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Triumphant Return
An exhibition by Australia’s best known Outsider Artist at the Callan Park Gallery,
Sydney College of the Arts, Rozelle.

In December artist Anthony Mannix, once a patient at the Rozelle Hospital in Callan
Park, will return in triumph to the scene with an exhibition of his drawings, sculpture
and artist’s books at the Callan Park Gallery, part of Sydney College of the Arts,
which occupies the old nineteenth-century hospital buildings.

Mannix is a Sydneysider who has in the last few years found a home and space to
create in the Blue Mountains. He has been making art for twenty-five years,
including writings, drawings, paintings, sculptures, artists’ books and sound
recordings for radio. He has exhibited his work in Australia, Europe and the U.S.A.
and is the co-founder, with the poet Philip Hammial, of the Australian Collection of
Outsider Art. Mannix’s intense artistic practice is by turns exuberant, disturbing,
confronting and witty. His work centres on the documentation and investigation of
his own experiences of psychosis and the revelations of the unconscious. At times
visionary, philosophical and documentary, his work brings into dialogue image and
text in order to depict an animated, erotic unconscious landscape.

Opening party and performance, Thursday, 3 December, 6 to 8pm. The opening will
feature a rare collaborative performance by Anthony Mannix, reading live a recent
work called ‘The Being of Art’, accompanied by a tape loop soundscape by The Loop
All are welcome. Entry is free.

The Callan Park Gallery for Self-Taught and Outsider Art is based at Sydney College of
the Arts, fronting directly onto Callan Park. Its mission is to showcase Self-taught and
Outsider work of the highest quality in an ongoing series of exhibitions, beginning
with the work of José dos Santos in March 2009.
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Gallery hours:
 Saturday, 11am to 4pm
By appointment on other days
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