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           2009 - 2010

                          REAL SO CAL

                                                 Page Number

Section I: Manager Responsibilities
  A. Introduction                                        3
  B. Team Administration                                3-4
  C. Team Expenses                                      4-5
  D. Team Fundraising                                    6
  E. RSC Tournaments/Fundraisers                         6
  F. Website Team Page                                  6-7

Section II: Registration Procedures
  A. Real So Cal Player Registration                8-11
  B. Player Release                                  11
  C. Player Transfer and Roster Freeze               12
  D. Administrator Registration                      12
  E. Risk Management                                 13
  F. Coach Licensing                                 13

Section III: Financial Policies and Forms
  A. Membership Financial Agreement and Form        14-16
  B. Club Fee Schedule                              17-19
  C. Injury and Illness Policy                       19
  D. Financial Aid Policy and Form                  20-22
  E. Method of Payment                               23
  F. Promissory Note and Form                       23-24
  G. Coach Expense Reimbursements and Form          25-26

Section IV: Uniforms                                    27

Section V: League of Play                           28-29

Section VI: Tournaments                                 30

Section VII: State and National Cup                     31

Section VIII: Grievance Policy and Procedure        32-34

Section IX: Contact Directory                           35
                                       Section I
                                 Manager Responsibilities

A. Introduction:

As a Real So Cal Manager, you will quickly find out that you hold a great deal of responsibility.
As a new manager, you will have a lot of questions on responsibilities and procedures. If you are
an existing manager, you may need to refresh your memory on subjects from time to time. This
manual is designed for all managers to answer many of your questions and be a resource to refer
back to on various procedures.

In addition to this manual, our website is a also a source of information about our club. You
should familiarize yourself with the website so you can direct your team parents on how to find
the information they need as well.

First and foremost, it is important that all of our managers carry themselves in a professional
manner. As a team manager, you are a representative of Real So Cal and should never display
bad behavior such as rudeness to other teams, referee/coach bashing, gossiping, etc.

Each coach has a slightly different style when working with their managers. However, generally
the responsibility of the manager is to deliver information to the team from the coach/club as
well as perform/coordinate various administrative and team responsibilities. Although managers
serve as communication liaisons on many occasions between the parents and the coach and the
parents and the club, Managers do not have the authority to select players, select coaches,
remove players or coaches. All administration questions go to the manager and all player, game
lineup, game strategy, playing time and roster questions should be directed to the coach.

B. Team Administration:

It is not necessary for you to handle everything yourself. Delegation of jobs to other parents on
the team is encouraged. Delegate as much or as little as you like. These duties include:

                TREASURER – Responsible for collecting the team funds and dispersing
                 payments as necessary for team expenses. Budget recaps shall be provided
                 to the team quarterly.
                GAME DAY PARENT – Responsible for carrying the player cards, player
                 medical release forms and any necessary referee fees to the game and
                 checking in the team as necessary. If unavailable on any day, they are
                 responsible for finding someone to cover for them.
                CANOPY/BENCH PARENT – Responsible for bringing the team canopy
                 and bench to every game. If unavailable on any day, they are responsible for
                 finding someone to cover for them.
                TOURNAMENT LIAISON – Responsible for entering tournaments as
                 requested by the coach and providing tournament information to team
                 communications parent for distribution to the team.
                COMMUNICATIONS – Responsible for providing information to the team
                 as instructed by the coach or the club either by email or by phone. Will also

                 be the point person for the club and will need to forward information received
                 as necessary.
                REGISTRATION SPECIALIST – Responsible for registering new and
                 existing players for the new season and any new players that join during the
                 year. This job function should also include uniform ordering.
                VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – Responsible for coordinating
                 volunteers for any club needs; i.e. Real So Cal tournament, fundraising
                 events, lining game fields during league season, etc.
                SOCIAL DIRECTOR – Responsible for coordinating any team parties
                 during the year.
                 for coordinating team pictures, pictures for the website as well as
                 coordinating any game filming with Real So Cal contact Briggs Palmer as
                 well as setting up team viewing of the games with coach.
                WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR – Responsible for keeping team web page
                 updated on the Real So Cal website.

            It is recommended that you fill these positions at the beginning of the year
            and share the responsibilities across the team. Everyone needs to volunteer.

C. Team Expenses:

     There will be expenses that the team incurs that are not covered by your club fees. Some
     of these expenses may include:

                Extra Uniform for borrowed players.
                Travel
                Supplemental Financial Hardship fund for your team.
                Team Gifts.
                Tournaments not included in club fees.
                Coaches travel expenses (food, lodging, and/or mileage)
                Referee Fees.

     It will be necessary for the team to establish a bank account. It is advisable to secure
     your bank account at the same bank where RSC banks. Our bank is California United
     Bank, 310-984-3332. Contact is Max Bruno.

     All managers/team reps are required to complete a team expense form similar to the form
     below no less frequently than quarterly and submit a copy to each parent on the team, as
     well as to Howard Fink on behalf of the club at

             REAL SO CAL ______________________________


PERIOD BEGINNING:                              PERIOD ENDING:


           Parent Deposits:
           Other (Describe):

                      TOTAL INFLOWS:

          Referee Fees:
          Tournament Fees:
          Coach Expenses reimbursements:
          Other (Describe):

                    TOTAL OUTFLOWS:


D. Team Fund Raising:
Team Fund Raising should be an on going effort. As noted above, your team will incur expenses
that will need to be paid for. It will take the burden off the individual families if the team you
manage participates in its own fundraising efforts. The money raised from your team fundraisers
goes directly to your own team. Teams may choose a variety of ways to fundraise. However,
please note that any fundraising effort must be pre-approved by the board of Directors and the
use of the RSC logo must have pre-approved permission for use by the Board of Directors.

E. Real So Cal Tournaments/Fundraisers:
Real So Cal Tournaments are the Club’s primary fundraiser. However, we may hold additional
fundraisers each year. The continuing financial success of the Club is dependent on the revenue
generated from the tournaments and fundraisers.

Our tournaments are run entirely by volunteers from our membership. At the time of
registration, parents sign an agreement that includes a commitment to perform volunteer hours
for the Club. If they do not want to volunteer during the year, they can opt out of this
requirement by paying $300 at time of registration. However, this is not what we would
encourage. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers and would much rather have the
volunteer help than the money.

