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									West Virginia Board of Education
Educational Technology Plan for 21st Century Learners
Strategic Work Plan
Integration and Instruction Work Committee

Task 2                   Action Steps
Provide students an          1. Review data regarding course offerings and determine areas     January     Pam
equitable access to             of need.                                                       2006        Hoppe
curriculum/instruction          http://wveis.k12.wv.us/wveis2004/documents/CourseCodes2
offerings through               005-2006.pdf
technology                  See Attachment A for WV course offerings.

                            Alphabetical list of courses most frequently requested:
                              All foreign language courses
                              American history
                              Art history
                              Career Planning
                              English 4
                              Health
                              Introduction to Photography (Fine Arts requirement course)
                              Mathematics – all levels
                              Physics
                              World History

                         2. Summarize in the CRF the existing courses and define new           September   Pam
                            rigorous courses that may be delivered via technology (virtual     2006        Hoppe
                             See Attachment B for a list of existing courses in WV Virtual

                         3. Maintain existing online rigorous courses that align with WV       October     Pam
                            CSOs and meet SREB evaluation guidelines.                          2006        Hoppe
                         4. Submit to the Legislature a budget to support new virtual school
                         5. Develop or procure additional online courses that align with WV
                            CSOs and meet SREB and WV Virtual School online course
                            evaluation guidelines.
Task 9            Action Steps                                           Timeline       Resources
Provide           1. Analyze current data to determine availability of   January 2006   John Merritt
schools with          existing technology integration specialists.                      Susy Calvert
access to            See Attachment A.
                  2. Determine areas of need.                            February       John Merritt
                                                                         2006           Susy Calvert
                  3. Summarize in the CRF the recommendations for        May 2006       John Merritt
                     staff and funding requirements.                                    Susy Calvert
                  4. Submit a report to the Legislature for required     October 2006   John Merritt
                     funds to support technology information                            Susy Calvert
Task 11           Action Steps                                           Timeline       Resources
3. Provide        1. Analyze current software programs to determine      Ongoing
software that       if they address 21 Century skills, in addition to
supports basic      the basic skills of reading, mathematics,
skills              composition, and technology.
acquisition and
aligns with the          School Kit
WV CSOs.                 http://www.schoolkit.com/
                         SAS
                         http://wvde.state.wv.us/sas/
                         Compass software
                         River Deep software
                         Inspiration software

                  2. Summarize in the CRF and make                       May 2006
                      recommendation for addition, modification and
                      funding requirements.
Task 14           Action Steps                                           Timeline       Resources
4. Ensure         1. Analyze current data.                               January 2006   Sarah Lyons
counties and           Reports will be collected from parent
schools are               involvement compliance in county and
using                     school strategic plans.
technology to
increase          2. Collect county, school and Adult Basic              March 2006
parental and         Education (ABE) data.
community         3. Summarize findings in the CRF.                      May 2006
involvement.      4. Explore partnerships to increase parental           August 2006
                     involvement and promote/deliver ABE and/or
                     install community Technology Opportunity
                     Centers (TOC) for (1) adult education training
                     courses and (2) higher education courses.
Task 16                  Action Steps                                              Timeline   Resources
5. Continue to plan      1. Conduct a meeting with county technology               Ongoing    Sarah Lyons
with county                 coordinators for feedback in implementation of                    Kathy Boone
technology                  BSCE, SUCCESS and TI.                                             Brenda Morris
coordinators for the                                                                          Wes Holland
implementation of
statewide and
federal technology
initiatives (e.g.,         2. Continue E-rate support for planning, requests,      Ongoing    Vickie Allen
SUCCESS,                      discounts, etc.
Technology                 http://access.k12.wv.us/erate/manual/stats/commit.pdf
Infrastructure, E-
rate, EETT, filtering)
that support the
acquisition of 21
Century skills and
improve student
Task 17                   Action Steps                                    Timeline          Resources
6. Continue to support      1. Begin utilization of the resource matrix   January 2006      Keith Butcher
the implementation of          for math, science, language arts and                         Sarah Lyons
standards-based                social studies.
software and curriculum
modules/lesson plans               900 resources for grades 3-8,
that align with the WV              Mathematics and Reading
CSOs and support                    Language Arts from SAS in School
improved student                    Curriculum Pathways and i-Know.
learning (e.g., SAS
InSchool, MarcoPolo,               We are in progress of reviewing
SchoolKiT, Reinventing              approx. 2000 resources for:
Education, Resource                 Grades K-12 Mathematics and
Matrix, Technology                  MarcoPolo Resources for Grades
CSOs, etc.)                         K-12 for all core content

                                   The CSO Resource Matrix page,
                                    Standards and Objectives pages
                                    and Resource list pages should be
                                    completed by February 25, 2006.

                                   Resource links will be made to the
                                    CSO Resource Matrix during March

                            2. Provide technical assistance to SAS        January 2006
                               champion school for improved
                               technology integration.
                               Attachment A

                            3. Target technology integration              September 2005-
                               professional development needed in all     May 2006
                               WV schools including the use of Marco
                               Polo, SchoolKit, Reinventing Education,
                               SAS InSchool.

                                 Digital Divide Survey report on
                                  Professional development
                                 See attachment B.
                            4. Summarize findings in the CRF.             May 2006

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