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                                                                 Social Media - Order Form
Company Name:                                                                                       Company Reg No:

Contact Name:                                                                                       Date of Order:

Email Address:

Contact Address:


Tel No.:                                                                                            No of branches for FB Feed:

                                                                              ORDER DETAILS

Tick if Applicable     Set-Up                                                                               Unit Cost                 VAT (@ 20%)                         Sub-Total

                       Facebook Page set-up                                                                  £200.00                       £40.00                          £240.00

                                                                                                            Unit Cost                        VAT                      Sub-Total monthly
Tick if Applicable     Monthly Subscription Charge
                                                                                                          (Per Month)                     (@ 20%)                       subscription

                       Facebook Datafeed & Property Search                                                    £20.00                        £4.00                           £24.00

                       Twitter Datafeed                                                                      £20.00
                                                                                                                                            £4.00                         £24.00/£0
                       (or free if taken with Facebook feed above)

     TOTAL             Set-up cost (if applicable) plus first monthly subscription                                                  TOTAL (incl VAT)              £

NB. An original hard copy version of your direct debit form must be received before your order can be processed. The DD will be collected
with your other CFP monthly payments..

                                            Please ensure the following are included with your order (tick to confirm)

     Completed direct debit mandate for monthly subscription                                For clients with existing company Facebook Pages, please provide:
     I already have a Direct Debit set-up with GMG Property                           Facebook username: __________________________
Services (CFP). Please add to my existing account.
                                                                                      Facebook password: __________________________
     Cheque for Set up and/or 1 Month Subscription
                                                                                           For Twitter feed please provide your username e.g. @ABCestates

                                                                                      (please note we can only attach one branch to a Twitter feed but multiple branches to your Facebook feed)

This order form constitutes a contract whereby you are required to give us one month’s notice in writing should you wish to cancel this service.
I/we accept that you may undertake a credit reference in order to access my credit history. I/we agree for such a search to be undertaken. I/we further agree that should my credit
terms be breached, my service may be withdrawn after I have been given ten days written notice. I/we also understand Formal credit reports may be requested before opening my
account in order to comply with data protection legislation.

Signed:                                                                               Print Name:

Company:                                                                              Position:

Telephone No. (office):                                                               Mobile No.:

Signed on behalf of GMG Property Services:

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