The hours required vary each year based on the number of teams entered into the tournament and
the tournament location(s). Each family should plan on committing up to 10 hours per year per
player in support of the tournaments/fundraisers. Every family is required to volunteer for each
team in which they have a player registered. Failure to volunteer the required hours will result in
a $300 fine payable, in advance of the tournament.

Someone from your team must act as Tournament Liaison. This is an important assignment but
one you should delegate to another very responsible parent on your team. The liaison must
attend all tournament meetings, obtain the team volunteer assignment list, and fill all of the
positions assigned. The tournament responsibilities vary from year to year, so it is essential that
you choose a person who is flexible, cooperative and can rise to the occasion.

F. Website Team Page: Briggs Palmer is our Club Webmaster. The instructions below
   have been created by him and any questions and/or problems should be directed to him at

A standard web page has been created for all of you. It consists of four parts:

1. Roster and Contacts (access through team web page / team log in by using your email
address and your CSL password). If you are new to the club, or do not yet have access to your
team page, please contact Briggs Palmer.

2. Team News and Announcements (access through by using your
CSL user ID and password)
   click on the edit button and you can add text, pictures, etc...

3. Schedules (access through by using your CSL user ID and
  click on the edit button and you can set up a link to you schedule, or create your own schedule

4. Accomplishments (access through by using your CSL user ID and
   plug your team...

You may also add another "center article" by clicking on the green button below the sub
department which shows the name of your team. Name it anything you want, put anything
appropriate there you wish...

Each article has a sequence number... leave the ones I set up alone... If you wish to add another
center article, give it #25. As you add articles, increase each sequence # by 5.

After you make any changes to your page,          click on "update SEQ/republish" ... this updates the
Sequence Numbers for all Center Articles on this page, & republishes the page to the public website.

For specific instructions, please refer to the Web Writer manual which can be downloaded
from after you log in.

* No last names on rosters from U8-U12... Please!!! If you have input the last names of your
players, please take them off. This is a safety precaution and must be adhered to.

                                        Section II
                                 Registration Procedures

RSC Registration Procedures are under the auspices of the California Youth Soccer
Registration Procedures may be found on the web site as well as in this section of
the Manager’s Manual. Cal South Registration supercedes those of RSC but additional Club
procedures are provided for in this section. If you as a manager have questions about proper
procedure, you are directed to contact the Club Registrar (Jose Dryjanski). The Club Registrar
will contact Cal South should the necessity arise to do so. You are respectfully requested not to
contact Cal South with registration questions. They will not return your call.

With the new online registration system, people do need to call tech support for password
assistance and other reasons having to do with the ADG system. We should clarify that we don’t
want them calling for any other reason.

A. Real So Cal Player Registration
Prior to the beginning of each new season, specific registration instructions are sent to all
managers. However, throughout the year you may be adding players to your team as directed by
your coach. Listed below are the general steps needed to register a new player. All players and
administrators must have a complete registration packet including complete financial forms
before registration will be accepted. The team manager may delegate the forms collection to a
responsible parent, but final responsibility remains with the manager. If you have registration
questions, please contact the registrar, not CYSA-S.

All applications must be submitted via the electronic registration process. No handwritten forms
can be accepted.

All Players:

      Payment: You may pay your club fees either by check or with a credit card. If you wish
       to pay by credit card, DO NOT PAY FROM WITHIN THE CAL SOUTH
       ( and select “online payments” from the menu on the left side. Follow
       the instructions and print a receipt. Attach the check for the players fees, credit card
       authorization and promissory note as needed. No card will be issued without proof of
       required payment.
      Pictures: Each player pass requires a headshot photo of the player. One of the new
       options on the Calsouth system is the capability to upload your player’s picture. This is a
       great function and should be done where possible. However, please note that the picture
       inserted should be a passport style, cropped headshot only (from the top of their head to
       the tip of their chin). If you did not upload your player’s picture during the registration

       process, you will need to provide two pictures of your player (head shot, passport size).
       One player picture will ultimately be affixed to the player card and one picture should be
       attached to one of the registration form copies and kept in the team notebook.
      Birth Certificate: Attach one copy of the player’s Birth Certificate. New players must
       also submit an original or certified copy of the Birth Certificate for verification by
       the Registrar. This copy will be returned. Under NO circumstances will a hospital birth
       record be accepted. According to CYSA regulations this constitutes an ineligible player,
       and all games this player participates in are subject to forfeit. If you have a question, ask
       early so player registration is not delayed! Keep one copy of the birth certificate for your
      Membership Financial, Player and Volunteer Agreement Form – An originally
       signed Membership Financial, Player and Volunteer Agreement Form must be submitted
       at the time of registration. This form will print during registration.
      Promissory Note: A promissory must be completed if full payment is not paid at time of
       registration. The amount of the promissory note should be the amount left unpaid. For
       instance, if the total club fee is $1,600, and you paid $800 at time of registration, you
       would also need to provide a promissory note for $800. You can find the form on the
       Real So Cal website under “registration and forms”.
      Financial Aid Application: Financial Aid is only provided on a need basis. You can
       find the form on our website and it must be filled out completely and submitted with all
       of the appropriate documentation before it will be considered. More details on Financial
       Aid are listed in this manual with the financial aid form. The form can also be found on
       the Real So Cal website under “registration and forms” in both English and Spanish

       Please note that you must also fill out a financial aid application if you are paying full
       price but request a different payment plan other than the three payment program. At the
       beginning of the season, all Financial Aid Applications must be submitted to Howard
       Fink by May 15th for approval.
                      Howard Fink
                      Real So Cal
                      20700 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 340
                      Woodland Hills, CA 91364
       The form will be returned promptly either denied or approved with the financial aid
       details and payment stubs. Remember, a promissory note must be provided for any
       amount unpaid at time of registration according to the financial aid agreement.
      Player Passes: The player pass along with a laminating pouch will be issued by the
       registrar when complete paperwork is received and payment verified. When you receive
       the cards, you will need to affix pictures (if not preprinted by downloading onto the
       CalSouth website during registration). The card should then be laminated and put on
       your team player card ring.

       You must show your player card for each member of your team each game you play at
       tournaments and in league play. So it is very important to take care of your player cards
       and keep them in a safe place. If they are lost or misplaced, replacement cards will cost
       $25.00 each.

For Returning Players: Go to Click on “Registration/Forms”. Click
on the link half way down on the page entitled “CLICK HERE TO BEGIN REGISTRATION”.
This will take you to the Real So Cal front page of the Cal South website. Once you are on the
Real So Cal front page of the Cal South website, Click on “register” and then log onto your
existing account. If you have forgotten your user name and/or password, you can enter your
player’s personal information and the system will locate your player for you. If you still cannot
find your player, please call the Cal South technical assistance line listed at the bottom of the
website’s front page and have it reset.

