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									                                       Feed Fannin
                                         One Community, One Spirit
Volume 2 Number 3                         Fannin County, GA and the Copper Basin, TN                            July/August 2010

          We Couldn’t Do It Without You!                                            Feed Fannin Sponsors for May & June
         Feed Fannin had four successful fundraisers in May                                Kathleen Sutherland      Donna Hills
and June, but we couldn’t have done it without the help of                                 Out of the Blue          Christine Martinez
many caring people and businesses in our community.                                        Manuela Canales          Tom Branch
         Thanks to Serenity Garden Café, Christy Lee’s                                     Ronnie Hold, D.D.S.      Anonymous
Courtyard Grille, Harvest on Main, L.L. Beanery Bakery                                     Bert and ReLeah Lent
Café, Anthony’s Bakery, and Lisa Mitchell’s Hair Design for                                Peggy Cleveland and Carl Henderson
contributing to the downtown CakeWalk.
         Thanks to these businesses for contributing raffle
items for our Arts in the Park event: Just Judi's, Harvest on Main,                              Food Bank Report
Andy's Jewelers, The Mailbox Company, Blue Ridge Bird Seed
Company, Chocolate Express, Art and Antiques, Silk Road                         Usually, setting a record is a good thing, as in setting a
Traveler, Lisa Mitchell Hair Design, Belle's Boutique, Love Dogs      record for growing the largest pumpkin or watermelon. The Food
and Cats, Kristina Lees Boutique, Shiny Baubles, Out of the Blue,     Bank set a new record in June, but we are not celebrating. On
The Little Shop -Hallmark, Knit Witch, Higher Ground Massage          June 28, the food bank served thirty families (that’s over ninety
and Body Work Studio/Ann Studley, High Country Art and                people), the largest number of families in its history to receive
Antiques, and Spa Beautiful.                                          food in one day. Doug Davenport, director of the Americorps
         Thanks to Cohutta Grill for organizing “Flapjacks for        Food Bank, said he was amazed at the number of people showing
Feed Fannin” at their Windmill Farms Festival.                        up each day, sometimes as soon as the doors opened, and he
         Thanks to Wrestlers of the South for sponsoring              expressed concern over being able to meet the increasing need.
the wrestling event. Thanks go to Brian Koch, Rick and Diane          “Bring any kind of food--canned meats, pastas, dried beans,
Morgan, and Tim Curtis’ Boy Scout Troop 32 for their help in          cereal; we’ll take anything people can eat.”
making this a successful event. All proceeds went directly to the               He went on to say that a lot of people had shown up who
Americorps Food Bank.                                                 hadn’t been there before, indicating to him that the problem of
         Thanks to Maron Buice for contributing tomato plants to      hunger was spreading. “And people are really grateful,” he said.
the garden.                                                           “They tell us that if it weren’t for the food bank, they don’t know
         Thanks to Fannin County Democratic Party for Feed            what they would do.”
Fannin Buttons.                                                                 Some of the Americorps volunteers told us that
         Thanks to Carol Shannon of Two Paws Up for donations.        sometimes people sit in the parking lot for a long time before
                                                                      coming into the building. Many of these people are embarrassed
As always, we appreciate our business partners and individuals        to ask for food. Doug said one woman just walked up to the glass
who have donated their time or resources to Feed Fannin these         door and stared in. He went to the door and asked her if he could
past two months:                                                      help her. She didn’t say a word. Finally, he said, “Ma’am, do
         The Mailbox Company Laura's Jams         Tim Snead           you need food?” With tears running down her face, she merely
         Ace Hardware Knit Witch Mountain Office Supply               nodded. He helped her get a box of food, but she never did speak
           Steve Martin at Blue Ridge Design Workshop                 and he never saw her again. “She was devastated,” he said.
              Tim Shubert at Blue Ridge Computers                               “The summer is a hard time,” Doug said. “We’ve seen a
                 Ray Patterson at Fannin Wrecker                      lot more children than during the rest of the year.” He reminded
                                                                      us that the food bank often provides food so people can free up
                                                                      what money they have to pay their rent or utilities. “We’re here to
                                                                      create a spark,” he said, “sometimes that’s all we can do.”

                                                                                                Our Mission
                                                                          Working together to educate and encourage our
                                                                            community towards self sufficiency while
                                                                                providing food for those in need.

