Fellowship Annual Maintenance Requirements Fillable 2011 by BI6e98EE


									                   Annual Fellowship Maintenance Requirements (2011)



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A Fellow in the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) has to demonstrate
practical and academic excellence in the area of sports sciences. In addition the Fellow must show
that he or she is using this knowledge and skill to promote chiropractic as a viable and responsible
profession concerned with the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

Requirements for Maintaining Active Fellowship:

1. Payment of the yearly membership dues as set by the RCCSS(C) Board and Fellowship

2. Involvement in at least TWO of the following areas. Please mark all that apply and describe.
   Teaching undergraduate; minimum 12 hours

        Teaching post-graduate; minimum 12 hours

        Write a sports related paper of publishable quality of at least two thousand (2000) words
    (includes case reports, scientific literature reviews, etc.)

        Attend a sports specific scientific symposium; minimum 12 hours

      Active involvement in a publishable sports related research project of scientifically
    admissible quality

        Sports consultant/team chiropractor, “field” hours; minimum 12 hours

        Administrative work in conjunction with the CCSS(C); minimum 12 hours

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Note: It is the responsibility of each individual member of the RCCSS(C) to provide proof of
requirements on request, to the Chair of the Fellowship Committee.

If an individual does not comply with the requirements to maintain active Fellowship status, as
determined by the Fellowship Committee, the Fellow will be designated as inactive and will not be
eligible to vote. The practitioner’s name may be deleted from the Fellowship list. Every opportunity
will be given to the member to comply with these requirements and consideration will be given to
each individual situation. Removal of one’s name from the active Fellowship list will be on the
recommendation of the Fellowship Committee, or other fellows, and approval of the RCCSS(C)
Board and will be reported to the CCA, CFCREAB, and any other Board, organization or
association which may be affected by the change in the individual’s status. Reinstatement will be
considered when it is shown that all the requirements have been adhered to, and will be on the
recommendation of the Fellowship Committee and approval of the RCCSS(C) Board.

Please save this form and either

    1. email it to rccssc@shaw.ca

    2. fax it to 403-225-3914

    3. mail it to the RCCSS(C) Office at

RCCSS(C) Office
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Calgary Ab. T2R 1J3

                                      Thanks very much

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