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									                                             KIRTANA KUMAR AND KONARAK REDDY

Discipline                                                                  Theatre, Music, Film

Address                                                                     Little Jasmine (Theatre, Film and Music), 58, St. Mark’s
                                                                            Road, Inside India Garage, Bangalore 560 001

                                                                            Infinite Souls Artists’ Retreat & Training Centre, 101
                                                                            Vardenahalli grama, Kasaba Hobli, Magadi Taluk, Bangalore

Phone                                                                       00 9180 25559291



Languages Spoken                                                            Kirtana - English, Tulu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil
                                                                            Konarak – English, Tamil

Gender                                                                      Kirtana – Female, Konarak – Male

Artist Bio                                                                  Kirtana – Theatre actor, director and
                                                                            pedagogue. Formulating a uniquely Indian, modern theatre
                                                                            pedagogy for actors. Works on craft through training
                                                                            (konokol, kalaripayattu, chorus, singing, dramaturgy) and
                                                                            performance. Latest performances – a cabaret called “One
                                                                            Night in Paris” and Kuo Pao Kun’s Day I Met the Prince (an
                                                                            IFA funded work) directed by Jaimini Pathak. Presently,
                                                                            Director of Ancillary Programmes for Ranga Shankara
                                                                            International Children’ Theatre Festival. Runs Theatre Lab,
                                                                            an experimental theatre space for children.

                                                                            Konarak – Musician, composer and director. Innovated a
                                                                            musical form that is born of a deep understanding of western
                                                                            harmonies and Indian raaga and tala. He is known for his
                                                                            unique finger style technique. Konarak tours Europe every
                                                                            six months. His recent tours include– Germany with Ahmed
                                                                            Al-Salamouny & Peter Finger. Upcoming India tour – with
                                                                            Don Ross, Sandor Szabor. Plays directed include: In the
                                                                            Hour of God, The Maids, Medea, The Wedding Party,
                                                                            Shakuntala etc

Artist Statement                                                            We started Infinite Souls to foster more and deeper
                                                                            collaborative work. Because it offers space to live and
                                                                            rehearse together it has opened new avenues for us. We are
                                                                            keen on meeting and working with artists who are hell bent
                                                                            on devising radical new works, pushing the boundaries of
                                                                            form and content, testing ourselves physically and pursuing
                                                                            our art with love and integrity. We would also like to be able
                                                                            to host new performances and start a sustainable festival
                                                                            which is cognizant of present realities and yet offers vast
                                                                            space for the imagination and the unrealized potential of the
                                                                            human spirit.

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.
History of Collaborative work   Theatre collaborations include:
                                -Trestle Theatre (St.Alban’s) – Little Jasmine conducted a
                                residency for British actors at Trestle Base, St.Alban’s. The
                                framework of the residency was the Navarasa and skills
                                involved were Konokol, Kalaripayattu, Hastha Mudras. The
                                residency resulted in two productions of Shakuntala by Little
                                Jasmine and Trestle. The association with Trestle and
                                artistic director, Emily Grey, is a long one and we hope to
                                initiate more work in the future.
                                - Ay Ombe Theatre (New York)-Ay Ombe held their
                                International Theatre Residency at Infinite Souls in Jan 2009.
                                Kirtana and Little Jasmine provided resources in the form of
                                konokol,      kalari,   chithaara     and    voice     training.

                                Music Collaborations include:
                                   - International Guitar Nights with Peter Finger
                                   - Dylan Fowler (Wales)
                                   - Bob Bonastre (France)
                                   - Claus Boesser-Ferrari (Germany)
                                   - Bhoomi Jathre – a non-funded music and art festival
                                       conceptualized and executed by Kirtana and
                                       Konarak, for artists, by artists.

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