The reason this is important is that your child has been assigned a player number. The player
number on the card must match the player number on the form. If you just open a new account,
your child will be assigned a new player number on the form and then the registration form and
the player card will not match.

Once you have gotten into your account, follow the instructions.

Make sure that you print a copy of the registration form and sign it. The Volunteer
Agreement/Parent Acknowledgment form will also print at this time. The original of this
document also needs to be filled out and submitted with your registration.

For New Players: Go to Click on “Registration/Forms”. Click on the
link half way down on the page entitled “CLICK HERE TO BEGIN REGISTRATION”. This
will take you to the Real So Cal front page of the Cal South website. Once you are on the Real
So Cal front page of the Cal South website, Click on “register”, the “new player”. Make sure
that the name you register your player under is exactly as it appears on their birth certificate (no
nicknames). Your club is Real So Cal and your playing level is “competitive”.

Make sure that you print a copy of the form and originally sign it. The Volunteer
Agreement/Parent Acknowledgment form will also print at this time. The original of this
document also needs to be filled out and submitted with your registration.

Registration Checklist: At the beginning of the season, you will make an appointment to
register your entire team at one time to save both yours and our registrar’s time. Please make
sure that you have the following for each player when you come to your appointment:

   1. Registration Form – 1 copy completed with signature.
   2. Birth Certificate – Original and one copy if they are a new player to Real So Cal. If
      they are an existing player with Real So Cal, you will only need a copy.
   3. Membership Financial, Player and Volunteer Agreement Form – 1 copy completed
      with an original signature. If they are opting out of volunteering, you also must include a
      $300 check.
   4. Payment – Check or credit card verification for at least the minimum amount due. No
      player can be registered without payment.
   5. Promissory Note – Include a promissory note for any unpaid amount based on total
      amount due for the year. If a player is receiving financial aid, base the promissory note
      on the information reflected in that document. More detailed instructions are listed in the
      financial policies section of this handbook.

The remainder of the year, you will work directly with our registrar, Jose Dryjanski and our
President, Howard Fink as follows:

You will send Howard Fink all of the financial documentation:
      1. Payments
      2. Promissory Notes (where applicable)
      3. Financial Aid Applications (where applicable)
      4. Membership Financial, Player and Volunteer Agreement Form

You will provide Jose Dryjanski with the registration paperwork:
      1. Registration Form
      2. Birth Certificate

Please contact Jose when you have a new player to register and he will either set up an
appointment with you or make appropriate arrangements to register your player expeditiously.

If you have a question or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our registrar. He
requests that the managers contact him with any questions rather than have players or parents
call. This will keep this process more efficient!

Jose Dryjanski (Registrar)           (818) 719-4290
                                     24846 Paseo Primario
                                     Calabasas, CA 91302

Howard Fink (President)              c/o Real So Cal
                                     20700 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 340
                                     Woodland Hills, CA 91364

B. Player Release
Please visit the web site for the most current information. You will receive
updates as available. Please contact the registrar for further information.

A Player may drop from a team at any time for any reason as long as the player is in good
financial standing per CYSA regulations.

For proper procedure, please check the web site or contact the registrar.

Jose Dryjanski (Registrar)        (818) 719-4290

C. Player Transfer and Roster Freeze
Please visit the web site for the most current information. You will receive
updates as available. Please contact the registrar for further information.

A player may transfer to another team only after the player has been properly released from the
team on which he was originally registered. A team may only accept five transfers to the team
during the seasonal year.

A player is restricted from transfer during several periods during the year.

      Roster Freeze CYSA: No player may transfer between the beginning of August and the
       end of November. You should check the Calsouth website for the exact dates. A
       Transfer Waiver may be applied for but is rarely granted. A transfer waiver is to be used
       when a player moves a significant distance prohibiting them from continuing with their
       current team, etc.
      Roster Freeze State/National Cup: Both State and National Cup have dates on which
       rosters are frozen and dates on which players are cup tied. A player is cup tied if on a
       roster of a participating team in any Cup competition on the Cup Tied Date. If a player
       has been released before the Cup tied date, or has not yet signed with a team, he or she
       may be added before the roster freeze date. Please check the Cal South web site for dates
       in your age group and tournament.

For proper procedure, please check the web site or contact the registrar.

Jose Dryjanski (Registrar)         (818) 719-4290

D. Administrator Registration

An administrator is defined to include all trainers/coaches, managers and assistants who have
direct player contact and responsibility. All administrators must have risk management
clearance BEFORE having contact with any player. (Please see Risk Management)

All administrators must fill out an Administrator team assignment form. This should be
submitted to the registrar after the administrator has cleared Risk Management. No
administrator will be registered without this clearance.

When a new coach or trainer is registering, the registration form should accompany a copy of
BOTH SIDES of their current coaching license. (Please see Coaching Licensing)

A card will be issued by the registrar after the above conditions have been met. A picture should
be affixed onto the card (if not downloaded during registration on the Cal South website) and
then it should be laminated and placed on the team player card ring.
E. Risk Management

Risk Management is a division of Cal South dedicated to the safety of our members. Each
person having contact with players will conform to the standards set by Cal South.

Risk Management clearance must be obtained prior to having any player contact. Failure
to observe this ruling will result in immediate dismissal from the RSC organization and possible
action by CYSA.

To obtain Risk Management access, click on “Programs”, then “Risk
Management” and follow the procedures outlined. The proposed Administrator will be finger
printed and photographed with other checks run as determined by CYSA.

The registrar will notify members when their cards are ready.

F. Coach Licensing
All of the coaches and trainers affiliated with Real So Cal maintain a minimum of an E Level
License with CYSA.

Managers are also encouraged to maintain an E License. (For dates and time of courses, see If the manager is unable or unwilling to maintain this License, every effort should
be made to see that an appropriate person affiliated with the team has an E License. The
manager should consult with the coach to properly identify an individual for this role. This
person may have to substitute for the coach should an emergency arise such that the team would
otherwise be forced to forfeit a competition.

Questions should be directed to the Directors of Coaching.

                                       Section III
                               Financial Policies & Forms

   A. Membership Financial Agreement:

                                        Real So Cal
                             Membership Financial Agreement


Dues for RSC Soccer season (June 1 to May 31) will be determined each year as needed. The
fees for U9 teams will be reduced. A discount determined by the club officials is allowed when
dues and team account fees are paid in full on or before team registration day for U10 – U19
players. This discount will be reflected on the Season’s Fee Schedule.

