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					                                                 Organisational Background
SPEAR is a voluntary agency providing a full spectrum of services to homeless and marginalised people in
and around Richmond, in south-west London. The aim with all our clients is that they are ultimately able to
live independently and manage all areas of their life without the support of SPEAR.

SPEAR’s first project was a night shelter which opened in 1987. The organisation has continued to grow
and develop ever since and today we offer services to hundreds of homeless and vulnerable people,
successfully transforming lives.

We have a mission statement, which we hope states matter-of-factly what we are trying to do:

                         To enable homeless people to access accommodation,
                  and those at risk of homelessness to maintain their accommodation.
                 To support all our service users to the point that they no longer need us.

This mission statement is the driver for everything we do; we not only support homeless people to find a
home, or assist substance misusers to end their use, we also support people to take control of their own
lives and give them the skills and confidence to live independently well beyond their time with SPEAR.

To this end, SPEAR currently operates these services;

          Penny Wade House, a Hostel providing an intensive period of support for people who have
           previously had no access to accommodation.
          An Outreach Team responsible for finding and resettling rough sleepers.
          A Floating Support Team helping clients maintain their tenancies by ensuring that they have the
           necessary skills and support networks, incorporating a Veterans Support Service offering a
           range of support to people who have served in our Armed Forces.
          A Drug and Alcohol Team supporting homeless and vulnerably housed people to tackle drug
           and alcohol addiction.
          Two Young Person’s Residential Projects, in Richmond and Merton, enabling young people to
           achieve independence through supported accommodation.
          A Tenancy Finder Service working with Landlords to broker access to the Private Rented Sector
           for individuals and families.
          A Skills Development service offering meaningful activities, training and a job club to our
           service users

All the services work closely together to provide a joined-up approach as individuals progress towards
living independently. Support is provided to all service users to access meaningful activity, small grants,
preparation for work, training and a wide variety of other services to tackle the issues they face which
prevent them living independently.

More information regarding our services can be found on
                 Why you should work for SPEAR
1.) The ability to change the lives of some of the most marginalised people
    in our society.
SPEAR strives to change for the better the lives of those who experience homelessness, or those at risk of
homelessness. We provide services with the simple aim that every single person we work with finds and keeps a
home. Working for SPEAR gives you (whatever your role is) the tools to truly change the lives of the people we work
with – and to see the results of your input.
2.) SPEAR’s reputation.
SPEAR has an excellent reputation for providing services that truly make a difference to some of the most
marginalised people in our society. You will be working alongside experienced professionals who understand the
inputs needed to bring about such positive change. We attempt to unlock the potential in everyone we work with
and will encourage you to do so too.
We have been appointed to the National Advisory Committee of our sector’s umbrella body and in 2011 we were
highly commended in the Best Charity category of the Richmond Business Awards.
3.) SPEAR’s commitment to training and developing staff
SPEAR is committed to developing the skills and abilities of the people we work with. Training and personal
development ideas will be discussed in supervision meetings and one of the aims of your annual appraisal will be to
produce a mutually-agreed personal development plan for you and your line manager to work through and refer
back to during the year.
We encourage staff to undertake formal or accredited training. Following a satisfactory probationary period we will
happily explore supporting you in this area.
We also like our staff to share their interests or hidden talents with our clients and encourage staff to hold a session
at the hostel, sharing their skills in cookery for example.
4.) Remuneration
SPEAR offers competitive salaries that are comparable – and often better – than other agencies in our sector.
5.) Terms and conditions
All staff start with 26 days holiday per year and this rises up to 31 with length of service. We offer maternity and
paternity leave (as well as other leave) beyond the statutory minimum, to ensure that you maintain a good work-life
balance. Staff are offered a 6% non-contributory pension, access to a Childcare Voucher scheme, and an allowance
for work-related travel. All staff have access to free, confidential counselling (up to six sessions per year) as well as
the opportunity for flexible working hours to fit around caring responsibilities and your circumstances.
6.) Career progression
Several members of staff have come through our trainee scheme, a programme whereby all successful trainees gain
valuable work experience and training in key skills. Others have received an internal promotion since joining this
organisation as a permanent staff member.
7.) The People
In our annual staff satisfaction survey, we ask staff what the best thing about working for SPEAR is. Nearly all of them
say each other! We pride ourselves on developing a culture in which staff meet regularly and communication is free
across the organisation. We have a quarterly team meeting which all staff attend (and contribute to) as well as
monthly “Learning Lunches” run by staff. We offer an induction which ensures that new staff tour all the other
services and meet the majority of people within the organisation. We also regularly bring both staff and service
users together to make decisions which affect the services we offer. Working for SPEAR you truly are part of the
                              Resettlement Programme Manager
This is an exciting new role with SPEAR, with lead responsibility for designing and delivering a new strategic and
operational approach to address the accommodation resettlement challenges SPEAR faces in South West London.

