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					                        Blue Peak High School
                           Math Disclosure

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Mathematics is a class that requires practice in order to understand and remember
concepts. Your grade is a reflection of your achievement of course goals, timely
work on assignments, and test scores. Daily work is essential to understanding
mathematics. If you miss class you miss the opportunity to learn new material and
to work with others in the class. Therefore, you should do everything you can to
make sure you are in class every day.

Required Supplies
Students are required to bring a notebook and pencil to class every day. We will
take notes daily, and students should have a notebook in which they can write their
notes and keep them organized. Notebooks may be graded at any time without
prior notice, so students should have their notebooks ready to turn in at any time.
Students are not required to buy a calculator, but they may wish to do so. In class
we will use the TI 30x and/or the TI 83 plus calculators. Occasionally projects will
also be assigned, which may require additional supplies.

Assignments are given on a regular basis, and will be corrected and turned in the
following day in class unless otherwise indicated. Grades are weighted according to
the following scale:

Category                                   Percentage
Assignments                                30%
Starters and Quizzes                       20%
Participation and Notebook                 20%
Tests                                      30%

Academic help is available most Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 2:35 to

Citizenship Grades
Citizenship grades are based on student attendance, behavior, and attitude.
Excessive tardies and/or absences, an uncorrected series of negative behaviors, or
one serious incident could result in a failing citizenship grade. Serious behaviors
might include, but not be limited to conduct such as:
1. Obvious disrespect for school authority or staff members
2. Repeated use of vulgarity or profanity
3. Direct and willful disobedience of classroom rules and school policies
4. Disruption of classroom and/or school activities
5. Theft or destruction of property
6. Cheating on tests or assignments
Absences and Late Work
It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work missed due to an excused
absence. Students may check the make up calendar to see what they missed, and
students are responsible to collect any worksheets missed due to their absence.
Students have one week from the day they return to school to turn in any work
missed when they were absent. After one week, their assignment is late and is
worth 70% of what the assignment would have been worth had it been turned in on
time. Late work from the first half of the quarter must be turned in by the midterm
deadline, and late work from the second half of the quarter must be turned in by the
end of quarter deadline. If a student is absent during a test, that student must make
arrangements with the teacher to make up the test. The student has one week to
make up a missed test, unless other arrangements are made with the teacher. Work
missed due to an unexcused absence cannot be made up.

Film clips are occasionally used to enrich the curriculum. Clips used in class may
include the following titles:
Aladdin (rated G)                                  Stand and Deliver (rated PG)
The Incredibles (rated G)                          The Apple Dumpling Gang (rated G)
The Princess Bride (rated G)                       Monsters, Inc. (rated G)
Donald in Mathmagic Land (rated G)

If you do not want your student to participate in viewing any of these clips, please
indicate on the signature section of this disclosure.

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I have read and reviewed this disclosure statement with my student.
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