.                                     ous fields and
                                                                                                 his public work,
    Michaela Spaar: For a long time the Karl      years, even decades, until it ripened into     meditative, in-
    König archive worked quietly, publishing      a book. It is striking to see how his think-   ner work holds a
    only occasional works by König. It did not    ing follows what is alive and changing.        central position
    emerge into public awareness until pub-       He not only published short works on           in König’s life.
    lication of the collected works began in      interesting themes; he always fit it into      How would you
    2008. What led to this decision?              a whole. Our job is to assemble these          describe this?
    Richard Steel: A generational change          various subjects in the archive—from           Steel: An inner Cooperative engagement for Karl Köni
    began in 1999, and now there is an in-        medicine, anthropology, curative educa-        path of school- medicine Peter Selg (right)
    ner need to take a new look at the life       tion, and social therapy to psychology,        ing was always
    and work of Karl König, to find the roots     pedagogy, agriculture, natural science,        important to him. He sought out his own
    of the Camphill movement—including            and social questions—and beyond, to            way as he did inner meditative research.
    what position Camphill holds within an-       questions of schooling.                        In the process he often encountered re-
    throposophy, and what its future pros-        Selg: König did not arrive at these sub-       sistance and lack of understanding. He
    pects are. These question are being ad-       jects by accident. They were not just          always tried to stimulate spiritual sci-
    dressed by Peter Self in particular.          special interests of his; they were con-       entific work within the Camphill move-
                                                  nected with the lives of the children en-      ment, as well.
    Frank and Honest Diaries                      trusted to him. His works—including in                    That is why it is important that
    Peter Selg: I wrote a book about the          biology—serve his main concep-                             we publish his commentary
    early days of anthroposophical medicine       tual and therapeutic                                        on The Calendar of the Soul,
    in 2000, and I spoke about Dr. König. A       tasks which were                                             and exhibit his 52 images
    couple of years later I visited Camphill      humanistic and cu-                                            for the Calendar of the Soul
    in Great Britain to give lectures; I made     rative in nature.                                              during the Goetheanum’s
    some suggestions about an editorial           Spaar: His notebooks                                            Michaelmas conference
    plan to prepare König’s works in a sys-       and diaries seem in-                                            on “Community Building
    tematic way and publish them. I ap-           tended for the public,                                           in the Light of Michael”
    proached the subject as an advisor, and       as do his lecture notes.                                          (p. 2f). We consciously
    anthroposophist, and friend—and some          Selg: Dr. König knew                                               began publication of
    of my suggestions were accepted.              exactly what he was                                                 the collected works
    Steel: This inquiry was important. Earlier    doing—even in his dia-                                               with this book be-
    it was not clear how we should approach       ries. He dealt frankly and                                            cause it is a good ex-
    König’s legacy.                               honestly with himself, and                                             ample of how König
    Selg: Here it must be noted that Hans         he documented his inner                                                tried to use the Cal-
    Müller-Wiedemann’s wonderful biogra-          quests and struggles—the                                 endar of the Soul to assist his co-
    phy was a milestone in research on König      struggle for community, as                     workers along the meditative path.
    and his life. He brought out König’s spiri-   well. This documentation was meant
    tual character in a comprehensive and         not just for him, but also for those who       Social Openness a Part of the Plan
    high-level manner. This was the founda-       came later.                                    Spaar: What are the goals of the edition?
    tion we built on beginning in 1999, seven                                                    And how do you plan to proceed?
    years after the book appeared and after       Constant Inward Pursuit of Research            Selg: We want to place the whole into
    Müller-Wiedemann’s death.                     Karl König never met Rudolf Steiner, but       a living structure. The edition, divided
    Spaar: What are the characteristic ele-       in his spiritual encounter with Rudolf         into twelve thematic categories, should
    ments of the Karl König archive?              Steiner’s work he became so productive         remain true to the text and his biogra-
    Steel: The diversity of themes and the        that the quantity and thematics of his         phy; we plan to look at everything be-
    thoroughness with which Karl König            research and legacy are unique. König          longing to a theme—from lecture notes
    documented things. The legacy is exten-       was also active medically and therapeu-        and notebooks to published texts. The
    sive—correspondence, diary and note-          tically, a co-worker of Ita Wegman’s who       edition is in process with limited per-
    book entries, notes from lectures, manu-      built up curative communities on several       sonal capacities, since the international
    scripts, essays, and books. Here you can      continents. Basically he was a universal-      Camphill community is not a scientific
    see how König worked with a theme for         ist. König was one of the most public          “archive movement”—it has therapeutic
                                                                                                                                                Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09 |                    5

                                                                                       community. In accompanying the proj-
                                                                                                                                       Karl König—
                                                                                       ect, it is important to me that Karl König
                                                                                                                                       Founder of the Camphill Movement
                                                                                       is not just a unique individual in the 20th
                                                                                       century, but also a pupil and co-worker
                                                                                       with Rudolf Steiner. He was not the spiri-
                                                                                       tual scientist Rudolf Steiner was, but he
                                                                                       was a very productive co-worker. It will
                                                                                                                                       K      arl König was born in Vienna on
                                                                                                                                              September 25, 1902, and met an-
                                                                                                                                       throposophy while in medical school
                                                                                       be our editorial task to work out his re-       (degree in 1927). Although he took part
                                                                                       lationship to anthroposophy, to Rudolf          in an anthroposoph-

                                                                                                                                                                                   Photos: Supplied
                                                                                       Steiner, and discover the elements origi-       ical study circle for
                                                                                       nal with König and those that came from         medical students,
                                                                                       Rudolf Steiner. And I believe it will help to   he kept his distance
                                                              Photos: Michaela Spaar