Minimum Required Payment Schedule: All payments arrangements must conform to the
policies listed below and are subject to approval by the Club.

Due on June 1 (or Registration Day): 50% of yearly dues and the balance secured by a
promissory note. Minimum payment schedule: 25% due on September 1 and 25% due on
November 1.

Payment must be made on or before registration day.

Payment Default:

RSC is a membership organization. Unpaid dues represent funds not available to meet Club
expenses. Unpaid and defaulting membership accounts information is available to Club
members. The Team Managers are involved in the process of collecting money.

Any player delinquent in dues will be notified by the Club and prohibited from participating in
any Club/team training. Non-Payment of dues will be notified in writing and appropriate paper
work filed with CYSA.

Players not meeting minimum payments are subject to having training and membership
privileges revoked.

Drop Policy:

For whatever reason, if a player drops or is dropped from the Club, a refund may be granted as
per the club fee policy letter published each season. We do not prorate for days in a month. For
the drop initiated by a member to be effective, the CYSA Drop/Transfer must be filed with the
Registrar. The effective date will always be the date the registrar processes the drop.

Late Adds:

The amount of the membership fee for a late add player is defined in the club fee schedule.
Uniform and equipment fees are not included.

Included Services Provided in Club Fees:

Coaching and training, Goalkeeper training, administration, State Cup tournaments, our club
Sponsored tournaments, field usage, lights, CYSA, Gaming League Registrations and anything
else as determined by the Club Officials each year.

A tremendous amount of work is performed, much of it by volunteers, in addition to the noted
services. The membership fee is similar to tuition. If you are unable to attend a tournament, or
train due to illness, no refund is due; no adjustment to the membership fee is allowed. Also, as
volunteers perform many services, you waive any right of action against the Club or any
volunteer as a result of your use of Club services or facilities.

Special Note 1: Club policy is to allow Coaches to train more than one team in the club.
Therefore it is inevitable that Coaches will on occasion be unable to attend certain games. Every
effort will be made by the Club to arrange for substitute coaches.

Special Note 2: Club soccer is a competitive environment. Efforts are made to attract good
soccer players during tryouts and throughout the year. Rosters will change. Your son/daughter
may not practice on the day or at the time you desire, play the position you desire, or play the
amount of time you desire in a game.

These are realities of Club soccer, none of which have any effect on your commitment to pay the
membership dues. By signing the Membership Financial, Player and Volunteer Form, you agree
to abide by the rules, policies, and procedures of West Valley Soccer and Real SoCal and be
governed by its representatives. The Board meets monthly and encourages member to submit
their concerns, comments, etc.

Mission Statement: Real SoCal is committed to becoming the center for
soccer excellence dedicated to teaching the game of soccer to youth in a
positive environment.    Real SoCal is part of non-profit membership

       1. Membership Financial, Player and Volunteer Form: This form can be found at
 under “registration and forms” and is part of the registration
          package and be completed by all members. Coaches with players in Real So Cal are
          required to volunteer up to 5 hours per player in support of that team’s volunteer
          requirements for the Real So Cal tournament.
                             Membership Financial, Player & Volunteer
                                 Agreement Form 09/10 Season

       □       *I agree to volunteer up to ten hours per player in support of Real So Cal’s tournament
       or other fundraising activities (casino night, silent auction, club picnic, awards banquet, etc.).
       This volunteer work is in addition to that which may be required for my team throughout the
       year in lining fields, etc. I will volunteer the weekend my child plays in the tournament and I
       understand that I may need to work during my child’s game. I will volunteer even if my
       child/team is not participating in the tournament. I further understand that if I have not heard
       from my manager 10 days prior to the tournament, it is my responsibility to contact Darlene
       Quintanar – to receive a volunteer assignment.

       □  I will not participate in volunteering and therefore agree to pay $300. I have enclosed a
       check in this amount made payable to Real So Cal.

*Failure to fulfill the volunteer requirement will result in a fine of $300. A player will not be
permitted to participate in the tournament nor train after the tournament until the $300.
obligation is met.

                                    Signed and Return to Team Manager

       We have read the Real So Cal Parent/Player Handbook and we agree to abide by the policies
       therein. At the end of this season our commitment is complete and player is free to play for
       another team. Likewise, the Club’s commitment to us is complete at the end of this season.
       Player is free to attend or to decide not to attend tryouts for next year’s team.

       We have read the Membership Financial, Player & Volunteer Agreement and agree to the terms
       and conditions of West Valley Soccer and Real So Cal.

       Sign and Return This Page ONLY to Your Team Manager

       PLAYER’S NAME (Print): _____________________________________________________

       PARENT’S NAME (Print): _____________________________________________________

       PARENT’S NAME (Print): _____________________________________________________

       EMAIL (Print): ________________________________ PHONE #______________________

       TEAM: BOYS – GIRLS U_______              RSC WHITE,        RSC BLUE,       RSC BLACK.

       SIGNED: ____________________________________                  DATE: _____________________

   B. 2009-2010 Club Fee Schedule:

      CLUB FEE SCHEDULE U10-U19 (Non-Academy) 2009/10
Annual Fee - $1600     June 1st - August 15th Registration
Three Payment Plan Option

$800 received at time of team registration (May/June)
$400 received on or before 9/1/09
$400 received on or before 11/1/09
One or Two Payment Plan Discount Options - $160 discount**

There are two ways to take advantage of the $160 discount

       Pay $1,440 at the time of team registration. (May/June)
       Pay $800 at the time of team registration (May/June) AND pay the
       balance of $640 by July 15th.
** Team account fund must be paid in order to receive $160. Discount

Multiple player family discount* - 2nd player $100, 3rd player $200, 4th player $300
*sibling discounts do not apply when a sibling is an Academy player.
Prorated fee provisions –
Aug 16th - Sept 15th Reg-fee is $1350 ($675 at Reg & $675 in 60 days)
Sept 16th – Oct 15th Reg-fee is $1200 ($600 at Reg & $600 in 60 days)
Oct 16th – Nov 15th Reg-fee is $1000 ($500 at Reg & $500 in 60 days)
Nov 16th – Dec 31st Reg-fee is $800 ($400 at Reg & $400 in 60 days)
Jan 1st – Jan 31st Reg-fee is $625 ($325 at Reg & $300 in 60 days)
Feb 1st – Feb 28th Reg fee is $500 Due at Reg
March 1st – March 31st Reg fee is $375 Due at Reg
April 1st – April 30th Reg is $250 Due at Reg
AFTER April - $125 Due at Reg

