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					Ali Danesh

Jodi Haney

Environmental Studies

March 12, 2012

                            No Impact Man Reflection
       The No Impact Book gave me many different outlooks on how I view the

environment. Collin Beavan was focused on making the world a better place by

preventing harm to the environment as well global warming. This book had a positive

affect on my view towards many things such as family, transportation, food, and money.

The words I choose have a huge impact in the book, I used the word experiment. I

picked this because the whole idea was an experiment/project that Beavan believed could

have little impact on the world and possibly change others views on how much we

damage the community we live in. The biggest difference I noticed was the

transportation. After, reading this book I try to reduce the unnecessary driving trips and

try to walk more places than I drive. There is no doubt that the book has inspired me to

change acts that I do to damage the place I call home. I reduce driving like I said, but

also, reuse water bottles, recycle, and turn off lights. The worst thought I had from

reading this book and taking your class about my own flaws was littering. Honestly, I

use to litter like a plastic off a gum package. Now, I realize what I have been doing to

destruct the environment and animals. Ever since this book and class, I will never litter

again. I find that a tremendous tribute towards my society because I have fixed my

negative actions to make sure it will never happen again. The story Colin share is just

motivating, genuinely I believe it could have an impact on how many people view the

environment now. Possibly, even make someone consider the effects their causing before
throwing a Gatorade bottle out the window and maybe reusing that bottle. In conclusion,

this book has had a huge impact towards my life, as well actions. I know never again will

I litter, leave lights on, and waste unnecessary gas.

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