                                                                                       clarify König’s place and that of Camphill      from the anthropo-
                                                                                       within the Anthroposophical Society and         sophical movement
                                                                                       movement.                                       for a time.
ig: Curative educator Richard Steel (left) and professor of                            Steel: Karl König was greatly interested            In fall, 1927, came
                                                                                       in turning Rudolf Steiner’s impulses into       the fateful meeting
                                                                                       deeds. For instance, the agriculture ini-       with Ita Wegman.           Karl König, 1962
             tasks. Many volumes are being prepared                                    tiated by Rudolf Steiner and now widely         She invited him to
             in Camphill, some by the Ita Wegman                                       recognized. König introduced what is            Arlesheim, and in November, 1927, he
             Institute for Basic Anthroposophical Re-                                  called “social farming” into the Camphill       began work as a doctor at the clinic
             search, and others by external co-work-                                   village communities. It is interesting that     there. At the end of 1936 he estab-
             ers. The edition is planned to be socially                                he wrote a plan for that in 1938, shortly       lished a practice in Vienna.
             open, and not limited to the members of                                   before he fled Vienna; he was making a              When the Nazis marched in, the
             its editorial board.                                                      request to the Irish government for the         36-year-old physician with Jewish heri-
             Steel: No, not at all! I have al-                                         founding of a curative community there.         tage fled to Great Britain and founded
             ready invited some people                                                           Spaar: What are the challenges        a community for children with special
             competent in specific areas to                                                                    confronting the edi-    needs in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1940
             participate in the edition.                                                                       tion?                   he moved to Camphill, where he built
             Selg: In choosing co-workers                                                                      Selg: Up to now there   up the Camphill community during the
             we look at their area of com-                                                                    has never been such      1940’s and 50’s. In the 1960’s and 70’s,
             petence and their involve-                                                                      an ambitious English-     Camphill communities were estab-
             ment—in the sense of Karl                                                                      German edition of          lished in the United States and South
             König and anthroposo-                                                                          works by a student of      Africa. Karl König died on March 27,
             phy. This is not to be an                                                                     Rudolf Steiner’s. This      1966 in Brachenreuthe on Lake Con-
             edition for libraries; it                                                                    emphasizes the cosmo-        stance (Germany).
             should serve concrete                                                                       politan, western character         The Karl König edition is published
             work in various fields,                                                                    in König.                      in German by Verlag Freies Geistesle-
             enhance the process                                                                           The interesting question    ben and in English by Floris Books,
             of reflection, and                                                                       is how this edition will be      Edinburgh. The first volume of the edi-
             raise the qualitative                                                                   received—within the Cam-          tion (on Karl König’s biography) was
             and anthroposophical level.                                                            phill movement and outside         reviewed in Das Goetheanum (No.
             Steel: The process of creating each book                                              it. When we say there is an         22–23/2009).
             is also important. For instance, we have                                  original, anthroposophical curative edu-
             been working for over six months on the                                   cation, we must address its inner iden-         Contact: Karl König Archive, Camphill House,
             theme of nutrition. The process is carried                                tity and the ideals it is founded on. At        Milltimber, GB–Aberdeen AB 13 0AN, www.
             out in the larger world, across borders,                                  the moment I feel there is a serious crisis; Berlin Office: Rich-
             before a book is published.                                               everywhere—in Camphill, too—a crisis            ard Steel,;
                                                                                                                                       Ita Wegman Institute for Basic Anthropos-
                                                                                       in the involvement with anthroposophy.          ophical Research,,
             Building Substance and Identity                                           If we are honest, this involvement is still
             Spaar: In a way, the editorial process                                    quite limited. Anything else is illusion        Karl-König-Freundeskreis (under the aegis of
             for the collected works will mirror Karl                                  and self-deception. In this situation, the      Konrad Schily):Regine Bruhn, Elvirasteig 30,
             König’s own way of working…                                               edition represents an opportunity—not           DE–14129 Berlin, freundeskreis@karlkoenig-
             Selg: …and it will contribute to building                                 more and not less.
             substance in Camphill. As an outsider,                                    Steel: The edition is meant to place Karl       Financial & Gifts: Tony Foskett,Camphill Leb-
                                                                                                                                       ensgemeinschaft, Königsmühle, DE–67434
             I believe this is a great opportunity for                                 König’s work (which is not limited to           Neustadt/Pfalz, spenden@karl-koenig-ar-
             the Camphill movement because work                                        Camphill) into the whole context of an-         chive. net.
             on content will be stimulated within the                                  throposophy and the public. ■
6   | Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09

    ■ Anthroposophy in the World

    Philippines: Asia-Pacific Conference and Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference

    A Conference—A Festival!
    Many Asian countries are moving into the future with enormous energy, and anthro-
    posophical initiatives there are providing their impetus to this movement. This was
    clear at the third Asian Waldorf teachers conference (May 2–8) and the parallel Asia-
    Pacific conference (May 2–4) in Quezon City (Philippines).

    E    ach of these conferences was open
         to the participants of the other
    conference (324 in all) . For instance, an
                                                 ments, the organization of the school,
                                                 and the dynamic between students and
                                                 teachers gave an archetypal picture of
    introduction to the tasks of the Anthro-     the Waldorf school, one that is still valid.
    posophical and the School for Spiritual         According to Wiechert, the problems
    Science was offered at 7 o’clock in the      that emerged in the first Waldorf school
    morning. Despite the early hour, the         in Stuttgart are still being encountered
    course had increased attendance each         today! As he went through the history of
    day. In some of the countries where a        this first Waldorf school, he provided ex-
    connection to anthroposophy was made         amples from current research of how the
    through the practical and tangible pres-     wisdom of Rudolf Steiner’s indications
    ence of Waldorf education, there is now      has been confirmed. For instance, resil-
    a growing wish for an orientation to the     ience studies have shown how impor-
    inner context for these schools and kin-     tant it is for children to have a compan-                            Eurythmy for the Foundation Stone Meditation: Sue Simpson,
    dergarten initiatives.                       ion, and also the importance of imitation
       The joint schedule of events contin-      as a way of learning and providing “au-
    ued with a vibrant morning song fol-
    lowed by moments of concentration as
    the Foundation Stone Meditation (or—
                                                 thoritative” education. All this research
                                                 supports the original Waldorf impulse. It
                                                 was also charming and often a little hu-
                                                                                                                      O     therwise, participants met in work
                                                                                                                            and conversation groups around
                                                                                                                      each conference theme; these were held
    from the fourth day on—the morning           morous to hear about the many Waldorf                                from an anthroposophical or a Waldorf
    verse for the upper grades) was read in      misunderstandings; for example, cut-                                 point of view. Discussions and conversa-
    the various languages. Then came eu-         ting the corners off kindergarten paper.                             tions about new ecology, new economy,
    rythmy work on the Foundation Stone          | Van James, Honolulu (USA)                                          and a new social order brought both
    Meditation.                                                                                                       breadth and depth to the Asian-Pacific

