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									                    Cairns Art Society Inc.
                                                             Membership Form
Thank you for your interest in the Cairns Art               Cairns Art Society Inc.
                                                       PO Box 1400 Cairns Q 4870
Membership of Cairns Art Society entitles you       email:
to receive the monthly newsletter, a 10%        Enclosed is the amount of $ __________, payable to
discount on art materials at Art and Office,    Cairns Art Society Inc. by:
Australian Art Framers, Cairns Craft Centre     Card  Cash  Cheque  Money Order 
and The Picture Framer on presentation of
your card, plus discounted fees for CAS         Cardholder Name: _________________________
exhibitions and workshops. NB.: Please ask      Credit Card No.: ______ ______ ______ ______
The Art Barn about their Loyalty Card.
                                                Expiry date: _____/_____
General meetings are held:                      Direct Deposit  BSB 633108 A/c 112765391
At 10 a.m., the 2nd Saturday of each month      (Please specify your name in transaction details)
(except January) at Cominos House,              Membership Fees (tick whichever applies)
27 Greenslopes Street, Edge Hill.
                                                Individual                               $40    
Meetings usually include a Guest Speaker,       Family                                   $50    
presenting information or a demonstration on    Concession (Centrelink card)             $30    
the many facets of art. Members and guests
are always welcome to attend, meet fellow       Student (ID No. _______________)         $25    
artists and enjoy a chat over morning tea.      Donation / sponsorship                   $      
Please note that although Cominos House is
                                                Membership Details
our base, this is not a manned office.
                                                I am renewing CAS ID: _________________         
Throughout the year we hold three major
events; the Annual Open Art Exhibition, the     I am a new member of the Society                
Artists of the North Exhibition, inviting all   Mr/Mrs/Ms: _________________________________
incorporated art societies and associations
within the region to participate and CAIRNS     Address: ___________________________________
ARTescape, a 5-day workshop to learn or
improve art skills with professional tutors.    __________________________ Postcode: _______

                                                Phone: (H) ______________      (W) ______________
Membership Forms can be posted to Cairns
Art Society Inc., PO Box 1400, Cairns 4870,     Mobile: ____________________________________
emailed or presented at our Gallery at the
                                                Email: _____________________________________
DFO Shopping Centre at Westcourt Plaza.
                                                Skills to assist CAS: __________________________
Due to recently changing our financial year
to end 31 March, your membership will be        Could you volunteer for CAS events: _____________
current until 31 March 2013.                    Signature: __________________________________

If you have any further queries:                Date: _____/_____/_____
Please contact Helen on 4045 3131 or                                                st
email:             Note: Membership is valid until 31 March 2013                        Receipt Date: _________ No. __________________

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