                     CLUB FEE SCHEDULE U9 – 2009/10
Annual Fee - $1400     June 1st - August 15th Registration
Three Payment Plan Option

$700 received at time of team registration (May/June)
$350 received on or before 9/1/09
$350 received on or before 11/1/09
One or Two Payment Plan Discount Options - $140 discount**

There are two ways to take advantage of the $140 discount

       Pay $1,260 at the time of team registration. (May/June)
       Pay $700 at the time of team registration (May/June) AND pay the
       balance of $560 by July 15th.
** Team account fund must be paid in order to receive $140. Discount

Prorated fee provisions –
Aug 16th - Sept 15th Reg-fee is $1250 ($625 at Reg & $625 in 60 days)
Sept 16th – Oct 15th Reg-fee is $1100 ($550 at Reg & $550 in 60 days)
Oct 16th – Nov 15th Reg-fee is $900 ($450 at Reg & $450 in 60 days)
Nov 16th – Dec 31st Reg-fee is $700 ($350 at Reg & $350 in 60 days)
Jan 1st – Jan 31st Reg-fee is $525 ($275 at Reg & $250 in 60 days)
Feb 1st – Feb 28th Reg fee is $400 Due at Reg
March 1st – March 31st Reg fee is $275 Due at Reg
April 1st – April 30th Reg is $150 Due at Reg
AFTER April - $75 Due at Reg


                                    TEAM ACCOUNT

Payment to a team account, as determined by the team manager and subject to club approval, not
to exceed $200 at time of registration. Team expenditures may require paying additional amounts
later in the season as needed.

                                 REFUND SCHEDULE

DROP/TRANSFER up to 8/31-Refund = Reg paid in excess of $800 ($700 U9)
DROP/TRANSFER Between 9/1 & 12/31-Refund = Reg Paid in excess of $1200 ($1050 U9)


   C. Injury and Illness Policy:
Soccer is a physical sport where injury, though regrettable, is sometimes unavoidable. The club
also understands that in club of our size players may contract serious illness. With this in mind
the club financial policy is as follows:

“Injury” or “illness”, for these purposes, is defined to include physical maladies causing a player
to be unable to play or practice for a minimum of two months.

The club shall act according to all rules and regulations of CYSA and its affiliated leagues
fulfilling requirements for reporting injuries to the appropriate agency. A copy of the injury
report should also be submitted to the Board. In the case of severe illness, the manager shall also
submit a brief report to the Board.

Should it be found that a player is unable to return for the remainder of the seasonal year, a
player release shall be initiated and appropriate refund issued according to the refund policy.

Should a player be out for 90 days or more, financial consideration will be made as follows:

                       90-120 days:     20% of the fee for the seasonal year.
                       120-150 days:    30% of the fee for the seasonal year.
                       150-180 days:    40% of the fee for the seasonal year.
                       180-210 days:    50% of the fee for the seasonal year.

Refunds will only be issued to players that have paid their fees in full.

Older Injury or Illness (U14 – U19):

For the purpose of this policy, days of injury/illness do not include the months of December,
January and February.

   D. Financial Aid Policy

The Financial Aid Form MUST be received by Howard Fink by May 15 th of any given
registration year.

   1. Policy
   Real SoCal is committed to excellence in youth soccer. In pursuit of this commitment, we
   believe that:
        Fees for all players should be kept at the minimum level permitting full Club
        Fund raising by the Club must be pursued with the full support of the membership.
        Sponsorship should be solicited to reduce the costs of Club operations and to provide
          assistance to players with financial need.
        The funds raised by the Club will be distributed first to offset existing costs to all
          players and then a portion reserved to provide tuition assistance to those with
          demonstrated financial need and the statement of the Coach and the Manager that the
          player is necessary to the team and is supported financially by the team as needed.
        All financial documentation submitted will be held in the strictest confidence for use
          only in determining financial need.
        It is Club policy to provide aid of no more than 50% of the fees for the seasonal year
          and due to the volume of applicants in the past, aid granted normally cannot exceed
          33% of the annual fee. Applicants and team members should take these factors into
          consideration when applying for aid. It is the responsibility of the player and then the
          team to raise other funds that may be necessary for proper fulfillment of financial
          obligations to the Club.
        It is policy of the Club to limit aid availability only to members in good standing. If
          other financial obligations are not met, the player may not train and may not register
          to play the following year.
        Aid credit will be applied as the LAST payment due from the player. If payments are
          not paid as agreed, aid monies will be forfeited back to the club.
        The Financial Aid Request Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted to
          Howard Fink, President, before a request can be considered.
        Howard Fink is the only person in Real So Cal authorized to grant financial aid to a

   2. Financial Aid Form: Any player must be filled out in its entirety and then submitted
      with the appropriate documentation to:
                    Howard Fink
                    c/o Real So Cal
                    20700 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 340
                    Woodland Hills, CA 91364
              The Financial Aid form can be found on our website in both English and Spanish

                                               Real So Cal
                                 Financial Aid Request Form 2009-2010
              Financial Aid will only be considered if this form is completed and returned!

Approval of this application is conditioned on all of the required information being submitted and is subject to
available club funds. Applications are prioritized based on need. It should be understood per club guidelines that no
more than 50% of the annual fee can be granted in aid by the club, and due to the volume of applications in the past,
aid granted normally cannot exceed 33% of the annual fee. Applicants and team members should take these factors
into consideration when applying for aid.

The information requested below will be kept confidential but is necessary to assure that only those for whom
payment presents a material hardship as opposed to a mere inconvenience are provided financial assistance. Our
resources are limited and applications are considered on a needs basis only. Please note that recipients will be
required to perform volunteer services to the club in return for financial aid. Please complete the attached
volunteer registration form. You will be contacted with your assignment.

Date ____________ Phone_____________________ Email_____________________________

Player Name: _____________________Team: B/G U ___ Wht, Blu, Blk, Acad DOB: ________

Father name, occupation, and monthly income:________________________________________
Mother name, occupation, and monthly income:_______________________________________


Guardian name, occupation, and monthly income:_____________________________________

Describe the reason for and the amount of aid requested:________________________________

How much are you committing to pay now, and then on a monthly basis (You must make a


I pledge that the above statements are true and correct. I understand that the Board of Directors will review this
application and will decide what, if any, financial assistance can be made available to my son/daughter. I also
understand that it is my responsibility to meet my financial obligations to the Club in a timely manner or my child
will be suspended from training with the Club.