    East and West as Complements
       Again and again, the eurythmy work
                                                 A     festive atmosphere lasted into the
                                                       evenings as the reports from differ-
                                                 ent countries were followed by a color-
                                                                                                                      anthroposophical conference; meet-
                                                                                                                      ings were also held in the context of the
                                                                                                                      School for Spiritual Science.
    reflected the motif of the conferences       ful trip through the cultures with dance
    themselves in a clear and variably nu-       and theater; the Thai teachers trumped                               Conference Results Disseminated
    anced way: East and West find an essen-      everyone with a cooking class set to the                                The teachers conference included
    tial complement in one another. Every        song of their beloved princess! | Astrid                             many practical and artistic work groups
    “western” observer of developments           Schröter, Chengdu (China)                                            covering the different curricula and
    in Asia is struck by the untiring enthu-                                                                          grade levels. Meanwhile, the translators
    siasm with which the people there are        Cultural exchange: Chinese teachers performing                       were busy: China and Taiwan were the
                                                 in a shadow theater
    reshaping their future—it is amazing                                                                              best represented countries with 45 Chi-
    and instructive, but also a challenge to                                                                          nese and 71 Taiwanese.
    the “eastern” people who are learning                                                                                The reports from the schools and the
    how they can lend their ideas a lasting                                                                           cultural insights brought the Filipinos
    form. The eurythmy practices offered a                                                                            and people from other Asian countries
    wonderful opportunity to experience                                                                               “to life” vividly and joyfully. The breaks
    the harmony of both qualities. | Astrid                                                                           also allowed us to experience the hospi-
    Schröter, Chengdu (China)                                                                                         tality and spirituality in this region of the
                                                                                                                      worldwide Waldorf movement.

    T   he lectures by Christof Wiechert
        and the cultural offerings by the dif-
    ferent countries were presented jointly.
                                                                                                                           Raphael Lazo from the anthropos-
                                                                                                                      ophical group in the Philippines said:
                                                                                                                      “Filipinos love celebration.” This was the
    Wiechert described the first six school                                                                           feeling there—a humanly warm, friendly,
                                                                                             Photo: Astrid Schröter

    years as developed by Rudolf Steiner. The                                                                         easy and yet intense and rich festival. It
    teachers’ meetings, relationship to the                                                                           was perhaps an effect of the geographic
    community, the exchange with govern-                                                                              medicine and the being of the folk soul.
                                                                                                                                       Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09 |                  7

                                                                               ■ Anthroposophy in the World

                                                                               Brazil: Anthroposophical Social Forum

                                                                               Medicine for All
                                                                               On April 16–18 the first anthroposophi-
                                                                               cal social forum was held in the city of
                                                                               Matias Barbosa. The meeting place was
                                                                               the focus—the Hospital Antroposófico
                                                                               de Matias Barbosa (currently under con-
                                                                               struction). Special themes were the role
                                                                               of anthroposophy and anthroposophical
                                                                               medicine today.

                                                                               T    he opening of the hospital did not
                                                                                    take place as originally planned be-
                                                                               cause the hospital building had not yet
                                                                               been finished. But 131 people from vari-
                                                                               ous places in Brazil were able to meet in
                                                            Photo: Van James

