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         Element:                    Unit            Length                                                  Description                                                  Cost   **Describe Service/Proposer Comments   *Counties to Serve

Tutoring, Study                                                    (a) Tutoring designed to improve the academic knowledge and skills of youth in
Skills, Dropout                                 Hour:______        specific areas.
Prevention                                      Class:_____        (b) Study skills designed to improve youths’ ability to learn by studying on their own.
                                  Per Person                       (c) Dropout prevention strategies designed to keep youth in school until graduation
Strategies, Credit                              Week:_____
                                                                   from high school.
Recovery & Summer                               Fixed Rate:_____   (d) Courses or study aides to assist student with credit recovery
remediation                                                        (e) Summer remediation to include summer school and credit recovery

                                                                   (a) Entity should offer specialized, structured curriculum for in-school youth as an
                                                                   intervention for students with behavior problems, who are at risk of dropping out,
Alternative                                     Hour:______        who are institutionalized or adjudicated youth.
Secondary School                  Per Person    Class:_____        (b) Alternative school must be approved by the local education agency (LEA) and
Services                                        Week:_____         the program must adhere to state academic content standards.
                                                                   (c) Alternative program must ultimately lead to a diploma or GED

                                                                   (a) Training must consists of an organized program of study that provides specific
                                                                   vocational skills that lead to proficiency in performing actual tasks and technical
                                                                   functions required by certain occupational fields at entry, intermediate, or advanced
Occupational Skill                                                 levels.
                                                Hour:______        (b) Training must result in the attainment of a certificate of degree awarded by a
Training                         Per Class or
* Not already listed on State                   Class:_____        state educational agency or a state agency responsible for administering vocational
WIA Eligible Training Provider                  Week:_____         and technical education; an institution of higher education; a professional industry or
                                                                   employer organization; a registered apprenticeship program; or a trade association.

                                                                   (a) Services are intended to develop the potential of young people as citizens and
                                                                   leaders. They should encourage responsibility, employability, and other positive
                                                                   social behaviors.
                                                                   (b) Outcome of this component is for youth to be able to demonstrate organizational
                                                                   and professional leadership skills such as:
Leadership                                      Hour:______        (1a) teamwork: how to work as a team
Development                         Per Unit    Class:_____        (2b) leadership: types of leaders, quality of leaders, and learning to “lead”
Opportunities                                   Week:_____         (3c) communication: presentation skills and public speaking tips
                                                                   (4d) competition: diversity training; conflict resolution; group dynamics
                                                                   (5e) commitment: commitment to team and organization
                                                                   Curriculum available through the North Tennessee Workforce Board if proposer does not have materials
                                                                   readily available.

                                                                   (a) Mentoring should build positive, supportive relationship between youth and
                                                Hour:______        adults and provide positive adult role models for youth.
Adult Mentoring                   Per Person    Class:_____        (b) Mentoring should be a one-on-one supportive relationship between and adult
                                                Week:_____         and youth that is based on trust.

                                                                   (a) Services are intended to help youth make and implement informed educational,
Comprehensive                                   Hour:______        occupational, and life choices.
                                                                   (b) Services also can include assisting youth in changing serious problem behaviors
Guidance and                      Per Person    Class:_____
                                                                   such as drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, violence, self-mutilation, or involvement
Counseling                                      Week:_____         with the juvenile justice system.

*Please indicate location (counties) that you are willing to provide this service.
** You may attach a separate sheet if more space is needed to describe services or to add additional comments.
***Proposers do not have to bid on all elements you have the option to bid on multiple elements or one element and the option to deliver service in one county
or multiple counties.

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