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					This form was completed:                      Month 05              Year 2002
 (please change the date when you update information)

Hospital Name: Kitimat General Hospital

Address:         899 Lahakas Boulevard
                 Kitimat, B.C.

Telephone:       250-632-5763

Fax:             250-632-5763

Person to contact for transfer arrangements:      Kathi Nelson RN

A. The Unit/Hospital has:

            A ward exclusively for children:                    Yes _____ No 
             The ward is called ________________________________. It is on the ______ floor.
             Children up to age _______ are cared for on this ward.

             The steps we can take when a child’s condition gets worse:
             a.) continue to care for the child on the ward with support from Terrace
             b.) transfer the child to ____________________________________ in our hospital,
             b.) transfer the child from our facility to Mills Memorial            hospital.

         The ward has ______ beds for children. Most rooms have _______(#) patients.

         A parent can be with his/her child 24 hours a day?     Yes        No _______

         Or during these times: this is provided most of the time unless a private room is not

            A Special Care Nursery for newborns: Yes _______ No 

B. Staff:
      Physicians who care for children in your unit/hospital:
                 NAME OF PHYSICIAN                                   SPECIALISATION

      If parents are unhappy about the medical care they should follow this process:
      Parent can contact: _____________________________ Tel. _______________________

                                                                WARD                NURSERY
What is the average ratio of nurses to children?
The Nurses who work with children are:
a.) a core group of pediatric nurses,
b.) nurses from adult wards who also routinely
    work with children,
c.) both of the above.
Do you have a lactation specialist/consultant
a) Hours available?
b) Lactation specialist is familiar with premature
c) Electric breast pumps available?
Do any nurses have a speciality relevant to children? (Please indicate the area of specialisation).

What do you do to maintain consistency in care? eg. care plans, shift change nursing rounds,
primary nursing. taped reports, care plans if complicated

If parents are unhappy about the nursing care they should follow this process:
speak with nurse in charge

Parent can contact: ___________________________________ Tel. _______________________

Which health professionals would perform the following procedures?
On average how often in a 3 month period would s/he perform this task on a child?
                              Who on the    Frequency     Who in the   Frequency
                                     Ward                            nursery
Drawing Blood                        Lab staff
Starting IVs                         RN’s/DR’s      6/year
IV antibiotic delivery
Inserting Chest Tubes
Intubating and Hand Ventilating      DR’s           6/year
Types of Ventilator care provided    0
# ventilators available
Heart and Lung Monitoring
Oxygen saturation monitoring
(# of monitors available)            2
NG Tube Feeds                        RN’s           2/year
G or J Tube Feeding                  0
Tracheostomy Care                    0
TPN Care                             0
Central Line Care                    0
Glucose Monitoring                   RN’s
Resuscitation                        All
Chemotherapy                         DR’s/RN’s
Support for infants/children with    Physio/OT
difficulty feeding by mouth

Please add any comments: ________________________________________________________
Please indicate any special equipment that you do not stock e.g. neonatal size supplies

C. Support Services

   Types of medical imaging available:                  Hours:
    X-ray                                                M-F, 8-4 p.m., on-call
    Ultrasound                                           “              “

   Lab Services:                                        Hours: M-F, 8-4 p.m., on-call

    Laboratory can work with very small blood samples:            Yes             No _______

    Can families request a topical anesthetic cream before a poke? Yes _______ No _______

   Types of rehabilitation services available:          Hours:
    Physiotherapy/ OT                                    M-F, 8-4 p.m.

    Social Worker available: Yes _______ No 
    Nutritionist available:  Yes        No _______
D. Family Centred Care: (Please indicate if things are different in the Nursery)

1.      What resources do you have to provide for the play and learning needs of the children?
        When caring for a young baby are you able to reduce stress by controlling noise and
        light? Minimally – due to integration with all of acute care/adults/obst.

What facilities do you have for parents?
                Beds        Showers     Food        Laundry 
        Other: __________________________________________________________________

3.      Can children wear their own clothes? Yes           No _______

4.      Can a parent be with the child during procedures like IV start? Yes  No ______
        Comments: ______________________________________________________________

5.      What processes, tools, procedures are in place to ensure that families are kept up to date
        on their child’s condition? Eg.
                 Daily contact with nurses 
                 Daily contact with physicians 
                 Team meetings with families 
                 Family access to charts __________________________________________
                 Other ________________________________________________________

6.      How are parents made to feel part of the team?

7.      Can siblings visit:                               Yes       No _______
        Is any type of childcare available for siblings   Yes _______ No _______

        Hours: __________________________________________________________________

8.      Is parking convenient & readily available?        Yes         No _______

        What are the parking charges? None

9.      Cafeteria hours: M-F, 9-4 p.m.

10.     If a parent wants to talk with someone at the facility before the transfer, or arrange a
        tour, whom does s/he call?

        Name: ________________________________________________________________
        Tel:    _________________________________________________________________

11.     Do you have a booklet/brochure about the hospital? Yes                No _______

        Please send one to:      Family Resource Library
                                 Room 3D23
                                 Children’s Hospital of British Columbia
                                 4480 Oak Street
                                 Vancouver, B.C.
                                 V6H 3V4

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