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CHAIRMAN:                                                                                   CLERK:
Mr J Allen,                                                                                 Mr B. Summerfield,
Montana,                                                                                    Sutton Hall Cottage,
Barrow Hall Road,                                                                           Sutton Road, Rochford,
Barling, Essex.                                                                             Essex.
SS3 0QW.                                                                                    SS4 1LG.
01702 218882                                                                                01702 549308.                                                             

                             YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED TO A MEETING
                 THE VILLAGE HALL ON THURSDAY 8th DECEMBER 2011.
                                                 ( Commencing at 7.30pm. )

1.         To Record the Members Present:
2.         Apologies and reasons for absence:
           To be received by the Clerk in person via: email, letter and telephone.

3.         To Receive Declarations of Interests:
4.         Guest Speaker:
5.         Public Forum: 5 minutes only set aside for each Councillor, visiting Councillors and members of the public.
6.         To Receive the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 10th November 2011.
7.         Matters Arising                 (not included on the Agenda)

i          (Minute147/i)                           Security patrol on the haul road.
           To report misuse of the haul road, The security Mobile Number 078256 80936 (24hrs/7days week).
ii         (Minute 147/ii)                 Website.
           The Clerk’s report
iii        (Minute 147/iv)                 WLR information for the PC website
           Councillor Mrs I Knight’s report
iv         (Minute 147/v)                  Local farmers/landowners re: permissive routes
           i      Councillor Mrs I Knight’s report.
           ii     Horses beware signs.
v          (Minute 162)                    Christmas parcels.
           Councillor Mrs D Dobson’s report
vi         (Minute 162)                    Xmas Lights competition on 17/18th December.
           Councillor reports
vii        (Minute 162)                    Xmas Quiz Night
           Councillor reports.

8.         Parish Plan Steering Committee Meeting
i          Councillor Mr S Sterry’s report.
ii         Clerk’s report: Electoral Role in XL (for addresses) and a map of the Barling Magna Parish boundaries.

9.         Wildlife Management Structure in Standing Orders:
           To Resolve

10.        Playspace.
           Mr Pitt’s report:
11.   Planning.
i     i      Application no 11/00……../FUL
ii    Appeals:        Baldwins Farm Appeal withdrawn
iii   Delegated and Development Committee Planning decisions:                report:
iv    Alleged Planning Contraventions: Land North of Ropers Farm

12.   To Receive the Minutes of the Village Hall Committee of 6th December 2011.
13.   H&S Advisory Committee
      (Councillors: Mr Gardiner, Mrs I Knight, Mr M Pearmain, Mr S Sterry and Mr C Wood).
      Next Meeting date

14.   To Receive the DRAFT Minutes of the Barling Wildlife Reserve Committee meeting
      of 6th December 2011.
15.   Matters Arising
      i      Chairman’s report:
      ii     Container and Barn Security:
             Estimates for the steel shutters and cage.
      iii    Risk Assessments:
             A copy of the Open Day Risk Assessment of 16 th July 2011 and the Quiz Night of 3rd December 2011 to be
      iv     The Clerk’s enquiries into the O/S mapping anomalies re: the northern boundary.
             The Clerk’s report:
      v      Proposed Machinery:
             i        Iseki TXG237 Sub Compact Tractor and attachments
             ii       BCS Crusader Power Scythe
      vi     Grant Funding:
             The Clerk’s report:
      vii    The public donation of @ £35-40 to be forwarded to the Village Hall Committee via Mrs G Gates.
      viii   Map of the Site including all of the Committees designated area names, is being constructed.
      ix     The Logo of the Cory Environmental Trust in Rochford to be placed on the front of the main notice board.
      x      Charity Status and the WLR.
      xi     Clerk’s report: Tea, Coffee etc for the Barn.
      xii    Councillor Mr S Sterry’s report re: contact with an arboriculturist to double check all tree potential hazards.

16.   Allotments
      To discuss:

17.   Village Sign Committee.                          (Cllrs: Mr R Gardiner, Mrs I Knight and Mr M Steptoe ).

      Councillors reports: The Committee will meet to discuss the new location and plinth, etc on possibly 21st or 28th
      November, or 1st December 2011.

18.   Correspondence.
i     To receive a e/letter December 2011 from Wyvernct re: New Bus route.
ii    To receive a e/letter November 2011 from CAB re: thanks.
iii   Publications and General Information inc: EALC County Update and Bundles, Making the Links, Fieldwork, Bus
      timetables, Bus Maps, Meetings open to the Public, etc.

19.     The Finance Committee Meeting of the 23 November 2011
        Councillor reports:
        i      PRECEPT recommendations.
        ii     National Savings Bonds.