                                                                                                                                                                         Photo: Supplied
                                                                               the hall of the first section of the build-
                                                                               ing. Among them were the previous and
, New Zealand General Secretary, leads the group (above, left)                 present mayors of Matias Barbosa, the         Humanizing medicine: Presentation in the Hos-
                                                                               city’s health director, city council mem-     pital Antroposófico de Matias Barbosa
                                                                               bers, members of the Agrarian Society
                A typhoon hit as the teachers con-                             of the Monte Alegre quarter (AAMA)—           dicating how the government’s health
             ference ended—the participants feared                             Monte Alegre is the quarter where the         care system is reflected there. Anto-
             their flights would be canceled. And on                           anthroposophical hospital is located—         nio Marques and Mauro Condé gave a
             the last day, Florian Oswald from Swit-                           and many local residents. All of them         concrete introduction to the maternity
             zerland stepped in for Wiechert who                               participated actively in the forum’s          ward, the second module of the hospital.
             had come down with a fever. But then                              events.                                       The community expressed an interest in
             the sun broke through the clouds, the fe-                                                                       an obstetrics center. And Célia Lulo gave
             ver disappeared, and there was a helpful                          Clarity about the Basics                      an introduction to the therapeutic pos-
             summing-up of the week’s work. These                                 Among other things, the lectures           sibilities for anthroposophical dentistry.
             results will surely be disseminated far                           dealt with the basic elements of anthro-
             and wide throughout Asia during the                               posophy. Antonio Marques showed how           Help Needed from Abroad
             coming months and years—until the                                 a threefold society could be developed           There was an even more concrete fo-
             next Asian Waldorf teachers conference                            from the imagination of the threefold         cus on the final day of the forum. Messias
             in 2011 in India.                                                 human being. And Bernardo Kaliks took         Leite spoke about the traditional house-
                                                                               a look at the historical evolution of the     hold culture of medicinal plants in the
             Life in the Age of Michael                                        human being “up to the most advanced          city. Then we heard about “Alternative
                The conferences were prepared by                               technology and a restoration through          Medical Approaches” (Regina Almeida)
             delegates of the Asian-Pacific initiative                         anthroposophy.”                               and “Anthroposophical Remedies in the
             group who kept each other up to date                                 There were also discussions of the ba-     JR-Pharmacy in Matias Barbosa” (João
             during the preparation. Representing                              sis for anthroposophical medicine and         Reis). João Reis has agreed to let his
             the Goetheanum Executive council were                             its practice. Here Michael Yaari spoke        pharmacy be used for the preparation
             Cornelius Pietzner (who led the work                              about “Anthroposophical Medicine in           of anthroposophical medicines so that
             group on the “Four Characteristics and                            the Monte Azul favela in São Paulo.” And      prescriptions from the anthroposophical
             Directions of the Anthroposophical Soci-                          in their lecture on family medicine, Néli-    hospital can be filled. Two pharmacies
             ety”) and Paul Mackay (a discussion on                            da Fontana and Daniel Ferreira explained      are planned for the second phase of the
             the issue of what it means to live in the                         how medical work with people living at        project—one for phytotherapy and one
             age of Michael). Both themes brought a                            the edge of São Paulo was developing.         for anthroposophy.
             rich exchange of thoughts.                                        On a more fundamental level, Gudrun              Afterward the participants visited the
                The Philippine organizers had even                             Burkhard explained the significance of        AAMA’s medicinal herb garden where six
             managed to keep expenses below bud-                               biography work in regard to the incar-        different types of herbs are cultivated for
             get, and were able to return money                                nation and excarnation processes in the       use in the anthroposophical hospital. Pa-
             to each participant (some donated it                              human being.                                  tients use them as tea.
             to support the next conference). | Van                               Márcio Pedro described the situation          There was also a discussion of how
             James, Honolulu (USA)                                             of the anthroposophical hospital by in-       gifts are handled. If the hospital con-
8   | Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09

    ■ Anthroposophy in the World

    struction is to continue, help is needed        one another, and staff, visitors, and care-   trees, lush banana plants, and sugar cane
    from international foundations. Only            takers are included in conversations led      plantations.
    when such help is received will the             by the physicians. The patients receive
    health department of Brazil’s Minas             regular individual care and treatment,        Biodynamically Farmed Land
    Gerais state (where the hospital is lo-         and the costs are paid by the socialistic        Two hectares on this farm are biody-
    cated) provide additional aid.                  state.                                        namic, a part of the Behique project for
                                                       Miriam Caro have been working for          which Miriam Caro is co-responsible.
    Involving As Many As Possible                   five years as a eurythmist in a hospital      There is a plan to grow medicinal herbs.
        This forum was made possible as a           where alcoholics are treated with eu-         There are 60 cows on the farm which
    forum because people came to it! And it         rythmy. The doctor in charge of the pro-      will provide material for a biogas plant.
    enabled local residents, politicians and        gram is impressed with the positive ef-       But building materials are needed first
    doctors, dentists, therapists, and educa-       fect of eurythmy.                             for rebuilding houses destroyed by the
    tors to discuss ways to bring anthropos-           There is also a weekly study (“Spiritu-    hurricane. The plant is intended to sup-
    ophical medicine to all who seek it. There      al-Scientific Medicine”) in which doctors,    ply compost for the plantings and gas
    were also suggestions for humanizing            a pharmacist, therapists, and other inter-    for the research laboratory run by the
    the practice of medicine and making it          ested individuals participate.                Behique project. | Monica Campion, Mu-
    a reality in Matias Barbosa’s anthropos-                                                      nich (Germany)
    ophical hospital. By involving all the par-     Quick Adjustment
    ticipants in the project we hope that we            I was actually supposed to work for a     Visitors wishing to help (especially doctors,
    will actually be able to reach this goal. |     month as a curative eurythmist in four        curative eurythmists, farmers) or on holiday:
    Based on a report by Antonio Marques, Juiz      different hospitals, but the hurricanes       Please note that there is a complex bureau-
                                                                                                  cracy in regard to professional work. Miriam
    de Fora (Brazil)                                changed everything! During my stay in
                                                                                                  Caro and her physician associates can help:
                                                    Cuba two powerful hurricanes rolled 
                                                    across the island. They did enormous
    Antonio Marques is the coordinator of the       damage in the eastern and western parts
    forum.                                          of the country: 400,000 houses collapsed      Japan: Biodynamics
                                                    and huge floods destroyed all the crops.
    br;                            You couldn’t go out into the street while     Gaining a Foothold
                                                    the storms raged. I was quite confined        From March 22–30, the leader of the
                                                    and had no choice but to experience how       Goetheanum’s Agricultural Section, Niko-
                                                    the Cubans live.                              lai Fuchs, was in Japan to give a course
                                                        They are an active, strong-willed         at the anthroposophical seminar there.
    Cuba: Curative Eurythmy
                                                    people although they are constantly be-       He also used this opportunity to make
    Active Therapy Work                             ing held back by natural catastrophes. A      contact with the biodynamic initiatives
    Anthroposophical work is being done in          non-islander might think “It’s all over.” A   in Japan.
    Cuba, too. For instance, curative euryth-       Cuban simply starts to work and—mir-
    my is finding an astonishing degree of
    support among the doctors, as curative
                                                    acle of miracles—things begin to hap-
                                                    pen! Their good will, their empathy, and
                                                    their solidarity are leitmotifs in Cuban
                                                                                                  O     nce the poster child of the economic
                                                                                                        world, Japan suffered a financial
                                                                                                  crash a decade ago. In the public’s eyes
    eurythmist Monica Campion discovered
    when she visited her colleague in eu-           life. The Cubans’ quick ability to adjust     it has fallen under the shadow cast by its
    rythmy, Miriam Caro.                            spontaneously to unexpected situations        big up-and-coming neighbor, China. The
                                                    is astonishing.                               full force of the current financial crisis is

