Council Work Session Proceedings
                                                                              November 7, 2011
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                                   Monday, November 7, 2011
                                  City Hall Council Chambers

Mayor Sue Osborn called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Present:              Faricy, Jacob, King, North, Osborn, Rauch, Smith.
Absent:               None.
Others Present:       Lynn Markland, City Manager; Michael Burns, Assistant City Manager; Dan Czarnecki,
                      Director of Public Works; Steven Guy, Water Plant Supervisor.


      Osborn requested a moment of silence for former Assistant City Manager Christopher Wren for
the passing of his father and sent her condolences to his family.

        Guy reviewed the progress that Wildlife Management Services has made toward alleviating the
problems with wildlife at the Water Treatment Plant. Guy described the problems with the wildlife using the
area near the lime lagoons and stormwater retention ponds as a habitat and the potential damage this could
cause to the operation of the Plant.
        Smith confirmed that the animals that were removed from the area were relocated to other locations in
Genesee County. Rauch stated that the contract should be renewed for next year especially given the number of
animals that were trapped and removed this year. Osborn stated that the possible renewal of this contract would
come before the Council at the next meeting.

         Czarnecki stated that the City of Fenton is a Phase II stormwater community and as such, the City is
required to meet certain goals and follow certain guidelines. In an effort to save money and work with other
Phase II communities within the City’s watershed, the City of Fenton previously entered into agreement with
Genesee County to help avoid duplication of effort on certain items that are required to be reported and
monitored. Czarnecki reported that the City has received its yearly plan update on the progress the City is
making towards meeting its stormwater goals. Czarnecki stated that the City is on track with where it needs to
be in this process. The County has developed the Watershed Management Plan for the City that must be
submitted to the State for approval. Czarnecki requested the Council’s review of the plan and further requested
that the Council consider this item for approval at their next meeting.
         Rauch confirmed that there are varying costs for different elements of the plan that would be the
responsibility of the City. Smith confirmed that the City entered into this partnership approximately three years
ago and the process itself will always be ongoing. Smith further confirmed that the City stormwater condition
is fair. Czarnecki stated that the City’s biggest concern is rainwater and snow melt run off.

         King stated that the traffic signal at Rounds Drive should be studied to see if the timing could be
changed to accommodate the decrease of traffic on Sundays. King further stated that residents are still stacking
their trash bags on top of the trash containers and this needs to be addressed. King wished all of the candidates
in tomorrow’s election good luck and added that it has been her honor to serve the City of Fenton as long as she
has. King thanked the employees and commended the job done by the City Manager and Assistant City
                                                              Council Work Session Proceedings
                                                                            November 7, 2011
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        Osborn thanked the Council for all of their hard work and stated her appreciated for them. Osborn
added that a reception would be held at 6:30 PM prior to the next Council meeting to say goodbye to officials
going out of office and welcome in the newly elected officials.
        Rauch wished everyone good luck in the election and implored the new Council members to go into the
position with an open mind and the best interest of the City.
        Smith thanked Rauch for all of his service and stated that he would miss him very much. Smith stated
that King has done so much for Fenton and all out of the goodness of her heart. Smith stated his respect for
Faricy for thinking outside of the box an added that he has served the City well. Lastly, Smith stated that
Osborn has placed her entire heart and soul into the City and ended by wishing any newcomers to the Council
good luck. Osborn thanked Faricy for running a reputable campaign against her for the Mayor’s seat and
expressed her appreciation for that.
        Faricy remarked about the longevity that some of the Council members have had serving the City.
Faricy also took the time to express his opinion about the retention of the 911 Dispatch System and expressed
his conclusion that the City could not and should not maintain it locally.
        King stated that public servitude is a serious commitment and she has enjoyed serving with everyone on
the Council.
        North stated that she has enjoyed her time served on the Council but she must tender her resignation
from her seat on the Council with immediate effect. North further stated that it has been an honor and a
pleasure serving on the Council but her commitments to her family and employment do not allow her the ability
to devote the time and resources necessary for the position.

        Cherie Smith expressed her support for Osborn and the current City Council and commended them for
the job they have done while in office for the City.
        Les Bland thanked the Council and Mayor for all of their years of service. Doug Tebo stated that he was
very fortunate to have worked with Ed Angeluski when he was the Council Representative for the Cemetery
Board and Rauch has been every bit as dedicated as Angeluski was. Tebo expressed his gratitude for Rauch’s
service to the City.

Meeting adjourned at 8:19 PM.

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      Mayor Sue Osborn                                City Clerk, Jennifer Naismith

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