Algae biofuel

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					      Algae doesn’t cut into food crops
      Algae doesn’t grow quickly
          o Production takes water and nutrients
      University of Virginia
          o Algae fuel production can end up generating more greenhouse gas
              emissions that it’ll prevent
          o Researching 2 ways to produce the fuel
                   Closed photobioreactor
                           Large transparent tubes, algae grown inside
                           No evaporation, save water
                           Reactors might not be as beneficial as they seem
                           Maintaining a constant temp requires energy
                   Open ponds
                           Self explanatory

      Recycled computer parts can be made into containers to grow algae
      If 6.5 percent of Americans had one, we could replace gas with biodiesel
           o Bio-Grow – device made from old comp parts to cultivate algae
           o Take device to gas company to filter it and get credit off gas
      Use electronic waste to solve a green issue in the world
      Apple G4 tower, PVC pipes and acrylic panels for support. iMac CRT monitor to
       emit light and heat algae. Must be sealed. Housed with high density foam
      Modified laptop used to control monitor’s light spectrum and adjust temp of tank
      Project hopes to increase production and lower costs
      Refinery would extract lipids, 50% of algae’s compounds
           o Byproducts could be animal feed, fertilizer and pharmaceuticals
      Could be harvested every 3 days

       Most energy dense biofuel
       Cost around $8 per gallon at the pump, could be as much as $50 due to inefficient
        production and harvesting
     Kansas State University
           o Growing algae on floating platforms in the ocean could reduce the
               expenses with production
           o Free sunlight nutrients temp and water
           o Difficult to scrape off algae if it didn’t grow several mm thick
           o weather

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