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									Northeast Indiana Fertility Clinic
REDI-CARE, Inc., pc
Shelby Cooper, M.D.

                                                                                        2120 N. Detroit St.
                                                                                      LaGrange, IN 46761
                                                                                          (260) 463-2468
                                                                                       (260) 463-4237 fax

                                                PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET
                                              SEMEN ANALYSIS TESTING

       1. Avoid all sexual activity, including masturbation, for 2-5 days prior to collection.
       2. Collection can be done at the testing facility in a private room, or at home if you have the proper container
       and can have the specimen to the lab within 30 minutes of collection.
       3. Semen is collected into a polypropylene container.
       4. Condoms are not to be used for collection.
       5. Lubricants are not to be used during collection.
       6. Oral stimulation or ‘withdrawal method’ is not to be used during collection.
       7. Semen specimens should be collected by masturbation.
       8. The entire specimen must be collected into the container.

                                                    IF COLLECTION IS DONE AWAY FROM THE TESTING FACILITY

                                                    1. Follow all collection instructions listed above.
                                                    2. Use a container provided by the lab or office - a polypropylene
                                                    container must be used.
                                                    3. Deliver to testing facility within 30 MINUTES of collection.
                                                    4. Write down the COLLECTION TIME and give to lab staff.
                                                    5. Keep specimen warm, at body temperature, during transport.
                                                    6. A collection information form will be given for completion
                                                    when sample is delivered.

                                                         COLLECTION & TESTING FACILITY LOCATION AND SERVICE
                                                                        Parkview North – Entrance 3

                                                 Monday – Friday 8:00 – 7:00

                                                  11141 Parkview Plaza Dr.
                                                         Suite 100
                                                  260-266-1500 Option #1

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