YORKSHIRE GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB
                              Field Trial Secretary: Mr Martin Greenwood
                Goodwren Farm, Newall Carr Road, Clifton, Nr Otley, West Yorkshire. LS21 2HD.
                           Tel/Fax: 01943-464876 Email: telkaro@hotmail.com

1.    The Club’s trials are held under Kennel Club Rules and Field Trial Regulations. Should circumstances so dictate
      the YGRC, in consultation with the Judges, may alter arrangements as necessary. Any changes will be reported
      to the Kennel Club.

2.    Bitches in season or any dog suffering from a contagious disease will not be permitted to be present and must
      be removed forthwith.

3.    The Club reserves the right to refuse entries.

4.    Members shall receive preference in the draw for nominations in respect of their first application only. In the case
      of joint membership only one preference will apply. To receive preference in the draw an application for a
      nomination must be completed on the form provided with the schedule. The nomination fee and an S.A.E. must
      be submitted at the same time.

5.    Entries must be made on the proper form by the appropriate closing date. The dog entered must be eligible and
      properly qualified for the stake entered.

6.    Any competitor drawn to run or subsequently offered a run in a Novice Stake will not have preference in the draw
      for succeeding Novice Stakes this season.

7.    Should a dog entered in a stake be unable to run, then the Owner may not substitute another dog.

8.    All withdrawals must be notified to the Field Trial Secretary by telephone immediately.

9.    If a stake is cancelled or void, all the entry fee will be refunded. Nomination fees are not refundable.

10.   The Club cannot accept liability for any claim arising from or relating to the running of the trials and cannot
      accept liability for injury, loss or damage to person or property however occasioned.

11.   Trophies are restricted to members, who may hold them until the equivalent stake next season.           Members are
      responsible for the safe return of trophies on time.

12.   Only handlers named on the entry form can handle the dog on the day

                                                 ENTRY DETAILS

1.    A nomination of £2 is required for each application to run. As nomination fees are non-returnable one cheque
      may be sent to cover all nomination fees.
                    PLEASE ENCLOSE a stamped addressed envelope for the results of the draw.

2.    Entry forms will be sent to all those applying for nominations, who have a reasonable chance of a run.
      Completed entry forms must be returned to the F.T. Secretary by the closing date to ensure your position in the
      draw. If entry forms are not returned in time, it will be assumed that you do not wish to run or be on the reserve
      list. If you desire confirmation that your entry has been received please telephone the F.T. Secretary or enclose
      an S.A.E.

3.    Entry Fees: Only cheques for entries successful in the draw, or those subsequently accepting a run, will be
      cashed. Other cheques will be destroyed. Entry fees are £35 for members and £45 for non-members.

4.    Any withdrawal within 7 days of any Trial, without a valid vet’s certificate, will forfeit the full entry fee, with the
      exception of Novice Stake winners pulling out to give other competitors a place. Separate cheques must be sent
      for each entry. No cheques will be returned unless S.A.E. is enclosed. All persons attending the Trial must
      consider themselves under the control of the Chief Steward and Officials. Any competitor not present at the meet
      when the Chief Steward announces the trial has commenced will forfeit their place to the reserve. Any bitch in
      season or any dog suffering from hysteria must be removed from the Trial. The Club accepts no responsibility for
      injury, loss or damage to person or property however occasioned.

5.    Substitution of dogs will not be allowed

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