As a member of the Senior Management Team, alongside the Chief Executive, Resources Director, Finance Manager
and two other Programme Managers, the post holder will also be involved in the wider management of the

The Resettlement Programme Manager will take on line management responsibility for the following services:
     Rough Sleeper Outreach
     Floating Support to ex-homeless clients and veterans across a number of registered social landlords, private
       sector and social housing stock.
     Private Rented Sector Brokerage

We will recruit a skilled and experienced manager with a track-record of service development, particularly in the
areas of rough sleeper outreach and the innovative use of private housing stock.

                               Programme Manager - Job Description
MAIN PURPOSE:           Responsible and accountable for the delivery of a specific area of SPEAR’s service provision

REPORTS TO:             Chief Executive

SALARY / HOURS:         £32,800 per annum, 37.5 hours per week

                                            PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES:

1.      Service Delivery and Evaluation
To be responsible and accountable for the effective delivery of a distinct area of high quality services for homeless
and vulnerable people, in line with SPEAR’s mission statement, business plans, policies and procedures.

2.      Resource Management
To be responsible and accountable for the effective management of the financial and human and other resources for
the delivery of a distinct area of SPEAR’s service provision

3.      People Management
To be responsible and accountable for providing leadership, support, motivation, performance management and
direction to staff working in a distinct area of SPEAR’s service provision

4.      Relationship Management
To be responsible and accountable for ensuring effective relationships with commissioning and partner agencies, the
public and other members of the wider community in which SPEAR services are delivered

5.      Service Development
To be responsible and accountable for the improvement and development of a distinct area of SPEAR’s service
provision, in line with client needs, organisational plans, and the commissioning environment

6.      Corporate Responsibilities
To effectively report required management information to the SPEAR Senior Management Team. To be an effective
member of the Senior Management Team, contributing to the wider management of SPEAR
                                                    SPECIFIC DUTIES:

1.         Service Delivery and Evaluation
        To ensure services are delivered to a high quality
        To ensure services are contract/funding compliant
        To ensure services are compliant with SPEAR’s mission statement, business plans, policies and procedures
        To ensure clients receive a high quality of customer service
        To ensure effective information sharing and joint working with SPEAR colleagues

2.         Resource Management
        To ensure that service budgets are set realistically and services are consequently delivered within budget
        To prepare robust business cases for changes to existing resources or for the allocation of new resources.
        To ensure that all housing, utility, phone and other equipment expenditure in the line of service delivery is
         utilised efficiently, economically and effectively
        To work effectively with SPEAR colleagues responsible for volunteering, skills development and fundraising to
         support service delivery and development

3.         People Management
        To undertake or ensure effective line management of staff, including 121’s and appraisals
        To ensure effective regular and professional team meetings take place
        To ensure adequate learning and development opportunities support effective service delivery
        To ensure policies and procedures necessary for effective service delivery are fit for purpose
        To participate and/or facilitate adequate on call cover

4.         Relationship Management
        To ensure effective relationships are developed and maintained with commissioners, funders, and other
         service stakeholders including other organisations SPEAR works in partnership with to deliver services
        To ensure SPEAR enjoys a positive reputation with members of the public and all members of the wider
         community within which SPEAR operates
        To ensure effective relationships are maintained with other SPEAR colleagues and teams

5.         Service Development
        To identify and prioritise new initiatives, service improvements and other developments to improve service
         performance and client benefit
        To deliver new initiatives, service improvements and other developments
        To ensure that service developments are fully informed by client experiences and client involvement
        To ensure service developments support partnership arrangements with other agencies
        To contribute to tenders and other proposals for new services
        To work effectively with commissioners and funders to effectively address any areas of concern raised
        To work effectively with commissioners and funders to inform wider strategic developments and to ensure
         service provision is aligned with wider strategic objectives and best practice in the sector
        To ensure that service developments are implemented to deliver SPEAR’s business plans, including
         organisational wide initiatives such as Progression to Employment and Client Involvement

