Application for admission2011 by HC120915195138


									                   Application for admission
to the China Kids Expo 2011 ·China International Baby Carries & Baby Articles Fair from October 12 – 14,

Deadline is July 31, 2011

No. 101 Fu Xing Men Nei Street, Beijing 100031, China

Name of firm:
 (Please underline the word which is to determine the alphabetic classification in the catalogue)

Person in charge:

Street or P.O. Box:






Invoice address (if different from above address):

Please answer the following questions, marking with√
Fields marked with * must be completed

1、Type of firm: (Please tick as appropriate) *
     □ Manufacturer                                      □ Publisher
     □    Importer                                        □    Rep./ Agent
     □    Wholesale trade

2、Exhibition space required in sqm:                                                       *

     The stand rent is US$ 159.00 per m2
     The system Stand costs US$ 26 per m2
     (minimum stand size 9 sqm and the surcharge for corner stands and head stand is 15%)

     Please give the following essential information:
     Do you need a system-stand?
     □ Yes                  □ No (If not stand limits will be marked on the floor.)

3、Indicate section of branch you belong to: *
     □     Baby Stroller, Baby Walker, Cradle                    □    Car Seat & Carry cot
     □     Infant Toys & Games                                   □    Baby Gifts and Souvenirs
     □     Tricycle, Bike                                        □    Ride-on Toys
     □     Scooter, Skate                                        □    Baby plastic parts
     □     Crib, Children Furniture, Bedding                     □    Infant book, Educational products
     □     High Chair, Feeding Supplies                          □    Children’s clothing, Footwear and Accessories
     □ Infant wear, Footwear and Accessories          □ Pregnancy wear, Underwear and Accessories
     □ Personal Clean & Care Product                  □ Feeding Electrical, Security Product, Travel
     □ Food and nutrition products                    □ Others (please specify)

All exhibits must be indicated in detail on the separate sheet enclosed with this application form. This
information forms the basis of the contract.

Submission of this application means the applicant's explicit acceptance of the following Rules for
Exhibitors issued by China Toy Association. The Exhibitor's Manual and order forms for all services will be
sent to exhibitors later on.

Organizer: China Toy Association

Contact: Lisa Zhu
Tel: 8610-66038881-212
Fax: 8610-66033964
Address: No.101 Fu Xing Men Nei Street, Beijing 100031,China

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