           Davenport Garden is populated with a whole
         family of scarecrows – come on down and visit them!
      Volunteer Spotlight: Pat & Phil Slaughter                                          Feed Fannin Committees
                         By ReLeah Lent
                                                                           Last year, Feed Fannin worked as a large family, everyone
                                                Feed Fannin got two     pitching in to get the chores done. This year, we are working more
                                             for the price of one       in teams and then coming together on the second and fourth
                                             when the Slaughters        Tuesday to share our progress. There's a place for you in this
                                             volunteered.         Pat   organization, no matter where your skills, talents, or interests lie.
                                             Slaughter is the face      Gardening
                                             (and telephone voice) of      We have five community gardens and support several church
                                             Feed Fannin for new        gardens, so our gardening committee stays busy during growing
                                             volunteers, and her        season. If you like playing in the dirt, this is the place for
                                             husband, Phil, is the      you. Gardening chair is Skip Labelle (706-374-5987), Reggie
                                             treasurer. Luckily for     Lenoir is Davenport Garden supervisor (706-838-4540), and Ham
                                             Feed     Fannin,    they   Kimzey is Ada Garden Supervisor (706-964-6600).
                                             found their way up to      Distribution
                                             the mountains quite by        Getting the crops from the garden to the Americorps Food
accident. “We hadn’t even thought about buying a house,” Pat            Bank is an important job that keeps this team busy around harvest
said when she explained that she had come to Blue Ridge for a           time. They also sponsor Stone Soup Day and other activities that
woman’s retreat and then told Phil that he HAD to see this place.       involve the distribution of food to those who need it. Jane Kimzey
They had lived in a suburb of Atlanta for over thirty years and         (706-964-6600) and Tuly Fodo (706-258-4552) co-chair this
were surprised to find the beauty and peace that lay a little over an   team.
hour away. Phil and Pat came back for a brief vacation and they         Education
saw a house for sale off Highway 60. They decided to take a look           We offered a wide variety of courses last "semester," such as
at it. “By the time we left, Pat had that place decorated and           growing fruit trees, building raised bed gardens, and raising
landscaped,” Phil laughed. They bought the cabin right away and         chickens, to name a few. Beginning in August, we will offer
moved in full-time two years later in 2002.                             another slate of courses, so be on the lookout for these. We need
          As they talked, they looked at each other, laughing at the    people to teach and organize these events. Education chair is Bill
memories they were sharing, first one and then the other filling in     Voyles: 404-455-3965.
the blanks of their story. “We met on a blind date,” Pat said.          Public Relations
“And when I opened the door and saw Pat, I knew I had hit the              This team writes and publishes the newsletter, keeps the
jackpot,” Phil reminisced. Pat was working in the business office       website current, and works on public awareness. They work with
of a large Methodist church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and           the education team to provide information to the public on topics
Phil’s childhood friend was the youth minister. When Phil was           ranging from nutrition to gardening. ReLeah Lent (706-374-1247)
transferred to Charlotte with his job at the FDIC (Federal Deposit      and Brittany Newberry (404-664-6199) co-chair this team.
Insurance Corporation), he called his friend. Before he knew it,
his friend was one of two ministers who married them. “We
                                                                           Feed Fannin needs donations to keep the gardens growing, the
wanted to make sure it worked,” they said of the double dunking.
                                                                        food bank stocked, and the public made aware of our events.
          Both of them have always been in the money, so to
                                                                        You'll see this team at area events, such as Arts in the Park and
speak. Phil has spent his career in the financial field, working at
                                                                        the Wildlife Festival. Roger Herr (423-548-6307) and Marty Kahn
Georgia Tech as a budget analyst, and Pat retired from a company
                                                                        (706-374-3828) co-chair this team.
where she worked in the finance and credit department after
raising their two sons. Together, they keep Feed Fannin’s budget        Special Areas
in the black.                                                              Feed Fannin supports several related special areas, such as
          And how did they get involved with Feed Fannin?               Snack in a Backpack and the Blue Ridge Area Environmental
“We’ve been blessed and we wanted to give back,” Phil said. So,         Action (BRAEA) group. Contact Brittany and Wayne Newberry
when they saw an article in the paper, Phil called founder Barbara      (404-664-6199) and Bert Lent (706-374-1247) for information
Ferer. “We’ve always been involved in the community and                 about BRAEA;         Gaye     Whalton (706-258-4090) for
church,” Pat said, “and we wanted to do something to help               information about Snack in a Backpack.
people.” But being the treasurer is a big responsibility.               Other important contacts:
          “Why did you decide to take on that role in retirement?”         Barbara Ferer, lead coordinator: 706-374-2120
I asked.                                                                   Pat Slaughter, volunteer coordinator - 706-838-4374
          “Well, I saw Barbara in the grocery store after I had been
to a few meetings, and she asked me what career I had had before
retiring. I told her I was in accounting. I got a phone call from her
that night asking if I would be the group’s treasurer.”
          “We stay busy” they said as they got in their car to drive
                       home after helping decorate
                       the Feed Fannin float for the
                       July 4th parade. And anyone
                       who knows the Slaughters can
                       tell you that they wouldn’t
                       have it any other way.
        Guess What's Growing in the Gardens?

