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									 Social and Emotional Learning for Early Years’ Students

  The School                                              The Program Background

                                                          The staff believe that social and emotional learning
                                                          programs need to be formally in place for academic
                                                          needs to be effectively addressed.

                                                          As a significant number of students come to school
                                                          with personal issues, it is essential that the students
                                                          develop resilience at an early age.

                                                          Many students come from single parent homes or
                                                          live with carers. A small number of students live in a
                                                          hostel when placement with a family is not possible.
                                                          Therefore the explicit teaching of social and
                                                          emotional skills and fostering student well- being is
                                                          an important part of the school’s life skills program.

Rangeway Primary School is located at Geraldton in        Expected Outcomes
the Mid West Education District of Western
                                                          In the early years’ classrooms it is expected that
The student population is currently close to 530 (K       everyone works together in a calm environment and
to 7) however this fluctuates as it is a very transient   everyone has fun and is happy.
student population.
                                                          Students develop life (social) skills such as:
The school community is culturally diverse with 60%               co-operative learning strategies;
of the students coming from an Aboriginal
background, 2% Malay and a mixture of other
nationalities. The school community is recognised as              resilience;
being socio-economically disadvantaged.

For this reason it is imperative that there is an                 manners;
emphasis on developing the social and emotional                   friendship skills;
well-being of the students.
                                                                  anger management; and
                                                                  protective behaviours.

                             All REDI for the Early Years of Schooling
                                                    Social and Emotional Learning for Early Years Students

  The Program in Action

Life Skills is one of the whole school focus areas and is targeted as a priority. It focuses on the specific relationship
between school rules, social skills and the ‘Bully Buster’ policy and encompasses social and emotional skills as well as
resilience building.

Staff identify social skills which need emphasis and each fortnight one skill is explicitly addressed. This may be

      the use of a Y chart (i.e. a brainstorming of ideas around what
      the skill ‘looks like’, ‘feels like’ and ‘sounds like’);

      appropriate assembly skits developed by classroom teachers;

      charts displaying the skill posted around the school; and
      regular reminders of the skill over the PA system.
Teachers also address skills appropriate to their class within their
own class programs.

The links between school rules and social skills are also emphasised
during student counselling and parent interviews. Awareness of the
links is raised through newsletters, a shopping
centre display, a writing competition and a fortnightly art display. Home /school links are fostered through holding
Parents’ Workshops to inform them about resilience, social skills and behaviour management. A photo of Positive
People (i.e. students seen doing the right thing in the playground) is included in the newsletter.

There is also a whole school approach to behaviour management with classroom teachers incorporating the explicit
teaching of social skills throughout the curriculum. All staff have participated in professional development in the
area of resilience building.

The school has five rules which cover most eventualities and encourage the development of social and emotional
competence. These are:
                                                  1. treat others as you would like them to treat you;
                                                    2.   take charge of yourself;
                                                    3.   look after the reputation of our school and everyone in it;
                                                    4.   protect the safety of yourself and others at school; and
                                                    5.   care for our school and our environment.

                                                These rules are used as the basis for the development of class

                                                Protective behaviours and how to get along with others is the
                                                thread running through all curriculum areas.

                                               The school has implemented an intervention program which has an
emphasis on social, emotional and behavioural development as well as protective behaviours. This program relies on
funding which is allocated on a yearly basis and not guaranteed.

Rangeway Primary School, Western Australia                                                                                  2
                                                   Social and Emotional Learning for Early Years Students

  The Program in Action - continued...

  The social/emotional development program begins as soon as a child starts the school when the child and
            the parents/carer are exposed to RIPPER (Rangeway Introduction Program for Primary Entrance and
 Resilience). This program underpins school planning and ensures that new families and students are made to
                                feel welcome, informed and supported. They are also made aware of the
                                               school’s expectations from the outset.

                                                 Parent/carer involvement is seen as being crucial in the
                                                 development and success of programs. An induction folder is given
                                                 to the families of the new students which contains:

                                                              note pad and pen;

                                                              parent information booklet;

                                                              ‘Bully Buster’ policy;

                                                              Literacy – Parents make the world of difference;

                                                              Top Tips to Help your Child Read, Write and Speak; as
                                                              well as

                                                              additional information helpful to new families.

