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                           Visual and audible-visual warning signal towers
Released 24 August 2012

E2S, Europe’s leading independent warning signal manufacturer, has developed the IP66 sealed STA
and the STB user-configurable warning towers. The construction is modular, consisting of a separate
termination enclosure fitted with two M20 cable entries and up to five unpopulated housings. The
assembly is available in a choice of grey, red or white. A STA audible-visual unit consists of up to four
high performance L101 beacons and a 100dB(A) SONF1 10-tone sounder; the STB version has up to
four beacons without the sounder. A pre-configured wiring loom interconnects the housings,
enabling the units to be easily populated and configured as they are installed on site. The units are
designed for use in fire and gas systems and as a general-purpose indicator for industrial use in
applications such as machine alarms, security systems and any application where a loud audible or
audible-visual warning signal is required. The sounder generates the three UKOOA/PFEER standard
tones, allowing it to be installed in non-hazardous areas such as accommodation modules and
canteens in onshore and offshore facilities.

The beacons are available as either 200cd Xenon strobe units or 120cd high intensity LED units, both
with a choice of amber, blue, clear, green, magenta, opal, red or yellow lenses. The two-stage
sounder has an effective range of 30m @ 1kHz. Nominal operating voltages are 12 and 24VDC and
115 and 230VAC. The units can be wall or bulkhead mounted using external lugs or secured directly
to a standard conduit box through the rear face of any of the housings.

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E2S is the world’s leading independent signalling manufacturer. Based in West London, England the
company designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of signalling products for industrial,
marine and hazardous area environments.

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