Davenport Garden: beans, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, beets,
popcorn, squash, pumpkins, watermelon,
cantaloupes, tomatoes, soybeans, celery
Ada Street Garden: corn, beans
Forge Mill Garden: LOTS of potatoes
Barbara Shesky's garden: squash, cucumbers,
bush beans, tomatoes
John Autry's garden: tomatoes, bush beans

               Feed Fannin Garden Tour
               Join us Saturday, July 31, at 10:00
            a.m. for an enlightening and entertaining                            Feed Fannin’s Summer Activities
            tour of Feed Fannin's community garden
at Davenport Lumber Yard. Learn the secrets of organic               As you can see from the photos below, we’ve had a lot of fun and
gardening from some of the area's most experienced farmers, talk     great camaraderie raising funds and community awareness to help
to master gardeners about problems you may be having with your       the hungry.
vegetables, take away hints for growing magnificent ornamentals,
and enjoy the family of scarecrows who reside in the garden. This
event will be a great family outing after visiting the Farmer's
Market on Main Street! Rain date is August 8.

                         Our Needs
       If you have a single-axle trailer or any gardening
        equipment you would be willing to donate to Feed
        Fannin, call Skip at 706-374-5987.
       New backpacks are needed for Snack in a Backpack.
        Call Gaye at 706-258-4090 if you would like to make a
       The gardening and distribution committees are in need of
        kitchen knives for harvesting. Call Jane at 706-964-         Barbara Ferer, lead coordinator of Feed Fannin, got up close and
        6600.                                                        personal with The Barbarian, the feature wrestler at the Super Stars
       The food pantry always needs canned meats, canned            of the South fundraiser, who agreed to wear a Feed Fannin button.
        fruit, complete boxed meals (the kind that doesn't require
        meat), and fruit juice.

Volunteers are always needed! Please call Pat Slaughter at 706-
838-4376 if you want to help out in the garden or on one of our
                           Calling All Artists!

                          The shed at Davenport Garden has
                          three outside walls that may be perfect
                          canvases for your art. Submit your
                          original garden-themed design to Skip,
                          who will head the committee to choose
                          an artist to beautify the shed. We want
                          our community garden to be lovely as       The Feed Fannin booth at Arts in the Park introduced Aunt Sue’s
well as functional, so get those creative juices flowing and call    and Uncle Stew’s “No-Gnat Hats,” a must for area gardeners with all
Skip at 760-374-5987 or email him at skindamtn@tds.net.              proceeds going to the Snack in a Backpack Program.
                                                                                               Did You Know?
                                                                         Did you know that these eleven fruits and vegetables are the
                                                                         ones most likely to contain pesticides?

                                                                         bell peppers       carrots                  cherries
                                                                         lettuce            spinach                  strawberries
                                                                         potatoes           apples                   nectarines
                                                                         celery             peaches

The 2nd annual Stone Soup Day was a great success! Above,
after enjoying scrumptious creative stone soup, County Commission                       Feed Fannin Sponsor Form
Chairman Bill Simonds signs a proclamation for May 25 as Feed
Fannin Day.



                                                                         Telephone: ______________________________________

                                                                         Email: __________________________________________

                                                                         List the name(s) of anyone you would like to honor with
                                                                         your donation:

Once again, Feed Fannin’s “fertile” minds came up with a great           ________________________________________________
garden-themed float complete with scarecrows and the “American
Gothic” farm couple for the Fourth of July Parade.                       Amount of donation:
                                                                         □ $500.00      □ $250.00            □ $100.00
                   Wisdom from the Wild                                  □ $50.00       □ $25.00             □ $10.00
                         By Sue Campbell
                                                                         You may designate any portion of your gift for a special
                                    Purple Opal Basil also goes by       area, such as Snack in a Backpack.
                                the name Purple Basil or Opal
                                Basil.     It is an annual with          □   Please send a receipt.
                                relatively broad leaves that             □   Please do not include my name in the Sponsors’ list in
                                reproduces prolifically and comes                the newsletter.
                                back easily every season in either       □   Please send me the newsletter via Email.
                                partial sun or full sun locations.
                                This decorative basil is hardy and       Please make checks payable to:
                                determined. It can even come up in               Feed Fannin/Family Connections
                                established sunny grass areas. It is
                                usually first seen in early to mid-      You may donate at www.feedfannin.com or mail this form
                                May with the season warming, and         with your donation to:
it likes some ventilation to the soil that isn’t too rich. If it seems
to be too invasive, the rather shallow root structure pulls up easily.                           Feed Fannin
    Purple Opal Basil has a delightful, delicate taste and can be                               P.O. Box 1085
used as a salad garnish or in vinegars, giving these vinegars a                             Blue Ridge, GA 30513
subtle basil taste with a most distinctive pinkish/mauve color.
This herb grows to a height of 2 ½ to 3 inches. It has an                Feed Fannin is an affiliate of Family Connections, a 501(c)(3)
interesting nature with leaves that stay a reddish green when            non-profit corporation. All gifts are tax-deductible.
growing in the shade or turn a distinctive pinkish red when
growing the sun. Want color in your herb garden? Purple Opal                    YOUR GIFT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Basil will delight your taste buds as well as being a colorful
addition to any area in which it grows.
                    Our Vision
We provide food for the hungry in the Fannin
community through our gardens, education and
donations for the food bank. We educate,
encourage and guide neighbors toward self

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