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					        DRAKE TSM1000A TV/Satellite Signal Level Meter
        The Drake TSM1000A TV/Satellite Meter provides installers with a quality portable test and
        measurement instrument for trouble shooting, maintenance, and adjustments of all types of TV
        systems. The TSM1000A measures signal levels of satellite TV installations to ensure accurate
        signal levels and satisfactory operation of the satellite receiving system. The TSM1000A also
        measures signal levels associated with off-air TV systems, as well as cable TV installations. This
        compact, portable test instrument is a must for any installer.

                 Frequency range continuous from 45 to 862 MHz.
                 Satellite band coverage from 950 to 2150 MHz.
                 Four digit LCD for direct frequency readout.
                 Measures up to 3V without external attenuators.
                 Audible indication of satellite signal level.
                 Power supplied by one rechargeable battery (12V / 2.6 Ah.)
                  AC battery charger is included with meter.
                 Padded carrying case included.
                 Weight (battery included): 7.5 Lbs.


Frequency Range:          Low VHF:          45-170 MHz
                          High VHF:         170-450 MHz
                          UHF:              450-872 MHz
                          SAT:              950-2150 MHz
Frequency Display:                          4 Digit LCD
Frequency Accuracy                          +/- 0.1% + 1 digit
Frequency Resolution                        100 kHz (VHF & UHF bands); 1 MHz (SAT band)
Frequency Sweep:                            +/-100 MHz around tuning freq. (only in SAT band)
Input Impedance:                            75 ohms (50 VDC)
Input Connector:                            BNC for VHF/UHF and F for SAT band
Dynamic Range:            VHF/UHF:          20 uV (-34 dBV) to 3V (+70 dBV)
                          SAT:              -70 dB (-20 dBuV) to -10 dBm (+40 dBuV)
Measurement Accuracy:                       +/- 2 dB; Add +/- 1 dB in VHF/UHF bands from 100 mV to 3V
Scale Calibration:                          uV, mV, V, dBuV, dBm, dBmV
Scale Range:                                10 dB
Audible Tone Indicator:                     Tone frequency increases with amplitude (SAT band only)
Audible Tone Range:                         20 dB
IF Bandwidth:             VHF/UHF:          600 kHz
                          SAT:              10 MHz
Signal Level Detection:                     Peak Detector

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