    F   rom our correspondence I had an idea
        of the tasks that awaited me. The hos-
    pitals I visited were mostly built before the
                                                        I was able to do part of the planned
                                                    work despite these obstacles. The doc-
                                                    tor, Alfredo Abuin, brought together a
                                                                                                  also being felt in this nation that depends
                                                                                                  on exports. However, this situation has
                                                                                                  obscured the fact that has been quite suc-
    1959 revolution; they have survived many        large group of diabetics with whom I          cessful in getting back on its feet.
    storms, but they are in bad condition with      was able to do eurythmy. Miriam Caro
    the shortage of building materials caused       gave me her Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s       An Interest in Biodynamics
    by the long-standing economic blockade.         patients as well as a patient with breast        The meetings and lectures—including
    In recent years, however, modern outpa-         cancer. The second hurricane interrupt-       for parents at a Waldorf kindergarten
    tient clinics have been built and equipped      ed my work just as I was about to start       initiative in Fukuoka—drew quite a few
    thanks to international donations.              working with young asthma sufferers in        interested people, and were well attend-
                                                    a pediatric clinic.                           ed. Participants were happy to be there
    Openness about Personal Suffering                   A trip to a farm allowed me to experi-    and took the opportunity to ask a lot of
       I was struck by the fact that the peo-       ence the lush and luxuriant qualities of      questions and make plans for the future.
    ple in Cuba have no reservations about          the landscape: fragrant red-brown earth          The horn manure preparation was first
    sharing their personal suffering and ill-       covered with verdant green, and tall          made available in 1984, which marks the
    ness with a group. The patients talk to         palm trees—avocado, mango, and guava          start of biodynamics in Japan. However,
                                                                                                                                 Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09 | 9

                                                                          sulphur-spewing volcano near the city

                                                   Photo: Nikolai Fuchs
                                                                          of Aso. The farm mainly raises vegeta-        Taiwan: Biodynamics
                                                                          bles on four hectares including burdock
                                                                          root—a favorite in Japan, as is the colts-
                                                                                                                        On Wings of the Wind
                                                                          foot blossom. There are also some bio-        Nikolai Fuchs, leader of the Agricultural
                                                                          dynamic initiatives on the north island       Section at the Goetheanum, visited bio-
                                                                          of Hokkaido. At this point there are basi-    dynamic initiatives in Taiwan on March
                                                                          cally two importers of Demeter products       30–April 2. He gained an insight into
                                                                          from Europe on the main island of Hon-        the gradual growth of the biodynamic
                                                                          shu. Additionally, some individuals are       movement there and the problems it was
                                                                          interested in establishing biodynamic         encountering.
                                                                             One point will require a mutual ad-
                                                                          justment: animal husbandry on the De-
                                                                          meter farms. For one thing, the agricul-
                                                                                                                        T     aiwan was a forerunner of modern
                                                                                                                              Chinese development: During the
                                                                                                                        second half of the 20th century the coun-
                                                                          tural area in Japan is 14% of the country,    try transformed itself with enormous
                                                                          and thus the farms are very small (1.7        speed from an agricultural society into
                                                                          hectares on average). But even more           an industrial one. It started with cheap
                                                                          importantly: Even though Japan is more        products and textiles, but today Taiwan
                                                                          and more in the process of adopting           is also a leader in modern technology.
                                                                          Western eating habits, milk and meat              At the same time, Taiwan seems more
                                                                          have not always been included on the          “Asiatic” than Japan. Life is more color-
                                                                          Japanese menu.                                ful, crowded, aromatic, and livelier. Hu-
                                                                             There is some animal husbandry to-         man contact is less formal, more direct.
                                                                          day—especially on the increase in Hok-        However, Japan’s formative forces are
                                                                          kaido—but traditionally it has not been       still in evidence (Japan had colonized
                                                                          widespread in Japan. However, Japan as        Taiwan for a time), although a vivid di-
                                                                          a nation of the will has gone through         versity is now replacing them. The tea
                                                                          many changes throughout its history; it       plants in Japan almost seem as if they
                                                                          has always been able to find a “Japanese      had been clipped with fingernail scissors,
                                                                          way.” It will be fascinating to see how       but in Taiwan they are more unkempt
                                                                          things will go in this regard.                and arranged more haphazardly. Taiwan
                                                                                                                        is well tended nonetheless: The roads
                                                                          Maintaining Trust                             and everything else are orderly, and the
                                                                              Once in Japan, you are immediately        nature preserves and national parks are
                                                                          taken up in intense activity, but also in     especially well cared for.
Love of detail: Tree cultivation in Japan                                 good organization and careful planning
                                                                          for events. Contrary to expectations,         Interest from the Neighbors
          not until January, 2009 did individuals in-                     everything happens in an atmosphere              A few initiatives are already operat-
          terested in biodynamics meet in order to                        of calm; even the densest crowds seem         ing biodynamically, like those in Yilan
          found the Biodynamic Association Japan                          pose no threat because they are not at        province (a little northeast of Taipei). I
          (BAAJ). Biodynamic agriculture arouses                          all chaotic.                                  visited Yu-Kung Chang’s Islands Farm
          great interest, and there are many rea-                             A mutual display of friendliness—per-     there. As the ninth of ten children, he
          sons why it can find fruitful ground in                         haps not as effusive as elsewhere, but        took over this “farm” from his parents.
          Japan: agriculture itself is a part of Ja-                      “purer”–carries you through the day           Yu-Kung Chang loves variety, but (like
          pan’s identity (Japan supplies its own                          from encounter to encounter; it sur-          his neighbors) he mainly raises rice on
          rice; 75% of the arable land is devoted                         rounds you as a fine human quality. The       his 1.7-hectare property.
          to rice); there is an increased awareness                       Japanese even allow you to take part in           One hundred twenty families, most
          of quality, a love of detail, and an open-                      religious events; you feel free to partici-   from around the well-developed Ci-Xing
          ness to the spiritual. There is good reason                     pate without having the impression that       Waldorf school, have rice shares in the
          to hope that biodynamics will continue                          you might disturb. The responsibility for     style of community-supported agricul-
          gaining a foothold and expanding.                               grasping that is your own. This is won-       ture (CSA), and this guarantees the con-
                                                                          derful when done properly. For instance,      tinued existence of Island Farms. There
          Not Many Animals on Demeter Farms                               when the conductor asks for your ticket       is a small biodynamic study group and
             One of the biodynamically farmed                             you are approached with trust rather          an anthroposophical association with a
          businesses is Pokkowapa which belongs                           than mistrust. You always feel safe. This     biodynamic group. The idea in regard to
          to the Donji family. It is located on the                       makes it a joy to travel. | Nikolai Fuchs,    animal husbandry is to connect with the
          south island of Kyushu at the foot of a                         Goetheanum                                    historical use of water buffaloes.
10 | Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09