Return to: Howard Fink, President
           WVSL/RSC                                             ____________________________
           20700 Ventura Blvd, Suite 340
           Woodland Hills, CA 91364                                       Signature

Please include most current year to date pay stub(s) or earnings statement(s) and those for the full prior calendar
Office use: Date of first payment ________________ Total amount approved $__________

                                  Request for Financial Aid
                              Volunteer Registration 2009-2010
                        (Must be Included with Financial Aid Request)

Player Name: ______________________ Team: B/G U ____ Wht, Blu, Blk, Acad

As part of your contribution to the operation of the club, and in exchange for financial aid
granted to you by the club, you agree to perform volunteer services. As part of your financial aid
package, tasks and hours to be performed will be communicated to you. You, in turn, will supply
to us confirmation that the work has been performed. Please consider the following list of
possible volunteer tasks and check off your preferences. If there is an idea that we have not
considered, please complete the “other” heading.

___ Field lining

___ Field watering

___ Administrative (registration, extra tournament duty, committee service, etc.)

___ Ball Shagging at practice and/or prior to games

___ Restroom cleaning at Pierce (assist or in charge)

___ Field Lining

___ Field Maintenance

___ Trash cleanup

___ Referee for recreational games

___ Other:_____________________________________

Total hours required ____________________________________________________________

Signature _____________________________________________________________________

Date ____________ Phone_____________________ Email_____________________________

RSC Approval and Confirmation of Communication ___________________________________

E. Method of Payment:
        Members may choose to pay by check, VISA or Master Card.

        Members choosing to use a credit card should go on line to our website and click on “online payments”. Follow the payment prompts.
        Please check the expiration date of the card to be sure it does not expire prior to
        the scheduled payments. Print two copies of the payment confirmation. Keep
        one for your records and include the second copy with your registration

        Checks should include the player name, team number and age group on the check.

        Policy: NSF Checks

        Checks returned by the bank for any reason including “Closed Account” and “Not
        Sufficient Funds” must be immediately replaced by a cashier’s check or money
        order for the amount plus a $25 returned check fee. Training privileges will be
        suspended until the replacement check is received by the treasurer.

        Policy: Credit Denial

        Credit authorization denied by the issuing company will revert to cash
        requirements. The payer shall submit check immediately to cover the amount.

        Policy: Responsible Party

        The responsible party shall be defined to mean the parent or guardian authorizing
        registration of the player. The responsible party shall be held accountable for all
        membership dues.

F. Promissory Note:
        If the entire annual club fee is not paid in full upon registration, a promissory note
        must be included in the registration packet.

        All information called for in the promissory note needs to be completed. The
        principal amount of the note is the approved balance of the member obligation to
        the club AFTER taking into account the approved down payment made as part of
        the registration process. The terms of the note should match the approved and
        accepted payment terms that were part of the registration process. For example, if
        the member pays $800 down at registration and is obligated to pay $400 on 9/1/09
        and $400 on 11/1/09, the principal amount of the note is $800 and the terms show
        these two dates and amounts. All promissory notes need to be signed by the

                            West Valley Soccer / Real SoCal
                                       Promissory Note
$______________________                                          Dated: ___________________
     Principal Amount                                            State of: _ CALIFORNIA___

For value received the undersigned hereby jointly and severally promise to pay to the order of
Real SoCal, the sum of _______________ Dollars ($______________) together with interest
thereon at the rate of 0% per annum on the unpaid balance. Said sum shall be paid in the manner
This note may be prepaid at any time, in whole or in part, without penalty.
This note shall be the option of any holder hereof be immediately due and payable upon the
failure to make any payment due by its due date.
In the event this note shall be in default, and placed with an attorney for collection, then the
undersigned agree to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs of collection. All payments
hereunder shall be made to such address as may from time to time be designated by any holder
The undersigned and all other parties to this note, whether as endorsers, guarantors or sureties,
agree to remain fully bound hereunder until this note shall be paid in full and waive demand,
presentment and protest and all notices thereto and further agree remain bound, notwithstanding
and extension, renewal modification, waiver or other indulgence by any holder or upon the
discharge or release of any obligor hereunder to this note. No modification, or indulgence by
any holder hereof shall be binding unless in writing; and any indulgence on any one occasion
shall not be an indulgence for any other or future occasion.
This note shall take effect as a sealed instrument and shall be construed, governed and enforced
in accordance with the laws of the state first appearing at the head of this note. This note is
accepted in conjunction with the Membership Financial Agreement. The terms and conditions
noted in said agreement are incorporated herein by reference and the borrower agrees to all terms
and conditions noted in the Membership Financial Agreement.

Signed By:

____________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
  Borrower (SIGNATURE)

____________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
  Borrower (SIGNATURE)

PLAYER: _____________________________________________

   TEAM: BOYS – GIRLS U_______              RSC WHITE,        RSC BLUE,       RSC BLACK.

G. Coach Expense Reimbursements: We reimburse all of our coaches for out of
   area expenses for tournaments only, including state and national cup and league cup.
   This applies only if the location is 50 miles or more one way from Pierce College. If a
   coach is coaching more than one team on a trip, the expenses will be divided equally
   amongst the teams involved.

          Coaches need to fill out the form below attaching any necessary receipts and
          submit it to the appropriate teams for reimbursement. Only hotel, airfare and
          parking requires receipts.


                    LEAGUE CUP, NATIONAL CUP



DATE: __________________________________________________

TEAM: _________________________________________________

NAME OF EVENT: _______________________________________

NAME OF COACH: _______________________________________

HOTEL & AIRFARE: (Requires receipt) _______________________

FOOD: (Per Diem = $20) ___________________________________

PARKING: (Requires receipt) _______________________________

MILEAGE @ 20¢/MILE: (To cover gas) _______________________

                   TOTAL EXPENSES     _______________________

NUMBER OF TEAMS SHARING COST ______________________

AMOUNT PAID BY TEAM 1 ________________________         DATE __________________

AMOUNT PAID BY TEAM 2 ________________________         DATE ___________________

AMOUNT PAID BY TEAM 3 _______________________          DATE ___________________

COACH: _____________________________       MANAGER 1 _________________________
                 (Signature)                                 (Signature)
                                           MANAGER 2 _________________________
                                           MANAGER 3_________________________

Coaches Expenses Reimbursement Form
                                         Section IV

A. RSC is a Nike Premier Club. We are required to outfit our teams with Nike apparel. We
   generally require players to purchase new uniforms every two years (2006/2008/2010).
   Players are responsible for purchasing their own uniforms. Soccer Depot is our Club
   supplier. All orders must go through them.