6.         Corporate Responsibilities
        To ensure that all required reports of service activity and performance are submitted to the SPEAR Chief
         Executive or Resources Director in a timely fashion
        To participate in and contribute to the development of SPEAR through pro-active membership of the Senior
         Management Team and subsequent projects and tasks
        To respond to and investigate complaints by service users according to SPEAR’s policies
        To contribute to Trustee Board and Sub-Committee meetings at the request of the SPEAR Chief Executive
        To undertake other duties as required by the SPEAR Chief Executive in keeping with the purpose and principle
         responsibilities of the post
                        Programme Manager - Person Specification
SKILLS:       Essential:
               Strategic planning and problem solving
               Influencing and negotiation
               Communication and relationship management
               Leadership and management
               Client engagement
               Best practice in person centred and/or Recovery based services
               Good IT skills
               Good report, e-mail, and letter writing skills

               Financial Management
               Tender writing and/or other business report writing

KNOWLEDGE: Essential:
            Best practice in homelessness and/or supported housing services
            Supporting People and/or local authority commissioning and procurement

               Best practice in one or more of the following:
                   Mental Health
                   Substance Use
                   Young Peoples Services
                   Housing Options

              Management, Voluntary Sector or other relevant qualification

EXPERIENCE:   Essential:
               Managing services for vulnerable adults
               Working collaboratively as part of a management team
               Line management
               Recruiting, developing, supporting and managing teams
               Managing a group of services or teams
               Developing and managing budgets
               Service development or implementation
               Strategic or business planning
               Using performance management systems to improve service standards
               Using quality systems to monitor service delivery
               Developing and maintaining effective working partnerships with external agencies, including
                 commissioners or funders
               Leading projects with colleagues from other departments, (i.e. fundraising, finance etc)

               Negotiation of service contracts
               Designing service specifications and/or Service Level Agreements
               Designing and/or delivering quality assurance projects
               Designing and/or developing policies and procedures
               Leading strategic or business planning
                                                Application Form Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in SPEAR...
SPEAR is a small and dynamic team and we highly value the characters, talents and potential of all our staff. We are
committed to promoting equal opportunities and we welcome applications from all parts of the community
especially from those who have experienced periods of homelessness.

Before you start...
Before you start filling out your application form, please take the time to carefully read through these guidelines, the
person specification and the job description. If anything is unclear – now is a good time to give us a call – we’re
always happy to clarify!
We will not accept CVs so please do not send one in place of an application form. Only the information provided
on the application form will be considered.
SPEAR are unable to obtain a work permit for you so please make sure that you are eligible to work in the UK.

Filling in the application form...
Please read all the questions carefully and try to answer as thoroughly as you can, ensuring that the writing, type or
black ink, is neat, clear and concise. A well presented application form can set you apart from other applicants. You
may find it useful to do a rough draft beforehand to avoid making mistakes.
Don’t make any false claims; always be completely honest in your answers.
If you run out of space on the form, you may use a continuation sheet. Continuation sheets should be clearly
numbered with your surname and the position you’ve applied for. Please do not use more than one continuation
sheet, and make sure that it is securely attached to your form.
If there are questions in this form that do not apply to you then just write N/A (not applicable) in the box.

Explaining gaps in your work history...
We would appreciate your explanations if there are any gaps in your work history so that we can avoid making any
unfounded assumptions. These periods may be due to things such as education, maternity leave, travelling or
perhaps a period of homelessness. Please provide dates and information to help clarify the situation.
We believe that personal experience of homelessness can give you valuable insight into working in the sector. We
would encourage you to take your time answering this section, and to be honest with us.

Demonstrating your skills, knowledge and experience...
This is the most important section of your application – you will be assessed by the information you provide in here.
You need to clearly demonstrate how you feel your capabilities are relevant to each of the job specific competencies
in the person specification, taking into account the position you are applying for.

