This fee is not refundable in the case of a refusal by 6qU2XiIt


									Highways Act (1980) Section 184


Notes to be read by applicant:
 The Applicant should read the General Conditions attached to this form and the guidance
   notes available on the Council website.(

   The Applicant is reminded that the application fee payable is to cover the administration
    and evaluation of the proposal including site visits where necessary. This fee is not
    refundable in the case of a refusal.

   The Applicant should complete this form in BLOCK CAPITALS and send to Highways
    Development Control Team, Shropshire Council, Shire hall, Abbey Foregate,
    Shrewsbury. SY2 6ND.
1. Applicant
Name of Applicant:
Address for Correspondence:

Are you the property owner? Y/N             If your answer was N please attach written
(please confirm)                            consent of the owner for work to take place
Office Hours                                Outside Office Hours
2. Type of Crossing (Please tick relevant box)                                            x
Application for Residential (Domestic) Access              Fee £150.00
Application for Commercial or Agricultural/Field Access Fee £300.00
To enable registration and initial evaluation of your application the requisite fee is
payable to Shropshire Council. Payment may be made using a credit or debit card by
phoning Highways Development Control on 01743 255495. An acknowledgement will
be sent upon receipt.
Note: For commercial accesses requiring more than dropped kerbs e.g. bell mouth
construction, then an alternative application procedure applies for which the minimum fee is
£500. In this instance please contact Highways Development Control for specific guidance.
3. Location
Precise location of site for proposed new access (including house number and street name)

Please attach plan and sketch (examples in guidance notes) and a photograph if possible
O.S. 12 figure grid reference                E                         N
Position of access: (Please tick relevant box)
Over Footway                        Over Verge              Off Carriageway
4. Use of Crossing
Is the road classified? (A, B or C road) (Please tick relevant box)
Yes                                  No                     Don’t Know
If YES please enclose a copy of the planning permission
Please confirm vehicle type you propose will use the access crossing e.g., car, van etc:

Will any commercial vehicles or heavy plant use the crossing?
                             Yes                           No
If YES please state the type and gross vehicle weight (from manufacturer’s plate) of heaviest
vehicle to use the crossing.

Is the crossing required as part of other building works such as the construction of a new
dwelling or commercial premises?
                            Yes                             No
If YES please provide details.

NOTE: The information requested in the following two sections (5. and 6.) need not
accompany initial submission of this application and may by advised subsequently. It
is however an essential element of the appraisal process for this information to be
provided before any approval is given.
5. Contractor
Name and address of contractor you propose to do the works:

Please note your contractor MUST have street works accreditation to work on the public
highway and photocopied evidence must accompany this application.
Contractor’s telephone numbers:                     Outside Office Hours
Office Hours
6. Dates
Dates of physical works in the highway:
From:                                               To:
Please note that at least one month’s notice is required between notification of this
date and proposed site works.
7. Acceptance and Signature
Your attention is drawn to the General Conditions attached to this form, which will apply if
approval is given. Special Conditions may be required in certain circumstances and will be
shown on your Approval form if applicable.
Applicants, via their contractor, shall indemnify Shropshire Council against all losses or
claims arising out of the execution of the works and shall insure against any damage, loss or
injury which may occur to any property or to any person by, or arising out of, the execution of
the works. The contractor shall have third party insurance for a minimum liability of £5million
for any one claim. Photocopied evidence of this must accompany this application.

I request permission for a vehicle crossing in accordance with the above information and for
the purpose stated above. I have read and understood the General Conditions that must be
met in order for a Vehicle Access crossing to be approved.
I understand that this is not an application for planning permission and that planning
permission may also be necessary for the work I am proposing.
Signature:                                               Date:

Print Name:

8. Application Checklist
Ensure the following are included with your application:                                     x
Photocopies of contractor accreditation and current contactor insurance cover.
Plan of proposal clearly showing the proposed location (see example)
Specific detail including dimensions of proposed access crossing (see example)
Consent from owner of property if you are not the owner

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