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                           Division of Ratepayer Advocates
                         California Public Utilities Commission
                                   State of California

                                 DATA REQUEST

           San Diego Gas & Electric Company Test Year 2012 GRC

Date:        June 7, 2011

Responses Due: June 21, 2011

To:          Ronald van der Leeden
             (213) 244-2009

From:        James Wuehler, Project Coordinator
             Division of Ratepayer Advocates
             505 Van Ness Avenue, Room 4205
             San Francisco, CA 94102

Originated by:      Marek Kanter
Phone:              415 355-5512
Email:              MRK@cpuc.ca.gov

Data Request No: DRA-SDG&E -082-MRK

Exhibit Reference: SDG&E-33 Depreciation

Subject:     Depreciation

Please provide the following:

1. Please update SDG&E's supplemental response to DRA-SDG&E -002-MRK by
   providing a working Excel spreadsheet containing a breakdown by account of the
   comparison of Recorded to Authorized net salvage for each year (2005-2010) that
   sums up to the listed total amounts, computed from fundamental data such as
   historical plant balances, authorized salvage rates, retirements, and removal costs.
   Please ensure that the spreadsheet is an attachment, rather than being imbedded in
   a Word document.

 Ratepayer Advocates in the Gas, Electric, Telecommunications and Water Industries
2. Please update SDG&E 's supplemental response to DRA-SDG&E -002-MRK by
   providing a comparison of the net salvage spent for each year (2005-2010) in the
   response to Question 1 above to the net Cost of Removal reported in SDG&E 's
   FERC Forms 1 and 2, page 219, items 13 and 14 for each year. Also, please attach
   a copy of FERC Forms 1 and 2, page 219 and page 356, for each year to your

3. For any of the years, if there are differences between the amounts reported in the
   response to Q1 and the amounts reported in the FERC Form 1 in Q2, please
   reconcile the differences and provide explanation why the differences exist. In
   particular please explain inconsistencies regarding the value of SDG&E’s end of
   year 2009 total depreciation reserves. According SDG&E table SDG&E-BW-2, for
   which a supporting spreadsheet was supplied through informal-SDG&E-DR-010, the
   electric plant value was $2.189719 billion and the gas plant value was $.826490
   billion. According to FERC Form 1, the electric plant value was $3.681 billion.
   According to FERC Form 2, the gas plant value was $.529 billion. Please also
   explain any analogous inconsistencies in 2010 recorded total accumulated provision
   for depreciation data.

4. Please explain any inconsistencies between common plant accumulated
   depreciation expenses in FERC Form 356 and the common plant accumulated
   depreciation expenses in SDG&E table SDG&E-BW-2.

Provide two copies of the above information as it becomes available but no later than
the due date identified above. If you are unable to provide the information by this date,
please provide a written explanation to the data request Originator seven calendar days
before the due date as to why the response date cannot be met and your best estimate
of when the information can be provided. Please identify the person who provides the
response and his (her) phone number.

Provide electronic responses if possible, and set of hard copy responses with your
submittal to the data request originator and the DRA Project Coordinator(s). All data
responses need to have each page numbered, referenced, and indexed so worksheets
can be followed. If any number is calculated, include a copy of all electronic files so the
formula and their sources can be reviewed.

If you have any questions regarding this data request, please call the originator at the
above phone number.

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