Landlord’s Right of Entry

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					       Landlord’s Right of Entry

    It is illegal for a landlord to enter his or her property
     without agreement from the tenant.
    Irrespective of what maybe written in the agreed
     contract between a landlord and a tenant e.g. a clause
     that states the landlord is allowed to enter the property
     without permission; the law will ultimately overrule the
     clause. No contract will help a landlord in court if
     he/she steps into their property thinking they can do so
     because of what is agreed in a contract.
    A landlord does have the right to ‘reasonable’ access
     to carry out repairs for which they are responsible, but
     they still always need to ask for the tenant’s
     permission, and give at least 24 hours notice.
    A Tenant has the right to live without unnecessary
     interference from the landlord. Most tenants have the
     right to stop the landlord from coming in unless they
     want her/him to. If a landlord or someone acting on
     her/his behalf harasses a tenant or tries to make life
     difficult, they may be committing a criminal offence.

Also Equality Act 2010 section 26 (Harassment)

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Description: A handy A4 document to show your landlord if he tries to enter your home. This is specific to England and invokes Common Law.