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					                             Computing Research @ Baldwin Wallace
                                   Professor Adam Anthony

Professor Anthony is a computer scientist with a strong background in mathematics, theoretical
computer science, and applied problem solving. His interests include applications in artificial
intelligence including pattern matching, data mining, and language processing. He is interested
in working with motivated students who are interested in using computers to apply existing
artificial intelligence techniques in novel ways to solve challenging problems.

The Computing Research at B-W (CR@BW) group is a research group founded by Dr. Anthony that has,
as its primary mission, the development of advanced computational tools which can be applied for the
purpose of measurably improving students’ GPA, institutional satisfaction, and, most important, their
average time for degree completion.

We have many ongoing interesting projects, including research in automatically generating student
course schedules, analyzing group data to determine whether students will enjoy taking a course, and
predicting students’ grades given performance in past courses. In the future, we hope to synthesize all
of these technologies into one comprehensive ‘intelligent advisor’ system that students may utilize to
help explore their educational options and to make informed decisions about a course of study that will
be fulfilling, productive, and ultimately, possible to finish in four years.

Any level of student may apply, regardless of programming experience. Students should have a
minimum GPA of 2.0 and one email of recommendation from another B-W professor on campus that
addresses the student’s potential for completing an independent research project. No prior research or
computer programming experience is required, and students at all levels—Freshman through Senior—
are encouraged to apply.

Contact Information
Dr. Adam Anthony
MACS 160
(440) 826-2059

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