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									ATOS、Customers and the Future Our Young Staffs

          -ATOS、お客さま     そして若者たちの未来-

                 Teruo Yabe

          East Japan Railway Company
1. What we learned from the first International Railway
 Safety Conference

 Railroading is more than a mere service industry; it is a
service industry supported by comprehensive and
sophisticated technology. To develop it even further, we
must have inventive ability, good sense and technical
prowess - in other words, design capability in its broadest

 Railway safety backed by a high level of technology
will greatly progress through systematization as proved
by our high-tech Shinkansen, and by a remarkable
decrease of railroad mishaps thanks to the adoption of
a crossing obstruction detecting system.

Since the making,operation, maintenance and
control of safety systems rest with the human being,
an enterprise above all should provide a place for
worker motivation so that they can display creativity
and find contentment in their job. An enterprise has
the obligation to foster workers capable of supporting
advanced technology and safety.

It is essential that employees be fully aware of their
responsibility to help develop the enterprise,
heighten its safety factor, and actively participate
in its promotion. To attain this goal, the enterprise
must build a corporate climate conducive to this.

             Tokyo Control Operation Center

                                                      Signal, Telecommuni-
                             Electric Power Control   cation Dispatchers

Electric Power Supply                                                     Facility Dispatchers

       Freight Dispatchers                                                Passenger Service
Freight Dispatchers                                                           Dispatchers

                              Operation Dispatchers   Transport Dispatchers
2. ATOS - ultimate operation control after privatizing
 Japan National Railways

      -民営会社となって実現した最新鋭の運行管理システム ATOS-
Area in charge of Tokyo Control Operation Center

                           Working Kilometers           1,352.2km

                           Number of Stations                 374

                           Number of Trains(per day)        8,000

                           Number of Passengers(per day) 13 million
A railway based on the combination and exchange of
information -情報の組合せと交換の上に成り立つ鉄道システム-

      Equipment information
                                                 Customer information
Track layout at station/length of railways,
numbers of platforms, curves, grades,
                                               Number of passengers, flow of
double & single track, types & capacity of
                                               passengers, demand for trans-
overhead wires,signal methods & operation
                                               fers, congestion rate, demand by
intervals, train acceleration/deceleration
                                               the hours of the day, etc.
capability, train composition, & capacity of
train bases, etc.

                                                                                    Train   operation
           Employee information                       Social information
                                               Changes in social awareness,
   Train    crews,     station attendant,
                                               declining birthrate & demogra-
   maintenance      personnel   (number,
                                               phical aging, competition with
   assignment, conditions,education/trai-
                                               other    means     of   transport,
   ning curricula, etc.
                                               changes        of       industrial
Autonomous Decentralized Transport Operation
         Control System

                      Advanced transport operation

                      control suitable for th inform-

                      ation age
3. ATOS as motivating people in their job and life

         Discarding JNR-style operation control(CTC,PRC)

                                  Inherited from JNR of the ‘60s
                                                                                      First ATOS route
Centralized Traffic Control
                                                                                                began in 1996
                                  Emphasis on track control of train                       Seven years needed to scrap
                                  Interlocking plants consolidated by centralized              JNR-type operation control
                                  traffic control
PRC                               Dispatchers totally occupied with signal control    ATOS now functions over
                                  The difficulty of large station control
                                                                                            570km of railway
Programmed Rout Control
System                            Systems mainly intended to cut personnel
                                  The difficulty of applying these systems to
                                   high-density traffic routs                             The goal: ATOS control
                                  Information system provided for passe-             of
                                   ngers being immature, etc                                  more than 1,000km
                  From signal technology to software technology


Railway signal                                                                     Control
                                            with     a    future
    technology                              prospective

A concept original                          Merging with
                               g            general-purpose
 to railways
Peculiar and closed                         computer
Alienation from co-                         technology
Slim potential, etc.
                                            Total system as
                                            software technology
                          Challenges to ATOS development
                                        - A T O S 開 発 へ の 挑 戦 -

                                             Engineering challenge

                                 Discarding JNR-type      ・Fail-safe system by the use of
                                 operation control         general-purpose computers
                                 Challenges for a tota-   ・Fail-safe handy terminals
Enthusiasm of                    lly functional, highly   ・Signal network using general-        ・Upgrading dispatcher
    top management                                         purpose protocol(TCP/IP)              technical and design
                                 efficient system
                                  (adoption of general-   ・Autonomous dispersion,assurance,
                                   purpose technology      software techniques,etc.
・Pursuit of passenger comfort                                                                   ・A great step in the quest
                                   & IT technology)
 and confidence                                                                                   for   an     expandable
・Fostering personal with
 creativity and design                                                                          ・Creating among emplo-
 capability                                    Operating challenges                              yees a sense of value in
                                                          ・Changing policy to train interval     working and life
・Systematization suiting        Discarding the old ope-    control
 the the new era.                                         ・Sending messages regarding           ・Fostering future railway
                                ration control concept
                                                           prospect for resuming operations,     experts
                                Quick restart of train
・Quest for worker                                          and drafting an operation plan
                                operations and assured                                          ・ Completion        of   the
 motivation                                                looking beyond the situation
                                stability                                                       control
                                                          ・Education/training methods to
                                Upgrading dispatcher       motivate workers(goal-setting,         center, including crisis
                                technical ability                                                 management, in Metro-
                                                           evaluation of results)
                                Cooperation between       ・Opening positions for young dispa-     politan Tokyo,etc
                                dispatchers and work        tchers
                                sites                     ・Manual for common use with
                                                           work sites
4.Traffic control in Metropolitan Tokyo
  changed by ATOS