20.     Finance.
i       To receive a Financial Statement for the period ending 3 rd December 2011.
ii      To receive an Invoice December 2011 from Mr Pitts invoice 306931- Green Maintenance and bin (x 6) emptying                    (£ 60-00). WL
iii     To receive an Invoice December 2011 from Mr Pitts invoice 306932- General Green Maintenance                                   (£192-00).
iv      To receive an Invoice December 2011 from A&J Lighting 17/12/2010 invoice 23148                                                (£137-53).
v       To receive an Invoice December 2011 from Mrs I Knight reimburse fuels supplied for brush cutter etc.                          (£ 31-32). WL
vi      To receive an Invoice December 2011 from B Summerfield/McAfee) annual ‘on line’ backup 2011-2012                              (£ 39-99).
vii     To receive an Invoice December 2011 from B Summerfield/Euroffice) copy paper/barn catering/inkjet cartridges/lamination/punched pockets
viii    To receive an Invoice December 2011 (Trade UK) Sticks Like Buff/Ultimate Rigger Beige/-Red/Combi Padlock 57mm Shackle         (£ 28-55). WL
ix      To receive invoices as the Chairman allows:
x       To record the payment November 2011 to Mr Pitts re: 306928- Green Maintenance and bin (x 6) emptying from 16 th August @ £ 140-00. WL
xi      To record the payment November 2011 to Mr Pitts re: 306929- General Green Maintenance @ £ 187-00
xii     To record the payment November 2011 to Mrs J Bulman re: reimburse-Food/drinks supplied for Citizen of the Year presentation @ £ 138-16
xiii    To record the payment November 2011 to Mrs J Bulman re: reimburse – Two tables supplied for the V/Hall @ £ 95-98
xiv     To record the payment November 2011 to A&J Lighting re: invoice 24076 – Streetlighting repairs and one new head supplied @ £ 426-54
xv      To record the payment November 2011 to Essex and Suffolk Water re: Water supply charges x 18mths (meter ref: 00057-) @ £ 160-82. WL
xvi     To record the payment November 2011 to Reads Nurseries Ltd re: invoice 16069 Fertilizer @ £ 12-12. WL
xvii    To record the payment November 2011 to Whitehouse Enterprises re: Donated park bench @ £ 324-00.
xviii   To record the payment November 2011 to Ernest Doe re: invoice: ? @ £ 34-98. WL
xix     To record the payment November 2011 to Trade UK re: invoice: JCB 50PCE Tool Set @ £51-98. WL
xx      To record the payment November 2011 to Mr M Pearmain re: reimburse June/July 2011 - security fixings, concrete, bolts, hotplate, regulator, hose,
        exchange large gas cylinder @ £ 140-50. WL
xxi     To record the payment November 2011 to CAB re: October agreed donation @ £ 100-00
xxii    To record the payment November 2011 to Essex Air Ambulance re: October agreed donation @ £ 100-00
xxiii   To record the D/D payment to BT for the Village Hall Telephone @ £59-47.
xxiv    To receive the HSBC bank statements for October 2011 @ £30,000-00.
xxv     To receive the new bank Mandate form.
xxvi    NS&I Bonds.
xxvii   To Resolve all of the above inc: payments, the monthly financial statements, transfers and to countersign cheques.
        Proposed by Councillors: ………………… seconded ……………………… and agreed by all.

21.     Report from Members on Outside Bodies.                                                    To receive verbal reports:

i       Monthly Crime report:
ii      Flood Watch report:

22.     The Roach Group/RHALC/East Area Committee
        Councillor reports

23.     Streetlights:
i       Councillors reports:
ii      The Clerk’s survey report.
iii     The Clerk’s report: new contract for energy supply for streetlights @ 24 month contract.
iv      The Clerk’s report: deflector/paint to the rear of the pertinent streetlight in LWR and new column to Church Road.

24.     Highways/Transport/P3:                           ( Individual and PC complaints to ).

i       Winter Salt delivery and distribution (for local roads only).
        Information from ECC re: the requirements for risk assessment/insurance and responsibilities of salt users have
        been circulated to all.
ii      To discuss:

iii         Highway issues forwarded by the Clerk.
iv          To receive the ECC (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 201 re: LWR outside School
v           BHR and Barling Road, Stonebridge speeding measurements:
            Councillor reports:

25.         Items from Councillors.                     For exchange of information and placement on the next Agenda only.

            Items from Councillors:

26.         Private and Confidential:
            Pursuant to the provision of Section 1000(a) of the Local Government Act 1972, as amended by the Local Government (Access to Information) Act
            1985, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for consideration of the following item of business on the grounds that it contains
            information defined as exempt in Part 1 of Schedule 12a of the Local Government Act 1972, as detailed.
            Village Hall.
            Employment description

27.         Date and time of the next Parish Council Meeting.

To agree:                                      12th JANUARY 2011.
                                        7.30pm at the Village Hall, Little Wakering Road, Barling Magna.

4th December 2011.                                                                                                    Mr B Summerfield.
                                                                                                                             BMPC Clerk.


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