    ■ Anthroposophy in the World

                                                                                                            Canada: “Encircling Light” Conference

                                                                                                            Light and Silence
                                                                                                            The “Encircling Light—Expectant Si-
                                                                                                            lence” conference in Whitehorse (August
                                                                                                            1–8) is meant to bring a sense of close-
                                                                                                            ness to the essence of the North. Philip
                                                                                                            Thatcher, participant and General Secre-
                                                                                                            tary of the Anthroposophical Society in
                                                                                                            Canada, summarizes his own observa-
                                                                                                            tions of the North

   Photo: Nikolai Fuchs

                                                                                                               f we ask what is special about a con-
                                                                                                               ference at 60° north latitude and its
                                                                                                            connection with the similarly situated
    Farm near the city: Hans van Florenstein-Mulder with the group around Yu-Kung Chang                     Scandinavian countries, we might say: It Mystery of
                                                                                                            is supported by the presence of the An-
       While other organic farmers are mov-                     Many new and puzzling tree diseases         throposophical Society, anthroposophi-
    ing to the surrounding slopes in search                 have been appearing in the context of           cal initiatives and one hundred years of
    of untouched nature, Yu-Kung Chang                      this climate change. The subject of these       anthroposophical activity. Virtually all
    wants to stay on the plain near the city.               diseases came up when I gave my lecture         of Finland lies north of 60°, as does most
    This is rather complicated since it is not              in Yangmingshan National Park near Tai-         of Norway and much of Sweden. Iceland
    easy to keep the water for irrigating the               pei (with television cameras present):          has only a few members of the Society
    rice fields separate from the surround-                 Shouldn’t old, conservative ecologi-            and one Waldorf School and biodynamic
    ing conventional agriculture, and pest                  cal practices adopt more progressive            farm, but all are active north of 60°; so
    control (snails, for instance) is not easily            strategies that are proactive in leading        too in Alaska, with the Waldorf School in
    maintained by organic ecological means.                 to change, ones that can look to future         Anchorage and the four members of the
    But this small initiative gives reason to               situations? Shouldn’t we be planting to-        School of Spiritual Science in Fairbanks
    hope because of the interest shown by                   day’s trees to deal with tomorrow’s con-        who meet weekly to work with the class
    its neighbors who participate in activi-                ditions? This is how progressive and new        lessons.
    ties on the farm or attend at lectures at               the thinking can be in this east-Asiatic
    the Waldorf school.                                     region.                                         Spiritual Exchange among Peoples
                                                                There are still many possibilities to ex-      In Canada there is an anthroposophi-
    The Challenge of Climate Change                         plore; the future remains open-ended in         cal initiative at 60° north latitude: the
       As for many who work with nature,                    the lands of the rising sun. A thought be-      Waldorf preschool in Whitehorse. It is
    climate change is a directly experienced                fore returning to the Western world and         cared for by Chalia Tuzlak who has lived
    reality for the farmers and those respon-               all its concerns: it would be nice to stay      there for twenty years. After having
    sible for the national parks in Taiwan. Out             here longer and spread our wings wide           to travel thousands of miles over that
    of the normal four winter months, only                  to ride the wind that prevails in the East.     time to go to pedagogical conferences
    one has been dependable, and weather                    If only the two could find a way to come        elsewhere, Chalia is amazed and excited
    extremes are increasing to a measurable                 closer to one another! | Nikolai Fuchs,         about the conference to be held on her
    degree.                                                 Goetheanum                                      doorstep this coming summer: “Some
                                                                                                            people call me a keeper of the flame in
               With Care for the Future                                                                     this part of the world. But with no one to
                                                                                                            discuss thoughts on an anthroposophi-

               I  n both countries, Japan and Taiwan, I felt it was quite helpful to approach biody-
                  namic agriculture on the basis of the Anthroposophical Society. After all, a com-
               mon human intent is the starting point for developing specific areas. In the case of
                                                                                                            cal level I haven’t had many opportuni-
                                                                                                            ties to grow on that path. So for me this
                                                                                                            conference is an opportunity to gain a
               biodynamic agriculture this is neither the mere production of goods for daily needs          new understanding of what supports my
               nor a simple production process that can then be used in yet another country. It is a        everyday life, as well as a new perspec-
               care for the future of man and earth that transcends nationality and brings imme-            tive of the North.”
               diate understanding among those involved in the biodynamic movement, uniting                     Two particular themes gleam through
               their activities in a shared spirit. And it is always people like General Secretary Yuji     the thoughts of participants. One is a
               Agematsu and Miki Shimosaka in Japan, and Society Asian Representative Hans van              wish to meet and interact with First Na-
               Florenstein Mulder and Nick Yu in China who have prepared the journey so that the            tions peoples for whom the north is their
               human element can flow quickly and freely. | Nikolai Fuchs, Goetheanum                       homeland. For Jonitha and Paul Hasse of
                                                                                                            Hillsdale, New York, a meeting with First
                                                                                                                                                                                 Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 1/09 | 11