An interview is held with the parents/carers before their child starts school where everything in the folder is gone
through and explained. Parents/carers are then asked to discuss everything that has been covered in the interview
with their child at home.

If the student has come from another school, this school is contacted to find out about the student’s social /
emotional history, behaviour and any family history which may influence their development. If any potential problems
are identified, specialist staff and the classroom teacher are informed and discussions take place on how to best
address them. Staff try to be proactive and prevent problems before they happen.

The need for regular attendance at school is stressed. It is pointed out to parents that a student who is absent for one
day a week actually misses nearly 2 years of schooling over their primary school life. Explanatory notes are insisted on
to cover absences, and parents are given a notepad and pen to facilitate this.

Social and emotional skills which are focused on in the
Pre-primary classroom include:
        working and playing co-operatively;

        ‘whole body’ listening;

        making choices;

        discovering and expressing things about themselves;

        exploring their senses; and

        packing away equipment.

Rangeway Primary School, Western Australia                                                                             3
                                                   Social and Emotional Learning for Early Years Students

  Achievements                                               Inhibitors

Students are aware of the school’s boundaries and           An inhibitor in the development of social and emotional
expectations. This is demonstrated by the way they          skills is that the majority of students come from a low
pull new students into line and tell them, ‘You don’t       socio-economic background.
do that at Rangeway’. The fact that the school’s
                                                            Some students come from dysfunctional family
biggest problems are new students who have not been
                                                            backgrounds or live with carers or in hostels. Others are
exposed to Rangeway’s Life Skills
                                                            from homes where the number of children in the home
Program suggests that the school is making an impact.
                                                            greatly outweighs the number of adults and so discipline
                                                            is erratic and boundaries have not been set.
After 6 weeks at school the Pre-primary students who
have been exposed to a strong social/emotional skills
                                                            Attendance and transience significantly impact on
program have shown improvement in the areas of:
                                                            student outcomes. Students frequently leave the school
                                                            and then return. This means continuity is lost when
        ‘whole body’ sitting and listening (reinforced      attempting to give students individual attention.
        by teacher pointing to a chart which reminds
        them to listen with eyes, mouth, hands, legs
                                                            Fortunately the school has been able to access funding
        and brain);
                                                            through various programs including the Indigenous
        taking turns to speak (reinforced by passing a      Education Strategic Initiative Program and the Parent
        coloured stick during circle time);                 School Partnerships Initiative to fund additional human
                                                            and material resources to assist with issues resulting
        putting their hand up to speak; and
                                                            from the above factors. However, it is not known from
        co-operative play (less conflict than at the        year to year if there will be enough money to support
        beginning of the year).                             RIPPER.

The classroom environment is calm and the children          The school has an excellent support staff, who try to
are observed to be settled and getting on well with         look at all aspects of the child, but more staff are
each other.                                                 needed.

   Moving Forward

The future plans for the program are to:

            complete a scope and sequence chart for
            K-7 in the Health area (incorporating
            resilience and protective behaviours);

            monitoring and updating the Life Skills
            Program on a yearly basis; and

            continuing the explicit teaching of
            social/emotional development and the
            values focus.

Rangeway Primary School, Western Australia                                                                          4
                                                    Social and Emotional Learning for Early Years Students

  Things to Share

The school reports to parents regarding their child’s social/emotional development using the following criteria:

 Kindergarten (usually, sometimes, seldom)
   Level of play - Solitary (alone)
                   - Parallel (alongside friends but
                     without talking to them)
                   - Cooperative (with friends)
   Can speak using an appropriate volume
   Can share with others
   Takes turns and cooperates with others
   Follows simple class rules and routines
   Independent in personal hygiene Shows
   self confidence
   Uses manners
   Demonstrates appropriate level of independence
   in classroom                                             Pre Primary (consistently, sometimes, seldom)
                                                              Takes turns and co-operates with others
   Can ask for help when needed
                                                              Follows rules and routines
   Willing to participate in activities with adults or
                                                              Shows self confidence
                                                              Uses manners
   Perseveres when faced with a challenging activity
   Expresses feelings appropriately                           Demonstrates appropriate level of independence
                                                              Willingness to participate in activities Persists
                                                              when faced with challenges Expresses feelings
                                                              Shows curiosity and interest in learning

  Contact Details

School phone number: (08) 9921 1600

Deputy Principal
Celine Bellve:

Pre-primary teacher
Alesha Brown:

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