Partner Teacher Commitment Form by T6Wo1568


									            Partner Teacher Commitment Form

Please place your initials in the blank in front of each statement to indicate
that you have read and understand the statement then sign and date the
bottom of the form.

I understand that by applying to this program I am agreeing that,
if selected, I will:

______       attend a welcoming meeting in May

______       attend a week-long professional development program
             (July or early August)

______       develop a partnership with a Teaching Fellow and
             interact with that Teaching Fellow throughout the

______       welcome a Teaching Fellow into my classroom

______       work with my Teaching Fellow to incorporate
             standards-based instruction, inquiry driven teaching
             into my classes

______       attend a monthly evening seminar course with the
             Teaching Fellows (attend at least 5 of 7 meetings
             including the November meeting; no meeting in

______       attend a fall and spring dinner meeting involving all
             Partner Teachers, Teaching Fellows, Research
             Mentors, and Project Staff

______       participate in an electronic learning community

______       participate in collection of data to be used in
             evaluation of the program

____________________________                         _______________
             Signature                                     Date

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