                                                                                                                                                                                                       formation in the old style.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo: Jochen Quast
                                                            Photo: MIHA– Anthony Perzel, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
                                                                                                                   Mystery Dramas                                                                      This fact may stimulate
                                                                                                                                                                                                       a fruitful discussion of
                                                                                                                   On the new Goetheanum                                                               speech formation. What
                                                                                                                   production of Rudolf Stein-                                                         is stage speech? How do
                                                                                                                   er’s Mystery dramas.                                                                declamation, recitation,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       and dramatic action dif-
                                                                                                                   A threshold is a door, a                                                            fer? The attitude of the
                                                                                                                   portal, a gate, a transition,                                                       protagonists, one of in-
                                                                                                                   a passage. The scenery                                                              tense involvement, makes
                                                                                                                   in the new production                                                               potential reservations
                                                                                                                   of the Mystery dramas                                                               seem insignificant.
                                                                                                                   in Dornach is sparse and                                                                The first drama has a
                                                                                                                   carefully considered.                                                               scene that continues in
                                                                                                                   Small changes, sometimes                                                            the second drama and can
                                                                                                                   just moving things around                                                           serve as a litmus test for
f the North: Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada                                                            the stage, make possible        Sparse: Mystery Drama Scene                         the entire production. It is
                                                                                                                   a variety of nuance—the                                                             the moment when various
             Nations friends stands in the context of                                                              threshold can appear in         its delicate ability to cre-                        passageways through the
             a larger question raised by the failure of                                                            all sorts of ways. We can       ate change. The interplay                           scenery become a portal.
             European cultures “to listen, to learn, to                                                            overlook it, pass it by—or      between minimal objects                             At this moment, the text,
             honor and to share the spiritual gifts of                                                             we can meet it frontally,       and atmospheric pres-                               acting, light, and set be-
             different peoples.”                                                                                   obliquely, unexpectedly,        ence (together with active                          come one. This mystery
                 The second theme is that of discov-                                                               directly, accidently, as        concentration) leads to an                          art points to it subject:
             ering the Christ in a new way: How can                                                                foreground or back-             emphasis on the essential                           the process of initiation
             the light and silence and expansive land-                                                             ground.                         quality in the two current                          for the contemporary hu-
             scape of the north support an expand-                                                                                                 productions (The Portal of                          man being.
             ing and deepening understanding of the                                                                Stimulating Imagination         Initiation and The Soul’s
             etheric Christ in our time? In the words of                                                               The sparseness of the       Probation). All in all, they                        Continue on the Path
             a participant who lives near Edmonton:                                                                stage sets stimulates the       make a very positive im-                                What more can be
             “I have never been to the North. This is                                                              viewer’s imagination. The       pression on the viewer.                             expected from a new pro-
             reason enough to go. There is a mystery                                                               new staging speaks more                                                             duction of Rudolf Steiner’s
             about this place—undiscovered truths                                                                  strongly to an element          Open to a New Encounter                             Mystery dramas? Only
             waiting to be understood. From hence                                                                  that can be presumed to            The Mystery dramas                               this: to create a unity out
             the Christ is coming, Christ in the Earth,                                                            exist today as potential in     seem restored, Rudolf                               of what has begun, and
             Christ in us.                                                                                         the soul-spiritual forces       Steiner’s poetic-karmic                             continue on the path of
                                                                                                                   of the audience: a produc-      work open to a new                                  reducing everything to
             The Human Path                                                                                        tive, spiritual capacity to     encounter. Certain pas-                             its most essential quality.
                Last summer I stood at midnight on a                                                               see that is able to read in     sages that had seemed                               This might mean eliminat-
             bluff north of the Arctic Circle, overlook-                                                           the physiognomic power          dated now seem quite                                ing a few remaining ele-
             ing the Inuit hamlet of Kugluktuk and the                                                             of the scenes.                  contemporary—the “We                                ments of outer naturalism
             Arctic Ocean at Coronation Gulf. The sun                                                                  This spiritual activity,    should remain the same                              from the world of soul
             hovered a few degrees above the north-                                                                sensitive to the situation,     good friends” at the end                            and spirit, thus remain-
             ern horizon—as if it were about to return                                                             is supported by a lighting      of the prelude to the first                         ing on the path leading
             to the place from which it once left the                                                              that evokes a differenti-       drama, for instance. Other                          from the world to what is
             earth. Yet after a time sunset became                                                                 ated wealth of beautiful        passages like the giving                            within, and then back into
             sunrise; the sun journeyed back into the                                                              colors in the space of the      of the evening verse at                             the world. | Hartwig Schil-
             sky, as if to remind me that the Christ-sun                                                           stage and lets the soul         the beginning of the third                          ler, General Secretary of the
             comes to the north along another path,                                                                breathe.                        scene, appear accept-                               Anthroposophical Society in
             the path of warm, human activity. | Philip                                                                This motif of growth        able as an ideal, although                          Germany
             Thatcher, General Secretary for Canada                                                                in the audience and a           they would otherwise be
                                                                                                                   diminished outer effect         somewhat disconcerting.
                                                                                                                   is also carried through            This is achieved largely
              Registration: Roberts Creek, P. O. Box 72, B.C.
                                                                                                                   in other ways. The sets         through a unique qual-
              V0N2W0, Canada. Tel +1/604/740 06 76; Fax:
              +1/604/885-6170.                                                                                     are minimal (as in Shake-       ity in the actors’ speech
                                                                                   speare’s time); they are        (many viewers find this
                                                                                  reduced to indications.         problematic): the absence
                                                                                                                   Eurythmy appears with           of a pompous speech
12 | Anthroposophy Worldwide No. 5/09