                   Rout control at station

Routes of trains arriving at and departing
from stations are controlled automatically,
based on the diagram information transmi-
tted from the center to each station and
train position detection.
Car shunting in station is controlled through
portable radio terminal
                                                Display of train positions
               Train schedule adjustment

Train operating status, constantly changing,
is displayed. Planned operation and results
of train operation are represented by lines on
the graphic display; data input for train        The train diagram for ATOS is made by
schedule adjustment is possible and the          receiving the diagram data from IROS,
results are transmitted to stations and          then adding car shunting and passenger
reflected in route control and passenger         information data

  Graphic display of train diagram                  Picture for train diagram preparation
Passenger information at stations
                                                  The latest train operating status is displayed on
                                                  information terminals at station and depots
 Based on scheduled time and train type in the
 diagram transmitted from the center system
 and on train position, the approach of trains,
 scheduled departure time, etc. are given to
 passengers by automatic announcements and
 passenger information displays.
 Station information and train operating status
 are also run on the passenger information
 display as scroll messages.

                                                   Information terminal showing train positions at

     Passenger information display showing
     scheduled train departure time and type.

                                                   Information    terminal   showing      the   train
                                                   operation plan and delays at a station
                    Maintenance work management
       Planning of maintenance work                                   Execution of maintenance work

    Before starting maintenance work, the staff                   When the maintenance work is to begin, the staff
    should input the maintenance work plan                        should download the maintenance work plan
    through an information terminal. The input                    from the information terminal to a portable radio
    items are the equipment to be used, the time to               terminal and input ‘start work’ at the
    start and complete working, the train number                  maintenance work site. The maintenance work
    to start the maintenance work, etc.                           is permitted to start when the train operating
                                                                  status provided by the route control function
                                                                  meets the requested condition

Information terminal showing maintenance scheduling   Portable radio terminal
ATOS Achievements                                   -ATOSの成果-

   Superior safety and
     dependability                                   Quick recovery from
                                                    disorganized train operation
No serious accidents since the
start of its operation                              40%    faster than the previous

                     ・ Improved technical capabilities
                     ・ Higher transport service quality ・
                     Fostering employee recognition of
                       the value of work and living
                     ・System development from the
                       customer’s point of view,etc

 Assured safety in                                   Supplying information to
  maintenance work                                    vast number of travelers

Number of maintenance jobs                           2,400    passenger    information
handled: about 300 per day                           displays at some 170 station
5. The passenger information system

 Contacts between power companies and customers
are electrical outlets and a monthly invoice. On the other
hand, railway companies have an abundance of contact
points with customers, thus have myriad chances to deepen
communication, which leaves them open to a raft of
complaints. Many other industries gaze at them enviously.
 Communication between railways and society will produce
reform measures from a broader viewpoint.
         Four Customer Principles

  Demand for
A 安全を 求める           Getting to
Safety              Know

  Selection         Reflecting
                       The passenger information system

                                                   Elaborate passenger information             Effective use of operation
                                                   system                                      data,etc.
                                                   ・Information on first train arrivals        ・Making the most SUICA
    Flexible train operation                         and departures                              information,etc.
    ・On-demand operation                                                                       ・Reflecting ATOS data on
                                                   ・Information train position and
    ・Free diagram operation                                                                      operation plans
                                                     waiting time
    ・Faster shuttle service, extended
                                                   ・Personal information retrieval,etc
      train operation,etc.

                                                                                                  Information to employees
                 Acceleration of train crew &                Improved transport                   ・Train crew notification &
                 rolling stock operation                     management dependability              communication system
                 ・Operation plan support system              ・Support system for operation        ・Communication to passen-
                 ・Fast collection & judgment of                plan changes                        gers regarding transfers to
                   train breakdowns,etc                      ・Fast collection & judgment of        other railways,etc.
                                                              emergency information               ・        Mobile         ATOS
                                                              ・Addition of train connection       terminal(train
                                                                     adjustments,etc.              delay information,etc.)
          Total systematization by ATOS
          ・Linking with the operation plan drafting                                           Monitoring
           system                                                                             equipment conditions
          ・Traffic control of all railway service areas                                       ・Remote sensing
           including large stations                                                           ・Remote maintenance
          ・Enrichment of information supplied to                                                function
          ・Systematization of maintenance work

                CTC, PRC

Signal       control     at
6. The future of our young staffs

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