Write a separate paragraph for each competency. It is vital that you illustrate your answers for each competency
with examples from your personal or professional experience, demonstrating that you possess the skills, attitude or
understanding required.

For example, it is easy to say that you have had to liaise with clients to identify and respond to their needs but it is
more effective to give examples of the skills you used and the achievements you made.
Always write in a positive manner, for example; ‘I was responsible for...I organised...’

When we recruit we look for people who show excellent potential and good understanding. We look for those with
transferable skills, not necessarily someone who has worked in a similar position. Always demonstrate how your
skills, knowledge and experience can be applied to the post.
Providing referees...
You need to provide us with the names and contact details for 2 referees from the last 3 years. If applicable, one
should be from your present or most recent employment / line manager and the others from previous employment.

If there are any gaps in your work history, for example due to education or a period of homelessness, we would
request a reference from any services you have named to help us to confirm these gaps. We will not accept personal
references from friends or family, except in exceptional circumstances. If you are not sure who could act as a referee
for you, please contact us and we would be happy to help. Referees will not usually be contacted until an offer of
employment has been made.

Declaring convictions...
Your criminal record will only be taken into account if the conviction is relevant to the position you are applying for.
We will not disregard your application because you have a conviction but we will need to consider the circumstances
and the background of the offence in relation to the particular requirements of the job.

If you are informing us of any conviction(s) please give full details of the offence and the outcome and put into a
separate envelope marked with your surname and addressed for the attention of the Resources Director and
securely attach to the application form. This envelope will only be opened in the event that you are shortlisted for
interview. The Resources Manager will share the contents of the envelope with the panel and they will make a
decision on whether to invite you for interview.

If you do have any concerns, please take the time to discuss them with the Resources Director on 020 7036 9762.

Your health...
If you have or have suffered from any long term medical conditions, physical disabilities or consider yourself to have
a mental health problem which could affect your working arrangements, it is important to let us know. You will not
be penalised for being truthful and, if you are the right candidate for the role, we will make every effort to make sure
your working environment is comfortable and suitable to your needs.

You may inform us in writing of the details of any health conditions and any assistance or adjustments you will need
for attending the interview and for possible working arrangements. Write on a separate sheet and put this into an
envelope marked with your surname and addressed for the attention of the Resources Director and securely attach
to the application form. This envelope will only be opened in the event that you are shortlisted for interview. The
Resources Director will share the contents with the panel and you will be contacted should you need assistance in
attending the interview.

If you do have any concerns, please take the time to discuss them with the Resources Director on 020 7036 9762.

Sending your application...
Please ensure that you return your application in good time before the closing date. Send your completed
application form and equal opportunities monitoring form to: or to Job Application, 89 Heath Road, Twickenham TW1 4AW.
Please make sure that if you are sending by post that you have left enough time for it to arrive before the deadline.

Ensuring equal opportunities...
SPEAR is committed to promoting equal opportunities and to having a diverse team to better reflect the
communities we work with. Therefore we welcome and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, especially those
with a personal history of homelessness, those with disabilities and those from black and ethnic minority groups.

We are committed to employing people with the right skills, talent and potential and as an equal opportunities
employer we want to ensure that those in the community who experience social barriers have an equal opportunity
of getting into and staying in employment.

If you consider yourself to have a medical condition, a mental health condition or to be disabled, it is important for
you to identify any individualised needs and we may be able to make reasonable adjustments during the recruitment
process and to your working arrangements, wherever possible. These include the provision of equipment or support,
changes to your working arrangement, duties or hours etc.

To ensure that our recruitment process is non-discriminatory we only ask for your initial and surname on the
application form and we ask you to fill out an equal opportunities form.

We would be grateful if you could complete the equal opportunities form and send it together with your application
form. On opening, this form is separated from the application form and is not given to the shortlisting team. The
information on this form is treated as confidential and is used for monitoring purposes only.

And finally...
We do not generally acknowledge receipt of applications, unless you specifically ask us to. Once we have shortlisted
– usually within three days of the closing date, we will be in touch to let you know whether or not you have been
selected for interview.

If you have not been selected for interview, or if you are unsuccessful at interview stage, we are more than happy to
provide feedback on your application. We want to ensure that the sector benefits from staff who are motivated and
if we can help you make your next application absolutely brilliant, we’re happy to share!

                                   Thank you and good luck!

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