B. A RSC uniform consists of: two jerseys (blue and white), shorts and socks. Extra clothing
    is not mandatory. Every player must have a Nike bag. The warm-ups are not mandatory.
    Each player will receive a Club t-shirt for practices. Players must wear RSC shirts and
    black or blue shorts for practice.

C.   At the beginning of the season, the Manager or a team representative will submit a roster
     and a team order to Soccer Depot. Soccer Depot will contact the person who placed the
     orders for each team when the order is completed. Individuals will pick up and pay for
     their uniforms when they arrive at Soccer Depot. Uniforms may be numbered 1 – 23 only.

D. There is a large selection of other Real So Cal items that can be purchased individually for
    the players and parents available at Soccer Depot.

                                         Section V
                                       League of Play

Most of the RSC soccer teams play in the Coast Soccer League (CSL). You can access a lot of
information on their website ( You should all look at that website from
time to time. All communication with CSL should go through the operating committee to our
club. We have established a relationship with the people who work at CSL and need to maintain
a good standing. If you have any questions or problems, the Managers should contact Rose
Covert. Parents or players should never contact CSL. They should contact the team Manager
and then Rose Covert, . The CSL website has all the necessary information
that you need throughout the season. Always check the schedule on the website before each
game. There are changes made to the schedule at the last minute. Also, the directions to all
fields are listed as well as the mudline numbers. It is a good idea to let your team parents know
to check the CSL website for changes and mudline numbers.

At the beginning of the season, you will receive Coast Soccer Books for each team member.
This book has all the rules, field directions, phone numbers, and general information that most
parents will need. Make sure that you give these out to each parent on the team and your team
coach. Keep a copy in your Manager’s bag for information.

       A. Coast Soccer League Registration:

           Each team Manager is responsible for registering their team on the CSL website
           about the middle of April. Look for reminders from CSL and the Club Committee.
           You will update the information for your new team and print the pages necessary and
           turn that information in to the General Manager. We will check all of the forms for
           accuracy and send them all in together with the Club fees. Once teams are assigned
           brackets, any appeals must be addressed through the Directors of Coaching and not
           directly with CSL.

       B. Player Roster and Match Reports:

           Managers will input team player information on the CSL website at the time of
           registration (new teams will be informed by CSL). This is very important because
           this information is used by CSL for mail, emails, and match reports for League
           games. After you input the player information, you can make changes as necessary
           throughout the year by going to\manager. Once you input
           your user id and your password, just follow the prompts as necessary to either update
           your roster or print match reports. You will print match reports for each League
           game directly from your computer. You can usually do this on Thursday before each
           game. Always make three copies for each game.

       C. Referee Fees:

           Your team is responsible for paying the referees (in cash) before the start of each
           League game. The referee fees vary depending on the age for the players and number

   of referees. Always make sure that you have enough change to pay the correct
   amount. The payment schedule will be in the CSL book and on the website.

D. League Cup:

   Each team must register to play in League Cup (if the Coach wants the team to
   play). You do not need to fill out any paperwork to register your team for League
   Cup. You will be able to register online at the CSL website. You will get a notice
   from CSL and also the Club when you need to do this. Referee fees still need to
   be paid at League Cup.

E. Fields and Flags:

   Each team will be assigned a primary home field. During the league season, teams
   may be assigned field lining and corner flag responsibility. The club will contact you
   with any field responsibilities your team may have.

F. Player/Administrator/Coach Cards:

   Must be presented each and every time your team plays. DO NOT FORGET TO
   BRING THEM !! No cards means forfeiting the games!

                                      Section VI
                               Tournament Responsibilities

Tournaments: Your coach, in conjunction with the directors, will determine which tournaments
are appropriate for your age group and level of play. A list of tournaments may be found at under “Sanctioned tournaments”, “competitive”.

Your team must pay for the tournaments you wish to go to. The cost is not covered by
registration fees. Please remember the team is responsible for the coach’s lodging, mileage and
food for any out of area tournaments. (See coaches reimbursement form for details.)

Once the tournaments have been selected, you will need to contact the club who is sponsoring
the tournament, and get a tournament application. These are often available at the sponsoring
club’s web site.

The tournament entry fee for each tournament will vary. There is no charge for our teams to
attend our tournaments, and State Open and National Cup entry fees are included in our
registration fees (the club therefore pays the entry fees). Please be sure that you are ahead of the
curve, as tournament applications need to be in well ahead of time.

NOTE: Elite level events such as Surf Summer, Dallas Cup, FWRL, etc require applications to
be screened and submitted by the club. In those cases where entry amounts are elected to be used
as club covered tournaments per the registration package, payment should be made to the club
and the club will then pay the entry fee.

                                        Section VII
                                 State and National Cup:

        You should expect your team to play in the State Cup Tournament or the National Cup
Tournament. Your coach will decide the most appropriate place for your team to play. Please
carefully read this documentation to be sure your team and all players meet the criteria listed

           Each age group has their own deadline for both State and National Cup. You should
           check and note the following deadlines and the appropriate actions required of you.
           You should visit the web site to find both the application deadline and
           the application form. Download the form, fill it in and send it to the general
           manager 10 days before the due date. A check for all of our teams attending that
           tournament will be issued by the club to accompany your application.

Cup Tied:
            The Cup Tied deadline means that any player rostered to a team on that date may
            only play for the team on which they hold a roster position. If a player wishes to
            change teams they must have a player Release form (Or such other procedures as
            Cal south may require) in the State Office in Fullerton by 5PM that day. As there
            are many signatures and procedures to follow, you should have your portion
            completed and to the appropriate League Registrar no later than 5 business days
            prior to that deadline. (Please note that if a player is coming to your team, you
            should be sure the paperwork for their release is completed in a timely fashion. This
            paperwork is done by the releasing team, releasing League Registrar and releasing
            District Commissioner. If there is a problem getting a player released, notify your
            league registrar immediately.)

Roster Freeze:
           The roster freeze deadline means that your roster must be complete and in the state
           office by 5PM on the Friday preceding that date. New players, those players never
           having signed on to a team for this seasonal year, and transferring players that are
           not cup-tied must have completed paperwork in by this time. Please have all
           paperwork (or such other procedures as Cal South may require) completed, signed
           and to the League Registrar no later than 5 business days prior to that deadline.

