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									                  Meeting Notes from August 10, 2011 Design Team II Meeting

Persons attending: Penny McDowell, Principal, Heidi Mullins, Nan Cooley Morrison Gordon
Elementary School; Denny Boger, Principal and Mindy Cisneros, East Elementary; Liz Hoisington,
The Plains Elementary; Linda Fife, Principal and Tom McGreevy Tri County Career Center; Cindy
Winner, Curriculum Coordinator Nelsonville York City Schools; Randy Shrider, Principal and
Tom Simms Wolfe Creek Local; Katie Hendrickson Athens Middle School; Kellie Hayden and
Brice Frasure, Principal Logan Hocking Middle School; Lisa Love, Asst Principal Athens High
School; Tom Parsons Curriculum Director Athens City Schools; Kathy Webb Shawnee State
University; and John Henning, Maureen Coon, Marcy Keifer Kennedy, Al Cote, Cindy Hartman
and Renee Middleton, The Patton College of Education and Human Services, Ohio University.

Hello Everyone!

We had an extremely productive meeting on Wednesday, August 10 with 23 people attending!
Special thanks to Rick Edwards of the Athens, Meigs, Perry ESC and Region 16 State Support
Team for allowing us to utilize their larger conference room.

The participants restated their interest in looking at a way to extend the relationship between
Cooperating Teachers and Professional Interns and noted the importance of developing strong
relationships and communication between both groups and The Patton College.

Although we accomplished much, we realized how much we have to do to prepare for a pilot to
begin in January. With lots of excellent suggestions from participants it was decided that in
order to stay timely in completing various assignments, it would be more productive to break
into groups to complete tasks. Please excuse the lengthy email while I try to restate everything
we hope to accomplish in the coming months and who has volunteered for specific roles.

 Since we were not able to address the last two questions on the agenda: What support is
needed to address the vision determined in the earlier questions? (Consider the following:
technology, professional development needed, resource materials, communication, etc.) and
How do we learn from our experience and plan for the future? It was decided that each
participant would respond individually with their ideas to Cindy through email by August

The following topics were determined to be necessary for the pilot followed by the people who
have volunteered to address each one.
1. Defining the Whole School Experience (completed during the quarter prior to the
Professional Internship): Brice Frasure and Kellie Hayden
2. Identifying the Athens County Model for Mentors, the Resident Educator Timeline and any
other information from ODE that may be helpful: Cindy Winner, Linda Fife and Tom McGreevy
3. Identification of skills needed for the Professional Internship: Randy Shrider and Tom Simms
4. Developing strategies for cooperatively mentoring interns and administrative involvement:
Lisa Love and Denny Boger
5. Thoughtful and intentional placement of interns: Liz Hoisington and Mindy Cisneros
6. Regular reflection submissions: Nan Cooley, Heidi Mullins and Penny McDowell
7. Training for co-teaching and co-planning Strategies as well as a determination of a balance of
individual and co-teaching: John Henning, Al Cote, Maureen Coon, Pam Beam, Dianne Gut,
Cindy Hartman, Katie Hendrickson and Angie Erb Gentile
8. Reviewing ethics ruling and suggestions for supporting teachers: Kathy Webb
9. Developing an Electronic communication method for the group: Al Cote
Groups are to complete their work and email their results back to Cindy by September 5.

Our next meeting will be held September 14 from 4:30 to 6:30. Please note the change in
times since the room is being used until 4:00 that day. Other meeting dates fro Fall Quarter
are October 4 from 4-6 PM and October 25 from 4-6 PM. All meetings will be held in the State
Support Team, Region 16 Conference Room on the second floor of 507 Richland Avenue.

The following schools volunteered to participate in the pilot that will begin Winter Quarter:
 East Elementary, Morrison Gordon Elementary, Athens Middle School, Tri County Career
Center, Athens High School, Logan Hocking Middle School, and The Plains Elementary. Cindy
will continue to work with other schools to increase the participation (Wellston City, Lancaster
City, Nelsonville York, Crooksville and other regional campuses, etc.). If you were not able to
attend the meeting on the 10th, it is still not too late to participate.

Please let me know if I have made errors in the information decided at the meeting.

I sincerely appreciate the willingness of all of you to participate in this endeavor and look
forward to working with all of you in this very worthwhile endeavor.


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