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                                                        Tony Sellars, Director of Communications
                                                      Office: 405-945-4077 / Cell: 405-313-9890

                         The following is a statement from Feed The Children

While Larry Jones has presented the conflict as a struggle for control of Feed The Children, or a
power-struggle within the Jones family, this has been nothing more than the Board of Directors
acting in its capacity as the governing body of the organization. The Board of Directors, along with
certain members of upper management, have worked for the past two years to correct the
misguided actions and directives of Larry Jones and to end the systematic pattern of free-wheeling
dominance and control that Larry Jones has exercised over this organization. This Board of Directors
and this management team have sought tirelessly to implement sound business practices, along
with more stringent oversight and internal controls to curtail the self-dealing and other financial
improprieties the Board discovered.

Feed The Children is disappointed in the actions and activities of Larry Jones. The discovery of
inappropriate financial dealings, along with the breach of fiduciary duties and the abuse of the
positions held by Larry Jones, left the Board no alternative but to sever the employment relationship
with him. The unexpected discovery of pornographic material, along with other personal items found
in his offices, leaves this Board of Directors saddened, but certain the right decision was made.

“We believe that Larry started out as a man with a mission to help children and families. We will
continue that mission,” said Rick England, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Additionally, we will
continue to defend this organization.”

Feed The Children is a strong, viable organization and the mission of the organization is to provide
aid for children and families in need here in the United States and around the world. With proper
leadership, governance and stewardship, Feed The Children continues to fulfill its Biblical mission
each and every day.

About Feed The Children
Founded in 1979, Feed The Children is consistently ranked as one of the 10 largest international
charities in the U.S., based on private, non-government support. Feed The Children is a Christian,
international, nonprofit relief organization with headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that
delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and families who lack
these essentials due to famine, war, poverty or natural disasters. In FY 2008, Feed The Children
distributed more than 133 million pounds of food and other essentials to children and their families
in all 50 states and internationally, supplementing more than 760,000 meals each day. Since its
founding, the organization has reached out to help those in need in 119 countries around the globe.
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