Referee Fees:
           Referee fees are paid prior to each game of the competition. You should check how
           much your fees will be, (they vary by length of play) and have the appropriate
           amount ready for the referees.

            You should make yourself familiar with all the rules for State and National Cup. It
            is in the best interest of your team to be prepared for any eventuality.

                                        Section VIII
                               Grievance Policy and Procedure


Real SoCal, its members and coaches, will abide by all current rules of conduct and play ascribed
by USYSA, CYSA-S, affiliated leagues and tournaments sponsors.

Each member and coach has the right and responsibility to report violations of the ascribed rules
to the Executive Board of Directors of the Club in a timely manner, following proper club
procedures. Each member and coach is accountable for his/her action or inaction in all such


   A. The grievance policy and procedure shall be made available to each member and coach
      during the team’s initial meeting and to each member/coach who joins the club at any
      subsequent time.

   B. The Executive Board shall appoint a committee charged with the responsibility to
      investigate any grievances filed. The committee is charged to investigate each grievance,
      meeting as necessary, as set forth in these procedures, and shall provide recommendation
      for resolution thereof to the Executive Board. The committee shall report the results
      thereof at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Executive Board following
      completion of the committee’s investigation on any particular grievance. That report
      shall contain the committee’s recommendation to the Executive Board for resolution of
      each grievance.

   C. The completed grievance form for each grievance shall be submitted to the Executive
      Board with the committee’s report thereon. Written summaries of any interviews by the
      committee conducted in the investigation of the grievance and a written summary by the
      committee chair of the committee’s investigation and findings shall be attached to the
      grievance form when the latter is submitted to the Executive Committee. The grievance
      form and attachments thereto, shall be filed and retained by the Executive Board. Both
      the proceedings of the committee and the grievance form, together with any documents
      related thereto, shall be kept confidential, and not communicated to any third parties to
      the grievance without the express consent of the Executive Board and the parties filing
      the grievance, unless otherwise required by law. “Third parties,” for the purpose of this
      paragraph is defined as any person or entity other than the following (or their attorneys):
      The party or parties filing the grievance, or the party or parties about whom grievance is

   D. Following the submission of the committee’s report to the Executive Board, the Board
      shall issue its decision on the grievance. That decision is final. The chair of the
      committee shall communicate the decision of the Board to the grieving party or parties, in

E. All grievances filed against a coach, and all documents pertaining thereto, shall be filed
   and maintained in the individual’s permanent record. A copy of each packet shall be
   provided to the Director of Coaches for corrective discipline, as necessary, per coach

F. All grievances involving members of the club shall be copied to the Registrar to be kept
   in the team file and transferred with the member to any team within the club for the
   duration of the member’s association with the club. This information shall be made
   available to the grievance committee by the Executive Board should any additional
   grievances occur. Upon a member leaving the club, all documentation of any grievances
   concerning that member (or his or her parents or guardians) shall be transferred to a
   confidential “inactive member” file until the member either reactivates his or her
   membership in the Club or until the year in which the ex-member reaches the age 19. In
   the case of reactivation, said documentation will be transferred to the team file of the
   team which the reactivated member is affiliated. In the case of a member reaching age
   19, said documentation shall be shredded and destroyed.

G. Filing a Grievance - A grievance form shall be filled out by a member (or his or her
   parent or guardian) when a perceived violation occurs.

   Grievance violations forms shall be submitted to the team manager. The team manager
   shall forward the grievance, accompanied by any further relevant information the
   manager or trainer may have, to the grievance committee within 3 weekdays. The sole
   exception to this procedure shall be when the grievance is about the team manager. In
   that circumstance, the grievance forms may be directly submitted to any member of the
   grievance committee. Should any member of the grievance committee be involved in the
   incident, that committee member is disqualified from participating as a committee
   member with respect to that particular grievance.

H. No grievance can be based on the decision of a referee or assistant referee made during or
   in connection with a game in which that referee or assistant referee is participating as an

                                          Real SoCal
                                        Grievance Form

Team #: ______     Age Group: ________      Boys or Girls ________     Date:_________________

Manager: _______________________________             Coach: ______________________________

Reporting Member: _____________________________ Phone: (____) __________________
         Address: ______________________________


□ Red Card Date: ___________ Game Time: ______ League/Tournament: _______________

□ Other:   Date: _________ Time: ____________ Location: _________________________

   Members/Coach Involved: (Please include names, addresses and phone numbers, if a player,
   include parents names.)
  _________________________________________ ________________________________
  _________________________________________ ________________________________
  _________________________________________ ________________________________
  _________________________________________ ________________________________
  _________________________________________ ________________________________



Recommended Action by the Board of Directors:

Actions Taken:

(Attach additional sheets hereto, as necessary, if the space provided above is inadequate. Please
clearly label which section(s) of the form is/are continuing.

                                        SECTION IX
                                  CONTACT DIRECTORY
                                 2009-2010 Board of Directors

Howard Fink - President, RSC Director             
c/o WVSL/RSC                                      
20700 Ventura Blvd. #340                                    818-347-1797 (work)
Woodland Hills, CA 91364                                    818-347-8952 (fax)

Jose Dryjanski - RSC Registrar                    
24846 Paseo Primario                                        818-719-4290
Calabasas, CA 91302

Paul Clifton – VP, General Manager                
                                                            818-634-9111 (cell)

Rose Covert – VP, RSC Operations Manager          
364 Southridge Drive                                        818-321-3229 (cell)
Oak Park, CA 91377                                          818-707-4219 (fax)

Darlene Quintanar – Secretary                     
                                                            805-390-6933 (cell)
                                                            805-493-4472 (fax)

Briggs Palmer – Academy Director                  
                                                            818-400-0114 (cell)

Bob Schwarz - Recreational Coaching Director      
                                                            818-917-7989 (cell)

Essi Dadfar - VP, Head Referee                    

Chuck Gold - Treasurer                            

Barry Goldberg – Legal                            

Max Bulwa – WVSL Community Liaison                

Michael Gayton – Spring Referee Coordinator       

                                 DIRECTORS OF COACHING
Alberto Bru                                
                                                     805-341-9354 (cell)

Marwan Ass’ad                                     
                                                            818-565-6661 (cell)

Scott Murray                                      
                                                            805-573-0311 (cell)

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