Additional Persuasive Writing Prompts by wlJtk55


									                        Additional Persuasive Writing Prompts

                                  (Practice for NJASK)

Time: 45 minutes


Many school districts in your area have recently adopted a not so new educational
concept. Kindergarten through 8th grade schools are back. Kindergarten students will
attend school with students all the way up to the 8th grade. Statistics have shown that
the students who attend middle schools do not do as well on standardized tests as
schools that have students from grades Kindergarten-8. In addition, studies say K-8
schools have less discipline problems, and academic achievement is higher. Your
school is interested in making changes and including kindergarten, first, second, third,
fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eights grade students to your building. What is your
opinion about this controversial issue?


Your school newspaper will publish essays that express the opinion of middle level
learners. Write an essay to be published in the editorial section of your school
newspaper that contains your opinion of a possible K to 8 change. Do you think a K to 8
school will be beneficial to the learner, or do you think that changing your school will
create too many problems? State your opinion, and be specific so that you convince
your audience that your thoughts are valid. Support your thoughts with facts, anecdotes
and examples.


Americans love their junk food. Cheesy fries, cheese steaks, cream-filled doughnuts,
cookies, double chocolate chip muffins, Snapple, Mesquite BBQ chips, and fruit snacks
galore are available at convenience stores near you. These foods are also available in
your school cafeteria. Many consumer groups are concerned that too much "junk food"
is being sold in school cafeterias state wide, and these groups want to take action. The
Governor seeks to ban junk food in schools. Will this change your lunch menu? What do
you think about this controversial issue?


Since you will be directly affected by this new state ban on junk food in school cafeterias,
you have a strong opinion to share with our state legislature. Write a letter to the
Governor of New Jersey with your opinion on the junk food ban in schools. Do you agree
or disagree with this issue? Will you miss your cheese fries? Be specific, and include
details, facts, or anecdotes to back up your opinion. Begin your letter with: Dear

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