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College Summary Report Template by BI6e98EE


									                                     College Summary
                                Annual Progress Reports on
                       Gen Ed. Course Assessment of Student Learning

Calendar Year: e.g. 2010
Person(s) preparing report:
Date submitted:
Please check one of the following:
             100% of Departmental Gen. Ed. Course Annual Progress Reports submitted
             The following departments have missing or incomplete Annual Progress Reports:

Number of annual progress reports (with evaluative rubric & comments) attached: ___

1. Summarize the Annual Progress Reports on Gen Ed. Course Assessment of Student Learning in a
   short paragraph for each department.

2. Analyze and provide general comments on the Annual Progress Reports for departments in your
   college/branch. For example: What common elements do you observe, e.g., measures used, forms
   of evidence? Did the assessment measures seem appropriate for the learning outcomes assessed?
   What are the general findings - for some courses without specific results, describe the general
   progress these courses have made on the initiatives included in the approved assessment plans.
   What issues emerge? Does the CARC have some overall observations or recommendations?

3. Summarize the actions taken (or proposed) by departments in response to assessment results.

4. Identify any best practices on Gen. Ed. course assessment Annual Progress Reports. (For example,
   some departments may be exemplary on some elements such as clarity of student learning
   outcomes, assessment methods, measures or forms of evidence used, use of findings, actions
   implemented in response to assessment results or review and feedback processes.)

5. How can the Office of Assessment support the assessment process in your college?

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