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					     There comes a time every year where
 people must face the dirt and grime of their
  lives. They must go one on one with all of
  the things that have built up over the past
   12 months and do what they can to start
    with a fresh beginning. It's called spring
cleaning time and every office has to do it if
they want their employees healthy and their
working environment inviting. There's a right
way and a lazy way of doing things and you
  want to make sure you do things the right

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The most efficient way of getting through office cleaning is by hiring
both a cleaning service as well as having employees help to take
care of some of the burden Each employee can take care of his or
her immediate work space
 This is helpful in that it spreads out the work among several people,
but it also lets them feel as if their area isn't being invaded They can
dust their own computers and take care of their own space and
organize how they see fit
 Putting out a mass email asking employees to get cleaning done by
a certain day is Look At This the best way to organize things Hiring a
cleaning service helps out for the bigger projects that your
employees can't (and probably shouldn't) do
 They can take care of cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, mopping the
floors and doing overall maintenance work for your business and the
entire building They have the proper tools and equipment to
successfully clean and disinfect your workplace
  They also have the experience to get in and out quickly, so that the
job gets done without anyone getting in the way of your work flow
You should also take the time to do a technical spring cleaning
during your office cleaning jaunt
 It's a good time to remind yourself to go through old files and
programs on computers and clear them out, as well as defrag and
clear out the disk space on each hard drive, letting the computer run
smoother and freeing up space for any new software or changes that
may need to be done in the coming year Spring cleaning sounds like
a pain, but once it's done, you will breathe easy (literally) knowing
that your office is clean and user-friendly
 With a little elbow grease from employees and the help of added
cleaning services, your place will be clean for the rest of the year
Just don't forget to do it all over again next year!
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