   ■ Anthroposophy in the World

   Goetheanum Tours: Coordinator Esther Gerster                                                         tine. I am especially anxious to shape per-
                                                                                                        sonality. The tour guide makes a strong
   “Change Makes Us Aware of What We Are Doing”                                                         impact through his personality. We work
   The schedule of guided tours and viewings at the Goetheanum changed as of April                      on content and we attempt to mirror one
   2009. The old approach of regular daily tours led to red ink in 2008. Tour coordinator               another’s work. For example, I was made
   Ester Gerster explains the adjustments that have been made for the visitor—and for                   aware that I should avoid playing with
   the tour guides.                                                                                     the key; it is a habit that is disturbing for
                                                                                                                          the listener. And we think

   T   he great door at the south entrance to                                                                             of better ways to manage

                                                                                                                     Photo: Axel Mannigel
       the Goetheanum had closed behind                                                                                   the stream of visitors and
   me. On the right, what had previously                                                                                  the experience we pro-
   been the south reception desk is boarded                                                                               vide them.
   up, and a short, agile lady approaches me                                                                                 Doing something new
   from the left. It is Esther Gerster. She is re-                                                                        from time to time always
   sponsible for the organization of the tours                                                                            shakes things up a little,
   and exhibition spaces at the Goethea-                                                                                  and that helps us become
   num, and she also gives tours in Italian,                                                                              aware of what we are do-
   English, French, German, Swiss German,                                                                                 ing.
   and Finnish. In addition, she is a painting
   instructor in the English and German basic                                                                                               Seeing the Work of Art
   studies programs, and the General Secre-                                                                               Kallenberg: How did you
   tary of the Anthroposophical Society in                                                                                become so actively en-
   Switzerland.                                                                                                           gaged with the Goethea-
                                                     More able guides: Esther Gerster demonstrates the dangers of         num?
   Martina Kallenberg: Is it really necessary        playing with the keys                                                Gerster: I had a certain
   to give tours at the Goetheanum?                                                                                       experience in connec-
   Esther Gerster: Yes. Many visitors are               We also have found that people                  tion with the Charioteer of Delphi when
   looking for an introduction and some as-          would prefer to see the Goetheanum on              I visited Greece. I had seen pictures of
   sistance with the unusual forms and col-          their own. We have begun offering ad-              the statue, I had sketched it based on
   ors found in the architecture; they know          ditional viewing times for the Great Hall          these pictures, and I always imagined it
   that a certain world view underlies these         and the exhibition spaces—supervised,              as something quite special. When I saw
   forms and colors, and they need a short           of course.                                         it, it was actually very small. I even had
   introduction to it.                                                                                  the impression that many of the tour-
                                                     Mirroring One Another’s Work                       ists don’t see the statue at all—and this
   Offered to Meet Demand                            Kallenberg: How did you end up with the            fact diminishes it even more. The work
   Kallenberg: Now there have been chang-            job of coordinator?                                did not come alive for me until I had
   es. Why?                                          Gerster: In 1998 I helped with work on             looked at it for a while. I think that any
   Gerster: Some time ago it was possible to         the ceiling paintings in the Great Hall,           artwork—even the Goetheanum—needs
   be given a key at the reception desk and          and I had an opportunity to notice how             someone who lives with it, looks at it
   look around even if there were no tours           important the Goetheanum was to me                 again and again, and can get it to reveal
   scheduled. Some strange things hap-               as a work of art. I no longer felt the need        its meaning. ■
   pened. For instance, one person turned            to paint alone in my atelier and create ex-
   on the fire hose in a sudden panic when           hibitions—that was too abstract for me.             Regular tours: Friday and Saturday, 2:00 p.m.
                                                                                                         Tours by appointment: (90 francs for up to
   a memory of the fire at the first Goethea-        And I was invited to begin working at the           nine people; 10 francs for ten or more peo-
   num arose in him. We didn’t notice this           Goetheanum. Initially, I organized tours            ple): Monday through Saturday, 9:00–12:00,
   until water started pouring down the              and the sale of postcards. My job gradu-            2:00–6:00, Tel. +41/(0)61 706 44 44, tickets@
   stairs…now arrangements can be made               ally grew—and finally led to the “job” of
   to have an informed staff member go               tour coordination.                                  Great Hall open daily, 1:30–2:30. Exhibition
                                                                                                         Room (previously: Group Room): Monday–
   along with you.                                   Kallenberg: What does the work actually             Wednesday, 2:30–3:30, Thursday–Sunday,
       The demand has decreased, as well.            entail.                                             10:00-12:00, 2:00–4:00. Upper Atelier:
   In the years before 2000, over 10,000             Gerster: I am supposed to organize the              Friday, 3:00–4:00. Rudolf Steiner Atelier: Fri-
   people were taken on tours—in 2008,               tour guides and the people who super-               day, 2:00–3:00. Edith Maryon Room: Friday,
   there were only about 7,000 visitors who          vise the rooms when they are open for               Rudolf Steiner Archive in House Duldeck,
   took tours. We concluded that there was           viewing. I am interested in quality im-             Tuesday–Friday, 2:00–6:00, Saturday,
   still an interest in tours. That’s why we         provement for the tours. We train the               10:00–4:00.
   continue to offer regular tours two days          new guides, and provide continuing edu-             Johannes Kepler Observatory, Weather: 8:00
   a week. On other days it is possible to ar-       cation and training for the experienced             a.m.–10:00 p.m., +41/(0)61 706 42 42
   range for tours.                                  guides in an effort to shake up the rou-

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