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					                            Answering Service Script

Hi, this is   (Name)           with    (Brand)         . May I help you?

[Generally the caller will either say: “May I speak to                ‘ ; or “I’m calling
about selling my house”.]

I’m sorry,                    is not here right now, but I’ll be happy to take a message
and have him/her call you back shortly. Do you mind if I get your contact information,
and ask you a few questions about the house you have for sale?

OK, great. First, let me get your name, and phone number.

Is that your home or cell number?
Are there any other numbers that you can be reached at?

How did you hear about us?

What is the address of the house you have for sale? [Be sure to get city, state and zip]

What county is that in?

How many bedrooms and baths does it have?

Is the outside of the house brick, siding or stucco?

Is it vacant or occupied?

[If occupied, ask:] Do you live in it or do you have it rented out?

[If rented, ask:] What is the rent?     Is there a lease?       When does it expire?

How much are you asking for the house?

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is the condition of the house? Assume that “1” is a house in
desperate need of repair, and “10” is a house in perfect condition.

Thank you so much. I’ll give this message to                          as soon as he/she
returns and they’ll call you back.

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